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  1. Jacee ,, No Worries , Followed these Instructions ,, http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-get...o-open-in-the-/ ,,, Regards , Philip ..
  2. Hi , I Re-Googled and Solved , so all Peachy Again , Thanks For Looking ok , Regards , Philip ..
  3. Is there a way to get it to Open in Now Playing Instead of Library , I thought it used too , maybe i'm mistaken though , any ideas Appreciated , Regards,,Philip..
  4. Hi Paul , I'm finding my Firefox loads in half the time , only slow adsl here too , 4secs , ie8 8 secs , Though no problems so far with IE8 ok , only use it if it's needed though , Regards , Philip..
  5. Well i went ahead an downloaded IE8 , all went smooth for me , also run Spybot with Tea Timer too , caused no problems on the install , Vista Home Premium service pk1 , Though i do use Mozilla latest version for most , Regards,Philip...
  6. I was going to put the standard fan/sink ect that came with the Q9550 , but have decided to add aftermarket ,nothing to elaborate , no big oc's ok , been looking at these two , Freezer 7 Pro PWM (S775) or Gigabyte GPower Pro , can get free shipping with the latter one if i add the cost of a fan , which i want anyway , Price wise about the same , Something new to me so thought i'd ask .. Regards Philip
  7. Update , Had a mate on the south side of Brisbane pick up my Q9550/slb8v / Team Extreme Dark ddr2 1066 / and Thermaltake Wing rs 101 Case , my Question is will my GV-NX76T256D-RH gigabyte card be ok , or do i need to Upgrade it too , Regards,Philip..
  8. Thanks for the reply Brandon, ok on the Q9550 , just wasn't sure there, prices on the CPU's been dropping a tad so i'm keeping my eyes out here ok , Regards ,Philip... ps , Guess i could just oc the Q9550 up a tad to round 3gb as well easy ...
  9. Hi ,Thanks for the replies , Guess main reason to build new system , i have a friend who wants to buy this rig E8400 ect , and seems i have the new board sitting here ( same ) , also vista home premium 64 bit , which i want to run/try , plus ram an H/Drive .. Seen this ( GA-EP35-DS3P (rev. 2.1) Intel® P35 + ICH9R Chipset 1. Supports Intel® Core™ 2 multi-core and Intel 45nm processors ) so now i'm not sure m/board can take the q9550 as their 65nm ,, have i got it wrong on this ,Regards ,Philip..
  10. I mainly Browse ect , listen to Country , also do some Movie Editing ect , also the 4gb Kingston Hyper x Ram KHX6400D2K2/4G in this pc would go in the new build as i have 4gb spare i pulled from this one some time ago ok, Regards,Philip..
  11. Hi , Thinking on selling current Tower , E8400/ GA/EP35/DS3P , Vista Home Premium 32 bit , I don't game zilch ok , i have the same board new/spare , also new spare 320gb Sata drive, plus Vista home premium 64 bit unused , which i want to use , not sure which way to go on the CPU though , like both the [email protected]$399.00 au ,, [email protected]$412.00 0r $419.00 au .. As i don't game would i be better off with the E8600 ,, Regards,Philip..
  12. Ok , Would it hurt to try an run them pulling air out, not too sure how easy that is for you to do though, i think it would still pull enough cold air in from down below via Fan an Case Slots Maybe, Regards,Philip..
  13. Hi ,I've been following this , and i'm certainly no Overclocker , i had enough trouble getting my Kingston Hyper x ram to run at 800 lol , but i noticed you mention in post 79 i think ,, I have 3 120mm fans at the top blowing into the case at low rpm , are these on the Very Top of the Tower , if so , i would think they'd have to be pulling air out as heat rises , Ignore my Ignorance if out of order ok , just trying to help your high temp problem ok ,Regards,Philip...
