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    Gigabyte EP35-DS3L, Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme 3.0GHz, 8GB (4 x 2GB) Performance Enhanced Mushkin DDR2 800MHz, NVidia 9800GX2 DDR3 1GB Dual GPU, CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 1000W, CoolerMaster CM690 Case, CoolerMaster Drive Module, 2 x 750GB Seagate 32MB Cache, Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, Logitech G9 Gaming Mouse, Windows Vista Ultimate 64. ASUS G70S Gaming Laptop Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz, 4GB DDR2 667MHz, Dual NVidia 8700GT M 512MB in SLI, Dual 320GB in RAID 0, Windows Vista Ultimate.
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  1. Since the program/s are no longer installed, delete the entries from the Start Menu and delete the dial up connection from your Internet settings. Restart and try installing the DSL setup again.
  2. In Add/Remove Programs there is an 'Add/Remove Windows Components' Tab, select this and remove the tick from 'Online Tools' check box then select OK. Windows will automatically remove these programs though it may ask for the Windows CD.
  3. I would set up the new SATA drive as the main drive as it would most likely be a faster drive than your 40GB. Definitely do a fresh install, XP setup should pick up the SATA drive without issue as dwfinch has stated. Leave your 40GB drive in the PC for now and use the files transfer wizard to migrate files when the XP set up is complete. Then take the 40GB out and use it as you choose. :beer:
  4. If you check out the test scores and comparison to similar machines, there is no need to upgrade... but hey!! It's your beast, spec it up if you want.
  5. My first job was preparing tennis courts, bagging, watering and rolling two courts, four days a week for $8.00 when I was ten in 1977. It was enough for me to go to the movies each week.
  6. Try Crucial, this site lists the majority of ram types and compatibility.
  7. G'day mod12. Here is the Pitstop link for the install instructions for that browser.
  8. Well, it was as easy as it looked, I thank you and my daughter thanks you.
  9. Thanks for the link, it looks easy enough. I'll have a crack at it tonight and let you know what happens.
  10. Thanks, unfortunately luck was not all that I needed... This laptop has two drives, C: is 4MB (!?!) and D: is 4GB. When I tried to install Windows 98SE I received an error message that C: has only 4MB of space so the install was aborted regardless of the drive specified for the install. I have installed Windows 95 and it is working fine, my question now is... How can I either reformat the drive partitions to one drive or change the drive letters as I would prefer to install 98SE instead of 95. I have never partitioned drives nor worked on a laptop before so I need some :help: please.
  11. I have been given a Dell Latitude CP Laptop which I am planning to format and install Windows 98SE for my daughter. I have never worked on a laptop at all before but have done many format/installs of Windows 98SE on PC. I have downloaded all (hopefully) the drivers, I also have the Dell floppy disc and the manual. From reading several posts here it seems that sometimes working on a Dell can be "interesting"... 1. Is there anything else that I may require before I start? 2. Is there any specific requirements that differ from a normal PC install? 3. Should I just throw it in the bin now and walk away with my usual level of insanity? At the very least can someone wish me good luck.
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