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  1. Thanks for the help and link to the tutorial essexboy. Got the fresh install done. The network adapter/Ethernet wasn't working when I first fired it up. So I went and installed a new Ethernet card and now I can get on line. One weird problem though animation does not work on my computer. For example the animated smilies show up in my post but they are not animated. Also if I go to a weather web site and click animate the satellite image, same thing no animation. Still researching that one..
  2. I don't know if I can get this fixed..My computer will not boot now. Get to the XP start up screen and then a bright blue screen flashes for about 1/2 second and then computer shuts down and restarts. Does this over and over..I did get it to start in safe mode once but now it will not start in safe mode because I tried a repair install, but it will still not boot past the Xp start screen, if I go in to safe mode it will boot but then says that Windows start up can not run in safe mode so then it restarts.... Maybe a fresh install would be the best...
  3. Hi pitstop folks. It been a while since I posted, but would appreciate someone to check this out. I visited a site yesterday and while there my CA anti-virus popped up with a warning. Later that site said they had been hacked. A couple others have had major problems since visiting the same site. I get music coming out of my speakers out of nowhere. Everytime I restart or turn on my computer the firewall is turned off and I get the security warning and have to turn it on. Plus I hear the click (Windows sounds "start" click) in the background. Here is the scan info: Logfile of
  4. Run a pcpitstop test. It will find any problems and provide suggestions for fixing those problems. Have you ran a virus scan? Do you have spybot SD, and AdAware to scan for spyware?
  5. What OS are you using? Have you installed any new programs that may have caused this?
  6. Do you have a DVD burner? DVD's hold 4.7 gig I think. That would only be 4-5 disc.
  7. There goes $95.00 of the budget.
  8. I think he/she wanted to delete history of visited web sites, not bookmarks? You can set CleanUp in different ways. It can delete somethings you might want to keep, but I think the default settings leave the "important" stuff alone. Go to CleanUp's web site and read up, its simple to use. A good program to have..
  9. Here is a link for Everest. http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4181.html It should be able to tell you temps of your system, and maybe ID some of your hardware. I use it and it works great. Get some canned air and clean it 2 or 3 times a year. Was it dirty in there??
  10. Use canned air and touch the case before you touch anything inside. I've heard you should not let the air spin the fans..I don't know why but .. I would do it outside. After a year and a half its going to be dirty in there.
  11. Power supply going bad???? What is the brand of this Computer ??
  12. I don't know the cause of the problem. IE7 or what. But I do know that ebay is the only site I have trouble with, and I have been using IE7 for several months without any trouble other than this ebay back button issue..
  13. Suprise!!! I got a reply back from ebay. First one other than a "auto reply" Dear Jeff, Thank you for writing eBay in regard to help you going back to the previous page using the "Back" button. We are aware that some members are facing difficulty in using the "Back" button on eBay. Occasionally these unfortunate situations do arise and we work our hardest to reduce the frequency of these events. Please note that when our system experiences problems such as these, it is of great concern not only to our community, but also to the entire eBay Corporation. Jeff, t
  14. I have been using IE7 for several months now. The last couple weeks or so I have trouble with the back arrow or button. I look through the page of listings but then when I click on a individual listing to check it out is when the back button won't take me back to the category page of listings. I can get there by using the drop down arrow and then select from there. But it is easier I think to just click the back button a couple times to get back to where I started. It seems to be Ebay only where I encounter this problem.. Anyone else having problems like this?
  15. travyboy00 thanks for the help. I went to Add/Remove Programs and found the NVIDIA Network Access Manager. I Clicked remove and the NVIDIA install wizard let me do a repair install and let me select what to install. I let it install everything but the firewall. I now go to task manager and when the the system is idle the CPU usage is running steady. With IE7 and a streaming audio going it runs around 4-6%. With no "bounce". Thanks again for all the help.
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