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  1. Just a quick update E mail attachments work in windows live mail so at least I can use that.Maybe something got turned off or changed in Yahoo mail. Regards Tony
  2. Hi all and thanks for replies. Doug your last response is going to be usefull as at least now I have some issues to look for. BT say there is no problem so will start looking at the points raised and hopefully I will get it sorted,if I get stuck I will come back for advice or hopefully to tell you it's fixed and what the problem was so that others may benefit. Many thanks again. Kind regards Tony
  3. Sorry have been away for a few days. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago,I could click on add attachments and it would work fine now nothing happens,the other issues are if you click on send it seem s to lock up,cant get to mail and have to close it and reopen IE to get to mail to check if it's gone.It has gone though. The cursor is doing wierd things also if you want to move cursor say to correct an error earlier in the message the cursor appears not to move but if you type in anyway the adutment is made,wierd. Anyone got any ideas.
  4. Hi all,I'm running IE 9 on windows 7 Pro 64bit. For some reason I can longer add attachments to my E mails,if I click on the paperclip nothing happens. A couple of weeks ago I uninstalled Java but following a link someone gave me on here I reinstalled it could this be part of the problem. One other thing,when I click to send an E mail I'm left without the notification that the message has been sent so I have to go back to inbox and click on sent to check message has gone. Any ideas anyone. Regards Tony
  5. I keep getting error code 80070643. I have tried windows update trouble shooter but still have the same problem.
  6. Hi all,I'm running windows7 Pro 64bit and I have uninstalled Java. Do I need Java as I am having problems installing some windows updates. If I need to reinstall Java where can I get it from.
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