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  1. well summer's over so I have come back to try and help out the 600 pointer that I got first off helps more than the 41 pointer I am doing right now how do they come up with these things
  2. just one lone 2800+ with one gig of ram keep getting 44 pointers :crash: first one back 600 then two 44s, one for 149 and now p755 for 41 points. duh two and a half days to do 600 points and a day each for the 44 pointers. doesn't figure from my point of view. anyway they all need doing I suppose.
  3. didn't think anybody was missing me. read the whole thread to make sure though
  4. yes and my spending has not saved me either. just delayed the inevitable. sob
  5. http://www.antiwar.com/ips/fisher.php?articleid=5415 http://www.antiwar.com/ips/fisher.php?articleid=5730 but lets not get confused here even though this is not called addressing the issue it's called whitewashing it
  6. with plenty of agreement from all concerned. I think it should be completely obvious what I am trying to say.plenty of support here for the army brass and the shrub and his team of criminals and ready to crucify some poor grunt for acting as expected under the circumstances.
  7. well they do say something or other is bliss, I just can't remember what it is.
  8. sorry moon, the two halves of my post were unrelated.
  9. I can't believe nobody jumped on this now as for the topic so many people either can't read or just can't think straight.
  10. do it daydreamer, it's the least one can do. you might just like it. my advice is just to stick to one of them. (I'm folding) if you give it 100 percent of your free cycles, you can see the pointlessness of running two distributed computing apps.
  11. well brandon you never really caught the bug. I just spent another 120 euros that I can't afford either to get my rig down another 7 or 8 degrees so that I could keep her running at full tilt just for folding. I can't explain it, you are addicted or not. I really thought of just shutting it down, after all I didn't spend 2000 euros to buy a computer to run folding. but now I run folding I just couldn't do it. (shut it down). I underclocked it by half and that got the temps down a lot but of course slowed my progress rather severly as well. so I took three months discresionary spending budget to the shop and came back with a 3R 105SH case (made of perferated metal, the open and shut case) and a thermaltake pipe 101 heatsink and a new 90mm variable speed fan and put it all together and voila, back to full speed and under 60 degrees (celsius). once summer really starts to bite here and air temps reach 50ÂșC I don't spose it will help, but at least I am still going now. BTW thanks for those points you threw my way. maybe you will come back next winter.
  12. hey big al :welcome: I think you should definately replace the thermal material, whenever you remove the heatsink you need to clean both surfaces and apply new compound. I think I am safe to say that one of the most recommended products is arctic silver 5. they have a website with detailed instructions to use this product. http://www.arcticsilver.com/arctic_silver_instructions.htm choose the appropriate page of instructions for your processor type. It's good stuff
  13. jngwie jimi stevie (ray vaughan and vy) other dozens stevie ray vaughan I saw three times in concert and along with his brother couldn't be beat. edit spelling and I am so tempted to add more
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