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  1. Ok. That ref FAILED so hard. There were so many bad calls and he was just blowing his whistle to blow it... The disallowed goal - he called the penalty on the wrong team... It should have been a PK or just given advantage and let the goal stand.. UGH! I hope the guy doesn't do another game for FIFA.
  2. I honestly haven't powered on my computer in several weeks, which blows..I miss my gaming and programming a lot. I pretty much spent 3+ weeks sitting in bed doing nothing except sleeping 2/3rds of every day. The rest of it was watching season after season of TV shows. I made it all the way through -Family Guy -Supernatural -Heroes -House M.D. -Archer Lol But anyways, I'm getting back into it, and have 2 programming assignments to play catch-up on so the computer will get some use. Fly- I agree, 5.1 is the way to go!
  3. The only person I've been kissing is my girlfriend! And she didn't have it.. so I really have no clue where I got it from. But now I have 4 weeks of college to play catch-up on. Thanks Juliet
  4. Nice to be back and feeling awake finally, but I just got over Mono, had it for a freaaaaking month. Spent a while in the hospital due to extreme fever 102-103 range. Anyways, I hope no one ever gets it.
  5. There is a reason I don't have cable TV anymore.
  6. Does the hard drive show up under disk management? Control Panels>Administrative Tools>Computer Management Then go down to disk Management, let it load. See if the drive shows up there.
  7. Yes, sorry for the confusion. 1, that is ONE of these cards can run two monitors by them self. Either one will do, I only recommended two different cards because I don't think your power supply could handle the first one I recommended. Also be aware the card I recommended has 1 VGA, 1 DVI, and 1 HDMI. There are various converters, VGA -> DVI and DVI ->VGA are very common if your monitors have two DVI or two VGA connections.
  8. Since the page doesn't list the PSU brand or wattage, I would guess a high end graphics card will be too much for that PSU. Any current PCIe video card you grab will be able to support dual monitors. I did it with 7900's, then with an 8800GT, and I currently do it with a 280 GTX. The first question we need answered is What do you need your computer to do? Games? A/V Editing? Programming? Graphic work? Music producing? Ect.. Just give a list of what you would use this computer for. Specific programs can help us figure out exactly what you need. If your looking for some decent gaming, a power supply upgrade will also have to be put in order to support a good enough video card. But if your looking for dual-monitor support, and thats it, there is a whole slew of powerful, but very energy friendly cards out there. If you want my two cents, the 4850 is pretty much the best price/performance ratio on any card i've seen in a long long time. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814161297 however, I don't think your power supply could handle that, so I would take a step back to a 4670 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814102855
  9. For pricing your desktop. Look up what all the parts retail for online, add it all up, minus 200 bucks. There you go. I'd guess that rig'll go for 750-800 or so.
  10. 'Sounds like some vulcan from star trek. As for your PhysX dilemma here, I can confirm nothing will change with such a powerful card. I recently came into a PCI Aegia PhysX card (paid 25 bucks for it - yeah), installed it and saw no change at all when paired with my 280gtx. Not even in games that are supposed to take advantage of PhysX, such as GRAW.
  11. Have you tried the infamous USB to sata converter on it? As for making the data disappear, ITSS at my UMD (university of minnesota duluth) has me put several 1/4" drill bits through the platters. However, personally. I love taking the hard drive to the driveway, and letting my friend the sledgehammer say hello.
  12. 160 average on HDTach. I've actually never ran ATTO now that I think about it. Your read speed on HDTach only averages to 201mb/s. 2 Decent SSD's you will probably get about 280-320mb/s range.
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