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  1. Saturday, May 24, 2008 15,000 Indian Rupee = 350.915 US Dollar 15,000 US Dollar (USD) = 641,181 Indian Rupee (INR) , Something to go on , Regards,Philip...
  2. Hi ,Have you tried setting the correct time in the Bios , worth a try , Regards ,Philip..
  3. Hi , Not sure on other pc's but it's F8 on mine ok ,Regards,Philip..
  4. Hi , I had the same problem with my Mustek Scanner, I Turned my A/Virus in Start/Run/Msconfig/Startup , then Rebooted , then the install went fine ok ,Regards,Philip.. Don't forget to turn A/V back on same Method after Install ....
  5. Had that exact same Warning last year on my old 1gb Celron pc , turned out to be the M/Board Battery was not making a good Contact , Hope you get it Sorted , Regards,Philip..
  6. Ray ,if it were me , i'd even think on changing phone numbers with Iprimus , just a thought ,, Philip... good luck ...
  7. Firefox ,Delete Cookies , With Firefox Open , Tools/Options/Privacy/Show Cookies/Remove All Cookies,, Regards,Philip...
  8. Found this , not sure if it helps though , http://www.acerpanam.com/synapse/forms/por...=&areaid=12
  9. Hi , Not sure if this may help on your question about Smart Trip on Drive ,Found this though,,,, I (belatedly) did due diligence on "SMART Trip Detected" and wound up on a very informative user forum at www.StorageReview.com. It turns out that overheating, especially above 60C, may indeed trip the SMART Trip detector. Whether the drive is damaged or not is up in the air. I am now about to locate the drive in a cooler place and see if it works. Maybe something there to help,,Regards, Philip.. ps ,Never heard of it before now..
  10. Hi , I've been using dbPowerAmp now for like 3 years, says this also,, The option to convert to mp3 expires after 30 days unless you pay , why i have no idea as it has never stopped working on my now spare pc nor on my new one , just thought i'd mention that ok , cheers ,Philip..
  11. Just found this on Voltages , For ATX power supplies, the specification requires that voltages must be within 5% of the rating, except for the 3.3v current, which must be within 4%. So it looks like it is 5% Tolerance and not .5% , i'll keep an open mind , Regards,Philip..
  12. Hi , I'm glad Mouse pointed out about the Voltage optium Readings being + or - .5% , all this time i've actually been working on 5% Tolerance's which of course makes a world of difference , if it was 5% the power supply would be quite ok , Learn something new every day ,Regards,,Philip..
  13. Hi , I had the same warning the other day , all i did was with Firefox open , Tools/Options/Security, an uncheck Remember Passwords for Sites, stopped the warning here , Regards, Philip..
  14. Have you tried another Monitor to see if it still does the same , maybe worth a try , I would think when you touch the steel case, somehow it's adding Capacitance , make sure the Video card is getting a good earth to the Case , in that case maybe it's something to do with a bad earth as suggested previous, hope you get it solved , Regards ,Philip..
  15. Ray , Wondered if you've had any success with the new lead yet, been thinking about your problem , does your isp include idle time out with your connection, some do an it's usually around 20 or 30 minutes, also in internet properties, connections/settings/advanced , uncheck the box where it says ( disconnect if idle for xxx minutes, have a feeling you've allready done that anyway,, cheers,, Philip...
  16. Live on Brissie northside, had a friend over Nudgee way had a similar problem on dialup, telstra replaced the line through the house, still kept droppin out, lives right on the water,i recon the old lines outside,50 yrs old maybe the problem, he switched to b/band, all ok now. Also make sure you have call waiting switched off, otherwise it'll keep bumping you offline when someone rings, we found a web excel external modem worked best , still got kicked off but not as often , you can ring telstra an get them to do a noise test on the line ok, good luck ,Philip.
  17. Crikey Andrew, down south keep telling us were 5 or 10 years behind, but what would they know, most have moved up here now lol , hope you solved the problem ,Philip
  18. Cykey , For some reason your CPU is 900mhz but only running at 600 mhz , not sure if that could be part of you problem , but it needs looking into , Regards,Philip..
  19. Had much the same problem with my Lexmark Printer,, had to uninstall,, but before reinstalling i had to go into msconfig an shut down Nortons Internet Security ,reboot , otherwise it would not finish the install . Not sure what anti virus program you run, but Norton was a stumbling block for me with Lexmark reinstall ok, good luck,, Philip..
  20. I have Auto updates disabled as well, and Wuaclt.EXE not showing in Processes , XP Pro , IE6 , SP2 . Philip..
  21. HI , Thanks again for all the help, Brownhornet ,Thanks for that , shows the m/board 24c /cpu 21c / hard drive 33c ,hope that's ok for temps, , Great Program,, Philip.. :beer: :beer:
  22. Hi , Thanks for all the help , sorry for the late reply, been busy , i also downloaded Everest Home Edition from Major Geeks , it gives lots of info , but i didn't find the Cpu Temps ect on it , if it does show them could someone point me to where to find them thanks,, Philip..
  23. _TyIzaeL_ ,, Thanks for the reply, downloaded the Speedfan program , works great ,but not sure which temp is for which Process,,just shows Temp 1 @23c , temp 2 @ 22c ,, temp 3 @ 39c ,doesn't say which is for CPU or Mainboard ect , Hard drive it does show @32c , not the sharpest tool in the shed here, any way of finding out, Thanks ,,Philip...
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