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    Hp Pavilion: 7934 30GB harddrive CDRW 128Mb Ram P4
  1. Id just like to thank you bonzai, for all your help in soting my pc.. i managed to get my computer to this http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=NJFM9W3QLJRSXGN7 so all ive got to do now is get some more RAM so ill try find out what sort to get.. i got everything done appart from a minor problem on ram thanks again ***** (5 stars )
  2. DISPLAY - - i didnat understand why it dad that my monitor is in fine.. i sorted it apparently i didnat need that atually one in so.. Uninstalled
  3. Cheers.. you seem to know loads about this ad btw nice pc stats.
  4. cheers ill have a little bit of a fiddle.. ive now got some more results which are a bit better im going to keep working on them thanks for your help so far what can i do about sn plus i dont want to uninstall it but is that the only way? WINDOWS - Minor Memory - Minor [problem code 1] ????
  5. well i have just scanned my computer with pc pitstop and... well see for yourself By the way the internet is wrong.. some settings my bro messed around with. i could do with sorting the security ram etc.. any help.. and whats wrong with windows xp service pack 2??
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