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  1. Hi Brownhornet , Early morning this way , 2.30 am , can't sleep , on Zoladex for my Prostate , hot flushes-full on too , no fun lol , anyway , Wondering which Core 2 Duo you pulled , wouldn't happen to be a E8400 by any Chance , and you'd sell . Reason is Lynne has my old pc running E6400 @2.13 with win 7 iffin my memory holds , thought i may give it a Boost an the E8400 would sure fit the bill , guess i'd be up for a Reformat , no problem there . Lots of Q's , thought i'd ask ok . Regards Philip .
  2. Terry1966 .. Thanks for that , pays to make sure what i can do on the Drive , as i stated i Don't defrag to often , don't see the Need , an Only Run CCleaner/M-Bytes Premium/Superantispyware about every 2 weeks or so , so i'll stick to that Regime , Your Knowledge Appreciated . Regards Philip.
  3. 1966Terry , Thanks for all the info , i'll look more into it later ok , by the way it's win 7 64bit Os ok . This from Toms Hardware last December what i Mentioned before , Yes, you can defrag a SSHD. Your O/S and data are written and stored on the HDD portion of the drive. The SSD portion of the drive is only used to cache the most frequently used data to speed up performance. That Said , Maybe i'm just better off Not to Defrag at All , as i Stated i don't do Very Often Anyway . More the Issue is I Do Run CCleaner Once a Fortnight as Normal , if i leave it in Default Mode Would that be Quite
  4. terry1966 . Terry , Question was a tad about all with SSHD Drive , Sorry for Poor Question , Yes , about Defrag as Well , as i found on Toms Hardware they say ok to Defrag as long as not the Cache , as that's on the SSD part of the Drive . Sort of why i said i was a Tad Confused ok , i just want to get it Right for the SSHD Drive ok . Regards Philip.
  5. terry1966 . Thanks for the reply , your right , all i do is run it in it's Default Settings , no driver wiper-reg scans ect , though i have done a DNS Cache Clear on the odd time , maybe i should give that a miss from now on then , your thoughts Appreciated . Regards Philip .
  6. Hi , I Cloned my 500gb Seagate to a New 1tb Seagate ST1000DX001 Drive , all Good , i believe i can Run Defrag , which i don't do that often anyway . What i am worried about is Running CCleaner , did quite a bit of Google Looking , i find it's a tad Confusion , so i thought i'd Ask here , so i Know Exactly what i Need/Don't Do , any Help Appreciated . Regards Philip .
  7. I Agree with kburra post 3 , Do a System Restore and see if that Solves all this Drama which has Annoyed you over a Week . Then , if all good , get Ereader from Somewhere Else . Philip.
  8. Only last week i had a simlar problem on reboots on this my win 7 64bit pc , drove me mad , first thought a virus , all good there though . Turned out to be a Broken Wire right where it Joins the Power Switch on the front panel on my Thermaltake Wing Rs Tower . Regards. Philip.
  9. I thought a Checksum Error was Related to a Bad Motherboard Battery , i'd Check the Time/Date just in Case ok . Philip .
  10. Not the Sharpest Tool in the shed this way , but if i had to Reinstall windows 7 for a 4th time in 30 Days , i'd be sure Looking hard at the Windows 7 Disk , maybe Scratched or Corrupt or such , or maybe even a Bad Hard Drive . I remember having a Similar Problem on an old XP machine 2006 era , be alright after a fresh install an then Problems would Restart ,turned out to be the Hard Drive .. Just a Thought ok. Regards , Philip.
  11. Have you Looked in Device Manager for any Problems Listed . Philip.
  12. Well , i decided to try the whatismyipaddress site just for Fun , I'm on the Sunshine Coast North of Brisbane , it Showed i'm at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast 150Kms Away , should i Worry . Regards , Philip..
  13. Thanks for all the tips ect , i tried till i'm blue in the face , still won't open Maximized , so i've gave up an Reinstalled Firefox on the new format , so at least it Opens Maximized . Regards.Philip..
