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  1. I have 120gb drive (111 formatted) and with all my regular day apps installed about 91GB is free.. Obviously if you plan on putting a ton of games or big applications on the drive plan accordingly.
  2. That system probably draws a lot less power than you think it does though Bruce. But 283 is a bit low. I'd say about 350-400 mark sounds right, unless your video-card is super-high end. It told me 690 watts for a massively OC'd i7, 6 sticks of DDR3, 6 HD's, CF 5850's, 1 BR drive, 1 DVD/CD RW combo, sound card, PCIe eSata, and various USB devices/fans. My system has a 1000watt. The only way for us to really know is to use a tool like this. http://www.amazon.com/P3-International-Kill-Electricity-Monitor/dp/B00009MDBU/ref=pd_bbs_1/103-3782007-5602255?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=
  3. Hey guys, I have a networking issue, I hope you can help me out. Anyways, today my I upgraded my cable service from 25/3 mbit, to 60/5 mbit. The tech guy came out and swapped a Motorola Surf DOCSIS 2.0 to a new Ubee DOCSIS 3.0 modem. He set up the modem, and got it all connected to the internet. I ensured it was working and connected my laptop via Gbit line directly to the modem. The speed was awesome and tremendous! After testing it out, I began to reassemble my wireless network. Coax -->Ubee Cable Modem-->Ethernet Cable-->Linksys E3000 router. My problem:
  4. TRIM would be nice, but GC does work. You just have to let your system idle at the login screen for about an hour and the OCZ drives clean themselves up. After 9 months, I still run at about 92-95% of the initial set-ups performance - which is still a whopping 600+ mb/s read time/350 write. My point basically is fallout... 1 of these new sandforce based drives will make your entire computing experience 5 times faster. Boot up times are incredible. (about 7.5seconds for me) (vs about 20-30 seconds without - that was with 4 conventional drives in raid.) Application lau
  5. I have 3 indilinx based OCZ turbos in raid in my system. They pull off 240read/140write each - max out combined at about 660-680 read/380-400 write. You can't do trim in RAID, but all the them have GC on, and my system is just as responsive now as it was when I installed windows 7 on day one. (about 9 months now). Even the slowest SSD's have faster write speeds than a conventional hard drive, and where it really matters, the 4kb or 512kb I/O. Anyways, I am getting ready to buy a nice 90-120GB drive as a boot disk for my laptop. I'll probably go sandforce. Intel is just too
  6. I heard about 650million in day one.. However, i think the trickle will be much lower. Cause avatar worked its way up to 2.8 billion now. No video game is going to pull that off, not enough gamers around the world.
  7. http://www.anandtech.com/show/4008/nvidias-geforce-gtx-580/8 Anandtech finally got their hand on a 580GTX, the benchmarks looks pretty good. But at the 500 dollar price point I'd still get the 5970. You can buy the sapphire version of a 5970 on newegg for 470$ after MIR. That being said, my CF 5850's still mop up any game I throw at em.
  8. I am aware the cases are quite large compared to a dvd player. And I was thinking of actually making a MythTv Box...So many choices.
  9. I was thinking something along the lines of a 4670 or 5570. As for the CPU, I might be picking up a tri-core 3.0 Rena core from a friend for about 60 dollars, and he said he got it to unlock the 4th core at an easy steady 3.5 no problem. I am looking for a real HTPC case. Something small, quiet and sleek.
  10. Haha, the video card is a little overkill, I will do ZERO gaming on this machine. Thats what my main rig is for. I am only interested in Blue-Ray and decent performance decoding. I am mostly just looking for a responsive machine that I can play my Blue-Ray discs on, streaming netflix, and put some bumpin' tunes on when I have people over. I usually "back-up" my media on my powerful i7 rig, and then I will transfer it over via an external medium.
  11. Need some recommendations. What kind of CPU power do I need? What kind of GPU decoding power do I need? I'd like my HTPC to -DVD Player -Blue Ray Player -Music Collection -Netflix Streaming -Hulu Streaming All at 1080p on my 47" TV (im well aware netflix and hulu doesn't do 1080p) I have a 430 watt Thermaltake PSU on hand that I plan on throwing into the system. Other then that I need -Case -CPU -Ram -Motherboard -DVD/BR Player -Hard Drive I'd like this thing to be pretty much silent and small. I have 350$ in gift cards to newegg, so
  12. Glad it worked! Nothing is worse than that feeling when you realize you just toasted a 300$ piece of equipment. Good thing you could avoid that! Also, Have you tried the fan control from EVGA precision? No tool worked on my Sapphire 5850 except that one.
  13. Assuming you have two PCIe slots, you can install two cards. Use the working one as the primary, and put the toasted one in secondary. The flashing utility should detect BOTH of the cards, you just need to make sure you select the right one. Otherwise you end up with 2 toasted cards.
  14. Yikes, you could try blind flashing it back. Or you could buy another video card, and use that as the primary and then flash the one you toasted.
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