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    1. Viking


      Hi Linda, how are you? I've missed you. I've not been at the Pit in many years, I just found http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/topic/196817-linda/ from last year. I'm so glad your son got well!

    2. Viking


      Oh no, I just read your thread about Logan's accident! So much bad luck for your family. :( How is he recovering?

  2. Hey Joe, people are busy, busy, busy like Schultz used to say....
  3. Found it. Numbers are 38.1 and 60.7 Now, what does that mean? In this day and age, can you believe, I still have this type of monitor? At least at my job, where it's, can you believe this, surfing the WWW, I do have a flat screen.
  4. Surge protector is connected to pc, didn't blow out and had been turned off for couple hours. I can try unplugging it though. Why wouldn't the surger protector work? Always did before. Could it have been a direct hit? Are you telling me it only has a short time to live? Lou is it a what and do what? I know it's old, about 4-5 years old.
  5. Not sure where in user help to put this, so I'm putting it here. We were outside, enjoying the storm here in Indiana, when there was this loud boom and crack. Sounded like the thunder was pretty close. My son came in to go on line, and he asked what did you do to the color of the screen. I came in and all electric lights were on, but the microwave showed power failure that was it. The pc is on a battery back up, so even if power goes off, it stays on for 11 minutes. Alex says it looks like someone held a magnet up to the screen?? What could have happened? I can'
  6. lindalou

    how do i

    Ok if BB was banned for vulgar language, and you agree Volt's was too, will he, Volt, be banned?
  7. Sure I'll try mailwasher. Had it before, but if wiped out somethings in outlook couple years ago. Maybe, I did something wrong. I'll try it again. Postini had stopped everything and even email I wanted to come to me, I had to approve of first. This one IP tech once had me look up my modem, and when I couldn't find the name under modems, in control panel, he said your just going to have to get a hold of the company that made your machine. While he was telling me this I opened devise manager and found the name. His reply? "oh, yeah, good idea."
  8. It is ok to have all that on there isn't it? I mean I know it is, guess I just want confirmation from someone saying so. Hey, guess you did Jacee! Should I ask them if I can do a HiJack this and if they will read it for me?
  9. I have postini provided through my IP. The last couple of weeks, a couple of emails came through to my outlook express that shouldn't have. One of them said I had a "network worm" and to download a patch to fix it. I'm not stupid. I didn't open it, deleted it and blocked messages from sender. I WAS concerned because I've never had a problem with unwanted email getting to my private email (outlook) before. So, I emailed them and asked why it was happening, how to prevent it. Here is the emails I received back from them: Now, why should I removed AVG? I've always used spybot, sp
  10. I think your right webbie. She was posting for a little while, then somebody logged on, and logged Donna off forever. Wonder why? I think a see a green eyed monster working it's evil ways......
  11. Are you that old that you don't remember Volt? It ain't as fun when the grown ups are around. Bedsides, have to wait till Min gets here. Find out more about her device..
  12. It's not self explanatory? Do massuse's use these or just their hands?? Joe, are you trained? BB, would Min let you? Mod is back, party over.....
  13. Min, go back to telling me about your device. Sounds interesting, the option of using it by yourself sounds more interesting.... Do you give lessons?? Does it come with a book???
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