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    3.2 P4 @ 3600 Canterwood ASUS P4C800 E-Deluxe Patriot Low Latency 3200 2-2-2-5 @ 3700 BFG Geforce 6800 128MB 120 GB SATA
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  1. i have been wearin contacts for bout 4 years now and i love 'em. a word of advice would be make sure ur always have an extra pair on hand. Nothing like losing one contact and not having your glasses around so you walk around only really using on eye . . . (grr no pirate smily face) i've learned the hard way numerous times since I swim with my contacts in. with my contacts in i cant read anything 3 inches away either. But i think thats cause i go cross eyed. So have fun and enjoy them because they beat glasses anyday especially when u dont have to worry about breaking them.
  2. Yea I just bought a 2 GB kit of patriot ram. Seems working well so far. I'm starting to play around with OC it but when I first pulled it out and plugged it in it ran perfectly at the clocks specified 2-2-2-5! So I woudl say go for another kit and make sure u can duel channel it. Otherwise you would have to pay twice as much for a 2GB kit of any other ram
  3. checking other websites they say not to go above 1.7V for northwoods which is what I have so i think that is the guideline. I have mine at 1.625 but when i run OCCT my voltage drops to about 1.55
  4. What are safe voltages for a P4 when overclocking. I've gotten my 3.2 up to 3.7 right now and am going to go higher but I was just wondering what kind of voltages are safe so i dont fry it.
  5. alright for anyone whos interested i bascially got some registry issues that just came up so i repaired my windows in stall files and and now no problems. so that should have done it thanks for all the help
  6. i do check for spyware regularly im usin an ultra x-connect 500W PS I'll try the CD rom thing but im nearly positive its my HD since I hear something start to spin fast and then click and thats when my computer will pause for a few sec with no action and then will regain speed. I'll let you guys know the results of the CDrom cables.
  7. Alright well I reinstalled the drivers and it would work for a bit but then the same issue would arrive. Is my hard drive going bad?? I tried new SATA cables and still no luck. here is the newest pit result. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=BKHGMWF8DTQS46YU PLEASE HELP
  8. well so far thats helped alot. i think i might still have issues but im gonna see.
  9. Alright so as of late I have been having some major issues with my computer. First of all everything seems to be running very slow. Windows takes about 40 sec to boot up and overall my performance is crappy. My system specs are in my profile. I also have been recieving numerous windows errors which require me to restart my computer. It seems many of these errors are dealing with the atapi disk. Origionally before find these things out I RMA'd my ram because I thought it was the problem which now i know it isn't. Im trying to figure out what is causing my pc to run so slow. Another thing which is happeneing is that under task manager my CPU likes to throttle to over 50% usage and then drop to 4% and fluxuate like that. my current PC pit test is this Test and it is not good at all. It says that my HDD is running very slow. Any suggestions about what I can do to fix this. I thought I should let you know that a few days ago my computer shut down on its own and then my mb would not even recognize the drive. I unplugged the drive and replugged it in and now it recognizes it but I am still having immense slow downs. Another thing is the test is recording my Master CD drive as only reading at 1X when it is a 52X drive. Is this the actual speed or is the test possible recording it wrong? Could this have some impact on games like BF2 and if it is how can I correct it? I have already tried to update the firmware for the drives. Please any help would be greatly appreciated since I really do not want to have to RMA other things just to find out what is wrong.
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