  14. fb400conv , Hi , I just added check mark next to ALL Avg that were showing in Bold like it said too then finish or Delete ,then Rebooted ,, worked a treat for me ok , Wait for more Advice maybe if unsure , i'm sure others here have used the Program that will Respond ok ,Regards,Philip... Edit , Maybe worth a try ,, i was going to try duanesters idea of reinstalling and uninstalling
  15. fb400conv ,, Pretty sure i used Hunter Mode or Advanced Mode , i remember it finding all AVG in the Registry too , i had to put a Tick in the box that it showed avg in BOLD , then hit finish or Whatever it said to Delete it all ok ,Regards,Philip...Hope This Helps ok...
  16. Hi , I had a friend not too long ago had the same problem with the same AVG , i Downloaded Revo Uninstaller and that allowed me to Fully uninstall it , worked a treat , Regards ,Philip..
  17. Hi , A friend on mine had the same problem a few months back , so i downloaded Revo Uninstaller an ran that on AVG , that solved the problem for me ok ,Regards,Philip..
  18. Thanks again for the input All ,, dwfinch , Definately no one mucked with the Settings on the Multiplier , actually the first time in those settings was when i reset the Voltage to the ram at 1.9 volts from 1.8 volts, and i remember it already showing 2.8g at 8.5 ,and that was all i changed ,, i just never worried about or changing it then , when my step son comes over, i'll let him take a peek , he has his own pc Bizz so i may find out more then , Actually he runs the same E8400 cpu ,different M/B though ,, and i know he has Overclocked his ,, Regards,Philip..
  19. Hi , Thanks for the input ok , i went back into Bios , CPU was at 333 x 8.5 at 2.8 , so set at x9 , now showing 3g not 2.8g , left the ram at 1.9v at 800 mhz so i'll leave well enough alone me thinks,, checked temps an all is fine , Thanks for the help , Regards,Philip...
  20. Thanks caintry_boy , This ram has some rather funny antics going by Kingston Site ,, it appears that if you run this same ram at 1gb or 2x1gb or 2x2gb of this ram ,to get it to run at 800mhx , all three need different Volts to do that ,, or run at 1.8 Volts it'll only run at 667mhz , somewhere in the Bios i set it too 800mhz , an set Volts to 1.9 . so now it shows it at 800 and still at 667 others, so i recon i'll let it run how it is , did today with no problems , Regards,Philip... I think i'll not be racing out to get Kingston Ram again .. though i'm not the sharpest tool in the shed lol..
  21. Hi , Thanks for the info ok , on my old 850mhz at the moment , will look into it more Sunday ok , did find this on the same Ram though , http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-repli...fm/1007889.html ,and on another site usa so i'm not a first with the Problem , any more info Appreciated , Regards,Philip ,Ps , oh , on the Ram Sticks it shows 800mhz an 2 Volts so would i be safe to assume it's ok to run at that Voltage without a problem....
  22. Hi , I have a EP35-DS3P G/B Board , E8400 , I just purchased this Ram ,,, KHX6400D2K2/4G 4GB (2GB 256M x 64-Bit x 2 pcs.) PC2-6400 CL5 240-Pin DIMM Kit Page 1 DESCRIPTION: Hyper X Kingston's KHX6400D2K2/4G is a kit of two 256M x 64-bit 2GB (2048MB) DDR2-800 CL5 SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) memory modules, based on sixteen 128M x 8-bit DDR2 FBGA components. Total kit capacity is 4GB (4096MB). Each module pair has been tested to run at DDR2 800MHz at latency timing of 5-5-5-15 at 1.85V. The SPD is programmed to JEDEC standard latency 667Mhz timing of 5-5-
  23. Another Thought , when i tried to install a Mustek Scanner ages ago , it would not do a proper install , had a Similar Problem , Until i Stopped My AntiVirus Program Running at Startup in Msconfig Then Installing It , Maybe Worth a Try ..
  24. When you Installed Printer , did you install the Software First , then connect the USB Cable , also have you tried going into Run / MSCONFIG and Stopping it from Starting at Boot..
  25. I'm running Spybot ver , with Tea Timer , i was thinking on Running ThreatFire too , am i getting this right, if i'm running Tea Timer , i should not run ThreatFire at the same time, Sorry ,i'm not up to Speed on all this , so thought i'd ask , Regards,Philip...
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