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  1. Hi Unfortunately the uninstall-reinstall didn't work.... One thing though, don't know if this has much relevance.... I also used to use IE Privacy Keeper with IE6, however have stopped using it since upgrading to IE7, as a number of things that should used to be cleared were not being done with the new version of IE. The main one of thing not being done was Form Data, although IE Privacy Keeper thought it had cleared everything, the info was still there!! One of IE7's features is a new browsing history delete section within Tools>General. Is it possible that the fo
  2. HI Just encountered the same issue some others have had with PC Pitstop Erase. The scan gets up to Windows Recent Used Documents then just crashes... (I have recently installed IE7b2) Anyway.... Get the.. PC Pitstop Erase Cleaner Tool has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience box Don't really want to get a refund as I like this and its been working ok up till now, can anyone suggest what's wrong or how to fix? Many thanks Craig
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