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  1. Hi Tx / Nigsy Main reason i ran driver booster i had a Blue Screen twice with driver not less than equal or such , i couldn't find out which driver was the problem , i've since deleted the driver 7 program an so far all good , sounds like i've been lucky running the program . Regards Philip ..
  2. Hi Maybe you can boot into safe mode an stop ad blocker from there , just a thought , i think Tx will solve it for you though . Regards Philip..
  3. beagle1


    Hi Have you tried downloading an add blocker like ublock to suit whichever browser you use Firefox/Chrome ect . Regards Philip
  4. Hi Tex Yea , could have done without all the fuss , at 71 didn't need it , for mine , if you Purchase the Pro Ver , why not just have it so you download it then add the License Number , not the dang trial ver . Not a Stranger i hope , check in here every day , learnt a whole lot too over the 15 years , been a member somewhere back in November December 2004 , when i first joined and i tried to sign i didn't remember/think to leave a space between Beagle an 1 , so i couldn't , so i rejoined with no space , wasn't so comp literate lol. I've seen a few no longer come back in my years , Hawk , On
  5. Hi Tex Well easeus finally replied after the third email , they let me know when the trial version loads , click on the Key up the top to add the License Number they sent , i looked for somewhere to add it but didn't find anywhere , would have been a whole lot easier had they said on the Purchase email . Anyway , it's all up an running an increased C Drive from D Drive and then did the same from E to D which was then down on space so all is good this way . Regards Philip ...
  6. Hi Tx The link you gave me is the one that won't let me extend C Drive even after making 15gb Unallocated space from D Drive .So i bit the bullet an Paid for the Pro Version of the program , when i clicked on the download link on their email and Installed all i got was the Trial Version . As you can't reply to their emails because of No Reply on their emails , i went to their website on Thursday my time and let them know , as they've had 2 Days since i Purchased an No Reply back , i asked them to Refund my $40.21 AU for the Pro Version , as of today , Saturday my time , they've Still not even
  7. Hi I'm trying to increase C Drive in win 7 Home with 15gb from D Drive, i've tried easeus , it lets me make unallocated of 15gb to extend C Drive , but i can't get the option to click on C to add it , also tried Minitool , same Problem as Prior so no luck there either Can any one point me to a free program that does what i want without me going through lots of programs to get it done .Regards Philip.
  8. Tx n nigsy On Sunday i decided to try it , all went well , booted , changed Graphic drivers , did windows updates an av-superantispyware-malwarebytes ect Drivers ect , let it run till Tuesday an reinstalled the new drive , and all is fine , Thanks for your Help , Appreciated .. Regards Philip ..
  9. Tx Redneck Sorry for the late reply , i've still not tried to boot from the old drive on the chances it won't boot an then stop the newer cloned one not to boot , the only Hardware that's changed is the Graphic card and 2 gb of Memory Extra . Do you think the MBR on the old drive will still be workable then , i guess there's only one way to find out , unless as you say the old drive has died while sitting there Unused , i'll wait for your Reply before i try ok . Regards Philip ...
  10. Hi I was thinking about a drive i cloned which i've done a few times in the last 10 years or so win7 Home , can one get the old drive , not the new cloned one to be bootable again .I was sitting here thinking on it an just wondered out of curiosity can one get the old drive , if needed to Ever Boot again . It's not that i need to it's just a thought as i usually leave the older drive in the tower unplugged it's not like i've ever used the old one for storage or like , any thoughts .. Regards Philip ...Ps in other words if the newer cloned one ever failed can i reactivate the old one .....
  11. Hi , If it were me i'd Disconnect the 1TB Data Drive Before you try to Clone , that way it won't show when you go to Clone .Regards Philip... Ps Also on the win 10 Upgrade , i'm sure it's no Longer Free , they offered only a Short Period time wise to do ok ..
  12. Hi Would Running system file Checker help sfc /scannow , note space between c an / , may Help , worth a try ok .. Philip..
  13. Hi rgsmile ,, If the pc is still up an running , Download Belarc Advisor an install , then click to run , pan down the page an on the right hand side the Windows Product Key will Show ok , hope that helps Regards Philip ...
  14. I wonder why there's 7 replies yet shows none , same for Views shows none . Philip
  15. Hi , This should allow you to see the Check Disk Results ,, Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run dialog, type powershell.exe, and press Enter. In PowerShell, copy and paste the command below, and press Enter. (see screenshot below) NOTE: To paste the copied command into PowerShell, you will just need to right click in PowerShell. Enter the command get-winevent -FilterHashTable @{logname="Application"; id="1001"}| ?{$_.providername –match "wininit"} | fl timecreated, message | out-file Desktop\CHKDSKResults.txt You will now have a CHKDSKResults.txt file created on your desktop
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