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  1. Thanks Hawk for your support... Tha link gave me an idea to try... Im going to try the repair path and format from the command prompt... One other question... Now WITHOUT the Setup CD in the CDROM drive at all, at startup it still gives me the option to Choose Windows XP Professional... Or Windows XP Professional SETUP... How do i get Windows to start up normally again without having to choose... Because if this next try doesnt work i want to get the startup straightened out and try what ronbo said...
  2. Ronbo, Thanks, Thats exactly whats happening... I think your right im going to try that now... I was selecting Install off of the splash screen... And Joe there are actually 2 listings... The one with the full C: Drive... And the one with like 8MB Unpartitioned... But im only having the problem with the C: Drive... I wont let me delete the C: Drive... Going to try again... Thanks Ronbo...
  3. Hey Hawk... Thanks for the information... I still didnt get it to work... It gets to step 6 where it lists all the partitions... This is where im having the problem... I press "D" to delete the only partition i have on there... Then it goes to another screen saying that Windows is unable to delete this partion because it has files needed to complete setup... Something like that... Is there a program i can download to wipe the hardrive and install a fresh OS without all these problems...
  4. Actully i searched and i found your same post to some other guy when you told him to look at tha same site... I checked it out and tried it but after the step where it shows you how to delete the partition thats exactly where i am get the error...
  5. Im trying to format my hardrive and do a fresh install... Its a Windows XP Professional disk... I restart the computer and follow the instructions through the setup... You kno the blue screen where you can repair, clean install, and that stuff... When i get to part where it shows me my partitions i have 2 listings... 1 :: C: Drive 2 :: Unpartitioned Space I press "D" to delete num 1... But it says that it cant because some files needed for setup are on that drive... Or something along those lines... And num 2 is just a small portion... Not large enough put the OS on... Whats wrong with it?
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