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  1. Ok guys just bought an Ultrabook running on Windows 7. I have alot of files/data on the Vista/VAIO laptop. Apart from transferring data on HDD what is the best way to transfer my data from the Vaio/ to Ultrabook along with my settings.
  2. Thank you so much for the help Tom ! Unfortunately before I tried this method that you posted in the previous post, I was able to install Ubuntu on an external HDD and booted my Dell via USB and was able to recover my files. Nonethless, thank you so so much and I appreciate the time you took out of your schedule to help me !!!!!!!!
  3. I think maybe there is a missing switch to that cpies EVERYTHING within a folder and a folder within that ? I have mostly images/.doc/.ppt files in my folders (like a gazillion of them) Maybe it has to do with some that xcopy reduce their filenames and it looks all the same to it ? these images/files are all on my USER account folder of the directory. HELP !!
  4. Tom its copying directories alright, but it is only copying single files in that 1 directory not ALL files
  5. Also when I tried to use the xcopy commands they wouldn't work and it would put all switches such as /s and DOS would say invalid switch. I was only able to copy SINGLE files through the simple "COPY" command. ALthough it only copied just 1 file in a specific folder not more then 1
  6. Thank you Tom ! I got the DOS system files but and I followed your proedure mentioned earlier, but I wasn't able to copy directories. I was not even able to use the Xcopy commands
  7. Thanks ! I am not familiar with DOS commands, so suppose I want to copy the entire contents of the Dell's C drive onto the USB Flash Drive (which is my external HDD in this case) what would be the command for that ? And what is the command for displaying all available drives ?
  8. It is not a PC it is a laptop without any CD ROM ALl I have is an external HDD and old laptop. Is there a way to install Windows XP (32) on the external HDD from my other laptop and plug it into my Dell laptop and us the option boot from USB in the bios ? WIll that work ?
  9. I have a Dell 1440/14z and I think theres probably some virus because everytime I get the message windows did not shut down properly and choose your mode etc etc. I tried all the modes, SaFe mode, safe mode with networking etc etc. ANDD I tried Start Windows Normally. Everytime I get a black screen with my mouse cursor showing and for hours I get nothing but the mouse cursor. I cannot do a Dell image restore because I have VERY IMPORTANT data that I need. I do not have an external CD Rom either But I need the data from my Dell for tomorrow because I have an assignment due
  10. It wasnt sold with the machine, I bought it, and got it installed from a friend. I dont have the CD cover either. But I can assure you I bought the CD. I conacted Microsoft they told me to buy a new one, and I seriously cant afford another one. Or maybe I should be going towards the pirated version available on the internet ?
  11. I bought the CD with my PC. I sold the PC but accidentally the CD Key sticker remained with it. I have the original Windows CD, but how do I get a CD key now ? AND i seriously dont know who the guy was because i gave an ad. for my PC and it was some random guy
  12. thx for the help guys but which brand should I opt. for ? Seagate Barracuda or Western Digital ?
  13. This is the motherboard I have http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/Sea...&CatId=2406
  14. Im looking for a new hard drive. I have heard some bad things about Maxtor so im a little confused about which one to get now. Should I get an HP/Compaq HDD or Seagate ? and should I get an EIDE or a SATA ? This is the motherboard I just bought. Do I require a SATA or an ATA/EIDE HDD ?
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