  14. Back 3rd May i asked on this Problem , i never solved it then , from Quick Launch it Does Open Maximized ,Now , i decided after 3 years i'd do a Reformat , so i Wiped the drive an Reinstalled Win 7 64bit , have not installed Firefox , and i Still have this same Problem . Last time i followed TomGL2 advice , with no luck doing the Registry change , i've rt clicked ie in programs an Properties an selected Maximized , no luck , i tried what used to work on XP , select Maximized , then go File an click Exit , it don't work . I've Dragged it full , then Maximized , close , reopen , from Favourites/
  15. Hi TomGL2 , All i could find for this , 32-bit — en_windows_vista_sp2_x86_dvd_342266.iso , was a Torrent download , so i gave that a miss ok .. After running SFC /SCANNOW Thursday , an it showed it fixed some problems , an couldn't fix others, i decided to rerun SFC after it had been rebooted yesterday , an it gave the All Clear No Problems , is it Possible it needed a reboot so it Could Fix the Remaining Problems ... So i think i'll hold off an see if further Blue Screens happen then take it from there , as i have a Spare Win7 64bit OEM unused here and i may decide to go that way , but i am
  16. Hi , I was reading a post by Fred Langa on doing this with Win7 , my question is , i have Vista 32 bit , with service pk 2 Installed , my oem disk has Service pack 1 on it , do i Have to remove service pk 2 from the pc before i can do the Nondestructive Reinstall . Reason i ask , he mentions if the disk you have don't have service pk 1 on it , then remove it from the pc before you start , so my thinking is it's the same with Service pk 2 on my Vista . I'd like to find a Full guide on doing this with Vista , but so far i've not been lucky ,all i find is for win7 so , do i just follow
  17. You say you tried the Monitor on another pc an it worked fine , did you use the same Lead though , as the Lead maybe the Problem an the Monitor is Ok , Also , check the Pins on the pc where the Lead goes Incase Some are Bent.. Regards , Philip...
  18. Hi , Curious , do you have the same Problem when not Connected to the Net with Files ect Deleting .. Regards , Philip..
  19. Hi , Follow this to see the Actual Error your getting on the Blue Screen , other wise the pc just Restarts and you don't have time to get the Error number ok , Click Start , right-click My Computer , click Properties Then Advanced , Under Startup and Recovery , Click Settings and Unselect "Automatically Restart , That may help you .. Regards Philip ...
  20. Hi , Few things you can do , Google the Error number your getting with the Blue Screen ,check that out , that should help some , Also check in Event Viewer for the Time the Blue Screen happened , Also you could download an run Memtest , that should get you some idea what the Problem is ok ... Regards ,Philip ...
  21. Hi , Have a friend with Windows 7 64 bit Professional , when he tries to Activate sfc /scannow scan from Run , it opens for a Second then Closes , then tried using start/Accessories/Command Prompt run as Admin , still no go , remember having this same issue in xp years ago .. I run win7 64 bit Home Premium , so i tried on my pc , same thing happened , though i don't have a Problem with my pc . I found this on a site , sfc /scanonce , then reboot , i've not tried on my pc , an my friend is out , any idea on why it's not running sfc Appreciated .. Regards , Philip ....
  22. Hi , You should be able to stop AVG from running at startup , go Run , type msconfig / Startup , an uncheck all AVG there , don't forget to recheck them after you've finished solving your problem .. Regards , Philip ..
  23. Hi amason , I just updated SuperAntiSpyware , worked fine for me ok , maybe worth a retry an see if it works , Regards , Philip
  24. Hi Joe C , Glad you got the temp problem sorted , any chance of posting a link to the ( Hardware Monitor ) you use thanks , and is it a free or paid Version , i looked on google an not sure which one , Regards , Philip...
  25. Have you tried both new sticks in slot 1 to see if both of them work in there , just incase a faulty stick ok , Cheers , Philip...
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