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    AMD - K6 (tm) 3D, 450MHZ, 56.0mb ram, 9.52gb h/d.
  1. Hello Board Thank you for the replies, I have run JRT and this is the result below. (I didn't know how to upload the TxT file, so I have Copy and Pasted results below. From memory this belongs to a game I had on the pc for the grandies. I am now being hounded by a website called Ourluckysites.........it hijacks the Homepage on Edge, Firefox and IE............I am truly getting to apoint where I am over these hijacking programs. I have Uninstalled this Ourluckysites so many times and it just returns. Thank you once again ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. Hello Board I wonder if anyone can help me. Recently while using Ebay a popup window starting appearing,,it suggests items I might be interested in buying. It is as annoying as all heck. I have run, Avg, Avg Pc Tuneup, Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner,Superanitspyware, Cccleaner, none of these programs has got rid of it. I have gone to Firefox, Tool, Options, Extensions/Appearance and Rightcoupon doesn't show up. At the bottom of the pop up is an active link to Rightcoupon, when you go to it you are given the option of Uninstalling, it doesn't work, also the link they give to go to th
  3. Thank you both for your replys,,,,after much searching etc I ended up doing an update for Window's XP, it was indicated by Microsoft when I searched the Knowledge Base,,,,,(mind you it took me all day to work up the courage to do it),,,,it fixed the problem and I am able to access the Help files in all programs and apps I have tried so far. So end of saga,,,,,,or so I thought unitil this morning upon boot up the same message came up that said "One of your disks needs to be checked for consistancy. You may cancel the disc check but it is strongly recommend that you continue". So I conti
  4. Hello Board, This is my first post, so please be gentle with me..I will try and get straight to the point, a couple of days ago upon Booting up the computer a blue screen came up instead of my Desktop, some sort of Windows diagnostic app was running, I have never seen it before, but being new to Windows XP with Service Pack 2 anything is new to me. So the app finished and said "Windows replaced bad clusters in file...\windows\system32\hhctrl.ocx of name (Nuff) so I thought oh well ok Window's has detected a problem and fixed it, yeah right, I found that when I t
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