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  1. an adult taking interest in a young child by wanting to sleep with them on the grounds of being friendly is a peado grooming them for future abuse. niether do i believe jackson had a mental age of a ten year old as he knew what was right and wrong but chose the power of money to win over any doubters and i expect more truth will come out very soon
  2. so the moral of the story is be rich and famous and you can get away with child molestation and be a wierd twisted pervert like him and i cant believe because he sang and danced around on stage people forgive him for whatever he has done or likely to do. this world sure is messed up
  3. i'm with bruce on this one as he turned into a freak for publicity i also hear he has requested to be melted down into leggo bricks so he can be played with rather than the other way round
  4. hope theres room for another chair
  5. i agree with what tracey says and no i do not miss someone speaking his very own non understandable language. this is a great site to visit and a good bunch of people
  6. my god you still b-tchin about her,i reckon its about time ya moved on with your life an let her be
  7. jacee just creep up to each one in the dark place both hands around the neck and sqeeze tightly whilst giving a vigorous shake problem solved
  8. tracy is right just realize its part of the pleasure in growing up and as for your replies of wanting to hurt her then you have totally lost my support.life goes on and my guess it will not be your one and only time you have reached adult age try acting it
  9. i have no fear of being addicted to dope.tried it on 4 different occassions and same result it made me very ill for about 2 days each time. so not gonna try again
  10. tracy lyn got it spot on.when i was abused it was a so called family freind who died long time ago but i still have to live with it my only regret is i was not responsible for his death
  11. my god how can someone put murder above child molestation is beyond me.try getting raped by an adult male when your just a kid (i was) and then see if you think the same
  12. dabut


    i think everybody is younger than MOON
  13. then let us here it tracylyn
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