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  1. HI , Is there anywhere in Win xp Pro that one can monitor the CPU an Motherboard Temps without going into Bios,, save shutting down the pc ,, Philip...
  2. Hi , I'm Curious ,, A pensioner friend of mine bought a brand new pc with windows xp home edtion installed,not oem,, , he had no plans to go online with the pc in the near future, after 30 days he had to take it back to where he purchased it from for the same activation problem, not sure if the shop he bought it from actually went online with the pc to activate or not ,, i can only assume that's what they done, but i'll try an find out, that in my mind would be the only legal option to solve the issiue , Philip...
  3. Hi ,, You mention new tower with old monitor an old tower with new monitor , does the new tower work with the new monitor , just curious, Ross..
  4. Hi , Thanks for the replies , Ran sfc /scannow and did a system restore , booted normal thismorning,first time in 3 days ,wether that's what fixed the prob not sure..wicked clown , wasn't trying to fix anything , used it with win 98 an worked fine,, so i'll leave things alone ,until next time lol,, stormy, i'll have a read on the info you sent,,Godfrey0 ,no i didn't , learn new things every day ,,, Thanks to all ,, Ross ,,, :beer: :beer: :beer: i'm sure i'm to old for pc's , an not quite old enough for knitting lol.. soooo
  5. Hi , I recently followed the instructions with the AlwaysUnloadDLL in the registry,i think ( dough ) posted about it, since then i'm having problems at boot up , is there instructions on how to reset to default again, if there is i'll try that first an see if that is my problem ,, Thanks ,,Ross..
  6. Thirdeye , Yep ,have the exact same thing happening on my pc ,2 rom drives here, only way i found around the problem was to insert the cd in either d or e drive then reboot , then it sees it ok ,works for me ,why ,wouldn't have a clue ,nothing wrong with either drive , cheers, Ross, down under ,,ps just started happening last week
  7. shadowfox ,, Thanks for the info,, as i now have Avast on here it's not a problem,, but when i try to get updated for AVG on my old 350mhz i'll keep that in mind , it may or may not have the same problem , regards,Ross... ps,,still having the same problem of some pages not fully loading with ie6 , while others no problem...
  8. Hi ,, Thanks once again for all the tips/advice, i run Sygate firewall on an old 350mhz pc and fine it works fine for me so i installed on this pc as well. No problems with Avast Antivirus Download on here, updates went smooth to boot. I found my resourses are up about 10% after boot from when i had nortons installed , Actually the reason i reformatted in the first place i was having difficulty opening web pages ,they'd wouldn't fully load , i use ie6 with updates , after format i find i'm still having a bit of a problem doing the same thing , i'll wait till i go online on one of my other pc's
  9. Hi ,, Thanks for the replies , i uninstalled AVG, downoladed Avast 4 home edition , i'll give it a try , if all else fails i'll go back to my trusty Norton Internet Security 2005, as they say a change is as good as a holiday, been a short holiday so far ,, ,, Great site, it's good to know where to come for help,, and there's days i can do with some ,, cheers,, Ross... :beer: :beer: :beer:
  10. Hi ,, Yes i am on dial up , but try as i might, about 4 hours later and still can't get the updates, says the same thing ,shows updates to get ,click ok, Receive answer, then Closing Connection,, think i uninstall and go back to nortons ,might get some sleep that way ,, thanks for the help, much appreciated ,, Ross.. down under.. :beer:
  11. Hi ,, Had to reformat the hard drive,,98se,, so decided to try AVG Antivirus and Sygate Firewall,, everyone says Nortons is Resource hog,, well installed AVG ,COULDN'T GET THE UPDATES,, Says receive , then says closing connection,, is anyone having the same problem or just me ,, so i uninstalled and reinstalled ,,same problem,, any ideas out there,, thanks,, Ross..
  12. dough ,, I've been into the registery , followed your instructions, when i got to adding the 1 without the quotations , soon as i clicked ok , they showed, thought i'd done something wrong , when i came back to post i seen you'd edited about that,, i can breathe easy again,, i think ,, thanks mate, appreciate the help . i'm also looking about the cache problem with 512mb of ram in win 98 , but after i'm over my heart attack ,lol,, thanks again, cheers, Ross , from the land down under,,, :beer: :beer: :beer: ps,, i'll see how it goes after i reboot, it didn't ask for it though...
  13. simonc ,, Don't know if you've tried the regedit.exe change yet, i run 98se as well so thought i'd follow dough's tip from coyote.com , went into regedit and followed the instructions given. I right clicked ,chose String Value , and the little box popped up showing nu 1 , i'm just not sure how/where i type AlwaysUnloadDll ,or do i have to open a second box, Also from the coyote.com web site it mentions to make sure too add capatils as shown. I've just done a fresh install of 98se so i don't want to make a mistake,never touched the registery before so i want to get it right the first time,, Ro
  14. I was reading somewhere a few months ago a similar discussion on the pros an cons of shutting down or leave running,, if i remember they said new pc's were built to withstand about 40 0r 50k shutdowns . For me i usually go online once a day but shut down completly and then off at the wall, if storms are about i then unplug from the wall both pc an modem ,, ross.. :beer:
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