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  1. I have the exact same prob...except I have a 800MHz Processor, and 300M RAM as well...and am running WIN98. I have pretty much done the same things...i.e. clean inside system, reseat cards, swap power supply, etc....I have updated EVERY driver possible....It's really frustarting!!! What kind of Video card are you using pdamon?? Just curious to see what else we have in common with these whacked systems....
  2. Hay I fought broadband for a while too...I used the cost factor and everyother excuse I could....But I finally broke down, kicked out the extra bux, and wonder everyday how I could go without broadband.... as far as the modem problem, when I was on dial up, I had a LOT of problems. Found out my cities phone lines couldn't handle 56k anyway. I was lucky to connect at 33 with my 56k, mostly was 28.8 I connected at...You may want to contact your LOCAL phone co. and ask them what the lines are capable of...also the further from the trunk you are...the worse the connection will be....
  3. ...well don't ya??? HUH??? I know you all do....I see how you all are now!!!
  4. Wow Volt!! Thats pretty good!!! You almost got EVERYBODY in there...or is it one of those everybody that counts lists??? Hmmmm now I'm not sure how to take all this.....
  5. OK...I am a real idiot....what is it with me tonight??? I deleted my sent items as well as my recieved(in box) I am a big zero once again.....No comments please.....
  6. Hay!!! That aint cool....my first computer ever was an old 286 with dual 5 and a quarter floppy's and something like 16M RAM.....constantly switching floppy's back and forth..man that was rugged....So, I don't have to do nothing then huh?? No sort of maintenance or nothing...cool......
  7. sooooo then what happens when it gets to 100%??? Please don't tell me something bad is going to happen unless I email 10 people a copy of something!!! What do I do to get back to zero??? I like zero...A nice round number...not even not odd....Yeah...zero is coolllll......
  8. Ok, I have sent a couple PM's and recieved a couple PM's, I have deleted the ones I have recieved, but yet it says I am using 16% of my storage space...is there something else I need to be doing?
  9. Hayyyy what about me??!! I want some free beer!!! Ohhhh wait a minute...I brew me own...a basement with a carboy fermenting now....MMMMM a double dark chocolate stout...Good stuff I tell ya...Zymurgy!!!
  10. OK....Do the wireless meeces take a battery that can be recharged? I think I may be going in that direction....And as far as trackball, I have always liked them, they are easier to clean than the good ol' fashioned 3button/scroll meeces. It seems the problem happened when I switched mice, and I have Nortons AV with live update.(gets to be annoying when I am playing games online and it slows me down...the lag man the lag...)...Which brings me to this question....How much faith can we put in AV software...I scan about once a week, and depend on my auto prptect quite a bit...Should I be scannin
  11. Hmmmm new avatar huh??? OK gimme some suggestions then...OHHHH hay wait a minute!!! This is a very succesful attempt at the me being the last one again!!! DDOOHHH!!!
  12. See thats the deal..I am not sure..The only mice I have ever had is good ol' 3 button/scroll mouse. I do a lot of things on the compter...I play RTCW, MOHAA, MOHAASpearhead, and I am starting to get into this forum thing quite a bit. I get my news from here(local and national), and emails, and all the usual stuff you use MS Office, and all that stuff with. I spend prly 4 hrs a day here, and I have heard that optical is the way to go. I wouldn't mind going wireless too....man decisions decisions...anyway, I'd appreciate all input. Let me know what you use, what you do, and why
  13. OK Now I am starting to take this personal....
  14. Ohhhhh just great...someone hijacked my thread!!! and now watch...this'll be the last reply..Is it my breath or what???
  15. Nope no exorcism yet...but I did ring some bells around it...no help...I like the new mouse idea...but I am debating over an optical or a track ball....any opinions?
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