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  1. I use ATI Tool for my 9200, and 9800.. http://www.techpowerup.com/atitool/ pushed my 9200 from 250/200(DDR, so double whatever you end up with) up to about 260/260..No artificants whatsoever in normal day use.. Gaming is another story, but than again, who uses a 9200 for gaming Managed to get the 9800XT from 412/365(730) to near 440/400..No artifacts gaming, however that rig has some good cooling on it. When overclocking, i like to treat it like a processor..Small increments, let it burn in for a bit of time, and then i like to do some Power Intense games, just to get it used to that speed..If you see any artifacts, usually(most of the time..not gunna promase anything) taking down the clock speeds will solve your problems right away, if not, restart it, and i would say it would solve your problem 99% of the time.. If on boot-up you still see artifacts in normal computing(Web-browsing, typing stuff, ect..) Turn the rig off, let it sit for 5 maybe 10 minutes to cooldown, and then give her a-go.
  2. But if you only a light gamer, it doesn't matter..
  3. wow, i didnt know they made a PCI 6200, if i knew that, i wouldve bought that instead of a 9200 i have in one of my machines! DAMN!
  4. According to that test, it should recognize a 256MB modual RAM installed 128 MB Windows RAM 128 MB Total RAM slots 3 Available RAM slots 2 Max RAM module size 256 MB Memory Type 00+00+128;|DIMMSDRAM;T5 Speed Rating 571 MB/s (97% of 831 similar)
  5. Ok.. Anyways, i have an ol Abit SA7 motherboard sitting here that my bro just was gunna throw away, so i said, why not put it to use.. So heres the story, according to my manual it supports only 400MHZ FSB, but i found 400/533MHZ online.. But id think the manual the right, with only 400MHZ FSB But i checked Newegg, and Tiger Direct..All they have are these Pentium M processors under the 400FSB sections. I have had good expierences with them(in labtops), and heard many good things about these processors. So, should i try out a PM processor in there, and see how she works? Otherwise, if anyone know any online shops where i can find a P4 which has the 400MHZ FSB(if that even exists), or should i dig around for a Celeron?
  6. nah. you just have to dig around to find them..
  7. No true, i can find a CRAPLOAD of games that work on both mac and PChttp://www.apple.com/games/features/ A list down the right side of the site.. Including BF 1942, COD, Age of Empires, ALL Blizzard Games, Halo combat evolved,Quake series,All of the Sims ever created,I could go on and on..
  8. Make sure you turn off all sorts of electronics.. Some can accually emit very high pitched humming noise, which can prevent you from getting some sleep. I also find listening to some soft-rock or classical music (i love classical music at night) will help get you to sleep. I try not to have any caffine anytime after dinner (around 5 30) and last of all, if you work out, donnot do it late it night. my dad and I stop in at the weight room for an 1 hout work out at 7:30, it can accually stop you from going to sleep...
  9. assimilation probably isn't the best term to be used..lol
  10. Your Meat in your Triple whopper is infected with TB, you get it and die.. Your so called "friends" were laughing at you as you died in the hospital. I wish i had a million dollars.. (im listening to the song by BNL, so whynot )
  11. I still wouldn't want to inhale it anyways..
  12. I would still thinks its the parents responsibility to not intoxicate their kids with smoke..(especially younger ones) My mom was smart enough to figure this out, she only smoked when she was outside.. Never in the house, never in her car...
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