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  1. Hi Tx / Nigsy Main reason i ran driver booster i had a Blue Screen twice with driver not less than equal or such , i couldn't find out which driver was the problem , i've since deleted the driver 7 program an so far all good , sounds like i've been lucky running the program . Regards Philip ..
  2. Hi Maybe you can boot into safe mode an stop ad blocker from there , just a thought , i think Tx will solve it for you though . Regards Philip..
  3. beagle1


    Hi Have you tried downloading an add blocker like ublock to suit whichever browser you use Firefox/Chrome ect . Regards Philip
  4. Hi Tex Yea , could have done without all the fuss , at 71 didn't need it , for mine , if you Purchase the Pro Ver , why not just have it so you download it then add the License Number , not the dang trial ver . Not a Stranger i hope , check in here every day , learnt a whole lot too over the 15 years , been a member somewhere back in November December 2004 , when i first joined and i tried to sign i didn't remember/think to leave a space between Beagle an 1 , so i couldn't , so i rejoined with no space , wasn't so comp literate lol. I've seen a few no longer come back in my years , Hawk , One Slick Chick , the latter was on here near every day then ect , over the years i wonder what happened to them as they were regulars on here . Regards Philip ..
  5. Hi Tex Well easeus finally replied after the third email , they let me know when the trial version loads , click on the Key up the top to add the License Number they sent , i looked for somewhere to add it but didn't find anywhere , would have been a whole lot easier had they said on the Purchase email . Anyway , it's all up an running an increased C Drive from D Drive and then did the same from E to D which was then down on space so all is good this way . Regards Philip ...
  6. Hi Tx The link you gave me is the one that won't let me extend C Drive even after making 15gb Unallocated space from D Drive .So i bit the bullet an Paid for the Pro Version of the program , when i clicked on the download link on their email and Installed all i got was the Trial Version . As you can't reply to their emails because of No Reply on their emails , i went to their website on Thursday my time and let them know , as they've had 2 Days since i Purchased an No Reply back , i asked them to Refund my $40.21 AU for the Pro Version , as of today , Saturday my time , they've Still not even Responded . I've opened up a PayPal Dispute as the product i paid for is Not what I've got ( Trial Version ) , so i'll wait to hear from PayPal i guess .. Regards Philip ..
  7. Hi I'm trying to increase C Drive in win 7 Home with 15gb from D Drive, i've tried easeus , it lets me make unallocated of 15gb to extend C Drive , but i can't get the option to click on C to add it , also tried Minitool , same Problem as Prior so no luck there either Can any one point me to a free program that does what i want without me going through lots of programs to get it done .Regards Philip.
  8. Tx n nigsy On Sunday i decided to try it , all went well , booted , changed Graphic drivers , did windows updates an av-superantispyware-malwarebytes ect Drivers ect , let it run till Tuesday an reinstalled the new drive , and all is fine , Thanks for your Help , Appreciated .. Regards Philip ..
  9. Tx Redneck Sorry for the late reply , i've still not tried to boot from the old drive on the chances it won't boot an then stop the newer cloned one not to boot , the only Hardware that's changed is the Graphic card and 2 gb of Memory Extra . Do you think the MBR on the old drive will still be workable then , i guess there's only one way to find out , unless as you say the old drive has died while sitting there Unused , i'll wait for your Reply before i try ok . Regards Philip ...
  10. Hi I was thinking about a drive i cloned which i've done a few times in the last 10 years or so win7 Home , can one get the old drive , not the new cloned one to be bootable again .I was sitting here thinking on it an just wondered out of curiosity can one get the old drive , if needed to Ever Boot again . It's not that i need to it's just a thought as i usually leave the older drive in the tower unplugged it's not like i've ever used the old one for storage or like , any thoughts .. Regards Philip ...Ps in other words if the newer cloned one ever failed can i reactivate the old one .....
  11. Hi , If it were me i'd Disconnect the 1TB Data Drive Before you try to Clone , that way it won't show when you go to Clone .Regards Philip... Ps Also on the win 10 Upgrade , i'm sure it's no Longer Free , they offered only a Short Period time wise to do ok ..
  12. Hi Would Running system file Checker help sfc /scannow , note space between c an / , may Help , worth a try ok .. Philip..
  13. Hi Swordfleece , I don't use Outlook , used to use Hotmail long ago , so no help there , have you thought of doing a System Restore to a day or 2 before the problem Started , maybe worth a Try .. Regards Philip..
  14. I've always ran Avg Free until recently , though i've now switched to Avast Free on all my pc's and i like it , it also scans and lets you know when Software ect is out of Date . Far as i know Defender will auto Switch off soon as another Anti Virus Program is installed so there's No Need to Uninstall Defender .Regards Philip..
  15. Hi rgsmile ,, If the pc is still up an running , Download Belarc Advisor an install , then click to run , pan down the page an on the right hand side the Windows Product Key will Show ok , hope that helps Regards Philip ...
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