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  1. in my opinion, ram is ram. as long as you go with a brand (as in no generics) and they have some sort of lifetime warranty (almost all of them do) you'll be fine you have a MSI board, they are not too picky about ram, id just use the cheapest you can find that work (and fit the above description) now if say you had some older store bought computer and wanted to upgrade, then id say crucial. they are pretty much 100% compatible. now if you plan on overclocking and need the fastest possible, id say look at corsair XMS... for normal every use, use normal everyday ram.
  2. 23 (including the task manager) windows xp 203MB used on my other computer i usually have about 12-13 running (it's off right now)... pretty much the bare minimum required to run windows with some functionility...
  3. Im having the same problem with one of my testing monitors. It makes an endless buzzing sound, only stopping when it is off or not receiving the signal. Since it is my testing monitor, I know it is not the computer causing it (it's been connected to over 30 different computers in the past few months) and the power supply voltages are fine. they actually read 122V (ought guage running into that room ) Besides, ive connected it on different sockets and it still has the same problem, even using different chords. The only reason why I havn't dumped it yet is because it's a 17" touchscreen. I have monitors to spare, but a 17" touchscreen is surely worth some money. If anything, my friend owns an electronics repair shop, I know he can fix it for free, but I dont want to bother him with somehting stupid... Btw, if it was a blown fuse, it wouldn't start at all... YOu could try to check for loose connections. I have fixed a couple monitors before by simply resoldering connections I saw were loose.
  4. in case you are wondering what i was talking about with artificial pc.... i was using a pc emulator to do that test. that configuration in reality was not in my possession. i couldnt get the emulator to try to recognize slower ram and a slower CPU though... i was using microsoft's virtual pc demo btw...
  5. well, here is my first attempt at a bad score http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=KWY6MWVNG1QSCA76 trying to figure out how to get the processor and memory score down... a 4 in the video score, is that possible?? DSL is killing me. Oh, and this is an artificial PC
  6. really? and i just saw this thread today i thought it would be until midnight. i would still like to submit this one in, when its done (couple hours), i dont want the money.
  7. i definitely need to see if i could get this system back TechExpress link for your current results: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=MBS99W3YVQRSHK76 itll be a hell of a start... that was with it tweaked to hell though... it was a mission to put xp on there...
  8. If you were limited to 137GB, it was probably because you were running (or installed) Windows XP Service Pack 1 or earlier. They did not have 48bit Logical Block Addressing, so they were unable to recognize hard drives past 137GB. This has been fixed with Service Pack 2. I know the NTFS file system works just fine upto 2,048GB using the MBR, after you must convert to a dynamic drive, which uses a database; in which case the maximum partition size, in theory, is 2^64 - 64KB which is 64KB short of 16 ExaBytes. In reality, since nothing is perfect, the absolute max volume size with NTFS is 256TB. They also have a 4,294,967,295 file number limit... Yes, I know, too much information. I was *REALLY* bored. If you want to read up, go here http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documen...kc_fil_tdrn.asp
  9. I can not believe no one has mentioned this. Check the jumpers on your hard drive. There might be one on a clip not called Master, Slave, or Cable Select. This limits your hard drive capacity to 32GB no matter what you do. Just remove the clip are you are set. This is called Drive Capacity Limit Jumper, and is very common. On Maxtor's they are called CLJ, on Western Digitals they are called PM2, and on Quantums they are called AC. If you have another type, I don't know, because I don't have one handy next to me. Also, FAT32 has a limit of 32GB, so be sure you have it formatted as NTFS.
  10. what program are you using to defragment the computer? in my experience, the one built into windows is probably the worst one. Try voptxp or diskeeper. If that does not help, check your hard disk for disk errors, if there are none, check for viruses.
  11. that is also what i am thinking... either that, or the fan was not installed properly, and it is overheating... he already eliminated the possibility of a driver problem (unless your motherboard needs special AGP drivers) id say touch the video card... is it still hot? if its too hot to touch, its still over-heating... on the other extreme, if its too COLD, it may not be fastened properly... it could also be that some pins were bent on the AGP slot and/or video card or it is not properly installed...
  12. uh... looks awesome!!!! question: how did you get such an insanely high disk score?? thats crazy!!!
  13. ive been searching on google for the past 20 minutes and i can barely find a mention of this "bonafide 98se" cd... do you have a link with more info? it sounds interesting... i have neevr heard of it... and he said that the startup a.k.a BOOT disk was a cd-rw, which afaik is perfectly legal.... but anyways... i dont know... only thing that i can suggest is uninstall and reinstall the ide drivers... but that has already been mentioned....
  14. yes, i think that is definitely a glitch... no way a 1.6ghz can get get a cpu score twice as high as the combined score of the best computers here... definitely a glitch, and disk scores aren't posted either...
  15. dude... it's a small air conditioning business, not a huge ISP... they don't need to spend thousands on networking equipment... If their only purpose is to basically get on the internet and share small files between computers, a regular 4 port router with one or two 16 - 24 port switches should be fine... now if they are hosting a website that could potentially get thousands of visitors a day, then id suggest something bigger, or a host... but if they are only getting online to look up prices on parts or something similar just get any 10/100 router, and split that off into some switches, and connect each computer to a switched port i personally like netgear products, ive personally had too many problems with linksys equipment (minus their NICs, those are IMO one of the best) (maybe it was bad luck, maybe it was user error, who knows, but they weren't working too well for me)
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