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  1. Hi Pickster , Not on a pc with Outlook Express at the moment , but from memory , with Outlook Express open , click on Tools / Options , under Send i think ,or one of the other tabs , you should see the option to Allow or Not to Allow Email addresses Added that you Reply too . Regards Philip ...
  2. Hi , I would try a System Restore first to a Date before your Niece was on the pc , Hit Start , type in System Restore an most Likely be the Top Option , then Follow the Prompts , just might fix the Problem , Regards , Philip ..
  3. Hi , I've been running Malwarebytes Version 1.41 on my Vista 64bit System now for near 2 weeks , an it's working a treat , found this on Malwarebytes site , Key Features * Support for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit). so maybe it only works with this new Version .. Regards , Philip...
  4. Been running free avg for ages , no problems , then with version 8.5 i can't or couldn't find a way to get it to show it was scanning incoming/outgoing email , so i've switched to Avast , all ok so far .. Regards , Philip..
  5. Hi , If you mean this one , KB973874 , Installed today here , all working fine , Regards, Philip..
  6. Hi , Have you tried Running with the New Ram Only to see if it boots , just a thought , by the way i Run Vista H/Premium 32bit here , 4gb Installed , only shows 3.58gb , seems different systems show different amounts when 4gb installed , good luck ok ,Regards,Philip..
  7. Hi ,I'm not sure what speed Broadband you have there, i only have 512/128 , it's what i can afford , an mine does the same , my thoughts are it's not fast enough for the Video , so it Buffers , Not sure if that helps you though ,Regards,Philip..
  8. I had a recent reason to use Revo Uninstaller on two friends pc's , one with a failed Avg paid version ,by mistake,wanted free, an would not let uninstall, and a Reg Cleaner on my mates pc i'd never heard of , also could not uninstall , Until Revo that is lol, Hope it works for you ok ,Regards,,Philip...
  9. Hi ,Whenever i open Windows Mail in Vista , And go Create Mail , It shows as Transparent , i find it Quite Annoying with my not so good Vision , i've Googled with no luck , is their a Setting to Turn this Feature Off , Regards,Philip Thanks..
  10. Hi Andrew , Ok , I'm wondering if your Contact still has a current Hotmail Account , if not , may well explain why they Bounce back to you , or ,maybe Contact has not even set up the Hotmail Email Account to begin with , i've had that happen with a friend of mine , he kept saying i must not have his addy right or i'm not sending lol ,, as all the Filters in Hotmail , none allow the Bounce Option, Googled myself with no luck on it either , Regards , Philip..
  11. Hi Andrew , If there is a way to bounce mail in Hotmail , i've never managed to find it, though i did go right through the filter settings so only mail from my Contacts Show , so i rarely use Hotmail for safety reasons , i use Mailwasher Pro on my Outlook Express Account , Great Program , Bounce with it as well , Regards ,Philip..
  12. Hi Jackpot , Tried that Monitor , One thing i've found out , Everest/Speedfan/AlCpu/SIW , they all seem to give close Temps on Core 0 an Core 1 ,, the Main Difference i see is the Programs Listed that Show CPU on it's own as well,which not all above show , i get a wide Variance Showing , From 26c to 56c , Speedfan with the 56c Temp,, at the moment ,Everest 23c ,, i went into Bios soon as i shut down yesterday ,and it Showed 33c , should i just take the Bios Reading as Gospel then , any thoughts Appreciated,, Regards,,Philip.. PS , Gotta be a few Core 2 Duo Users out there who may have a Better Knowledge on this ...
  13. Hi , I run a E6420 Core 2 Duo CPU , when i check CPU Temps with Everest Ultimate Edition , i get Confused here some what , it shows CPU @ 26 c ,,, Core 1 @ 41c ,,,, and Core 2 @ 42c , or close to that , with CPU Fan speed @ 750 rpm or so ,, ,depends what i'm doing , my Question is , What really is my CPU Temp ,, Regards ,Philip ,,
  14. Hi ,Will it allow an online Scan,Regards,Philip
  15. Thanks Again Brandon, Pointed it to the new my/Doc Folder and it Merged just fine thanks,, Appreciate the Help ok , Regards,, Philip..
  16. Thanks Brandon , Having a Sanger at the moment,past lunch time over here, will see what happens soon then ,Regards,, Philip,,
  17. Thanks Brandon, Will the 2 My Documents Merge or will i have 2 of them ,as the Old one is really what i want ,, Regards , Philip ...
  18. Hi , A couple of months ago i moved My Documents Folder to D Drive ,is case something went wrong, all worked fine , now my WesternDigital 250gb sata11 drive , 6 months old ,has hit the wall,,no ,not literally hehe , so i installed a new W/D 320gb sata11 one i had purchased in November, got all my music ect i needed to new drive D, along with my Old My Documents,, so now i have two of them ,Question ,how do i get to MERGE them for want of a better word ,or can't i do that ,, as i still want my/documents on D drive, hope i make sense , can't think of Somewhere better to ask , Regards, Philip..
  19. Hi , Don't know if this helps but i had the exact same problem on my old 1gb Celron pc last year, i used some Metho an cleaned the Battery Contacts as well as Slightly bent the Contacts so the Battery is held in a tad tighter , worked for me ok ,Regards ,Philip..
  20. Hi el kido,Simonsells91 , Thanks for that, went to Content/Advanced , an upped the Minimum Font size to 18 , solved the problem , but not my old eyes lol, Regards ,Philip.
  21. Hi , Every time i open Mozilla/Pitstop ,or any Web Page , i have to go to View/Text Size/Increase so i can read the print easy ,can i set it somehow to retain the size i like , Thanks, Philip..
  22. Thanks all for the info , Andrew S , Looked at the U-Mart site as well , actually they have one on the northside lol, usually everything one wants is on the southside only,, Regards,, Philip..
  23. Lookin into the 965 chipset now , not too bad a price either from what i can see, also gives me an extra pci slot , think i'll get that board then wait for a good price on the core2 duo , can't wait too long at 59 yrs lol, Thanks again, Philip,
  24. Thanks to all for the replies , i might just hang off a couple of months and see if the price does drop on the CPU , my luck it won't though, RAH , i've noted what you said about the m/board too ok ,appreciate the advice , Regards, Philip..
  25. Thanks for the feedback , i have to ask ,why would Intel drop their prices by that much, sounds too good to be true, an if they did ,would that flow on to us down under , Regards, Philip...
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