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    Computer repair and maintenance, pharmacology, people, video games

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  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gorillaz, Velvet Revolver, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, B52's, Rolling Stones, Rob Zombie?,
  2. dark12 1,080 results gatorcrap 8 results I win.
  3. rice? psh na.I once saw her make off with a sack of flour!
  4. Are u trying to convince people to play games they dont want just cuz its mac compatible?Jeez. Just let it die.
  5. lol, thats kinda weird.I once lost my cell phone. Should we bring back the huge cellphones too?
  6. Random friends of mine. And just the overall mood around here is a bit hostile towards windows users. But, dont really matta.
  7. I dont doubt they have their reasons. I dunno. I guess Im just sick of gettin flamed cuz I like 2k/xp.
  8. What I mean is. I know people that say "windows sucks!" just because they think they are geniuses for using linux. Sure I think linux is cool. And I would never knock it. I just think people should back off windows users. Its such a petty issue, OS preference. Use what your comfortable with.
  9. seems to be the same way with a few linux users too.
  10. How so? Im a gamer. Most games arent linux/osx compatible.
  11. nevar!!! windows ftw! I dont see a need to change. (and no, giving me 5000 security flaws wont sway me) I just like compatibility. *puts on flame retardent suit* EDIT: spelling
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