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  1. Have you ran the Virusscan? And how is it with the Malware and Spybots scan? I asking this, because I thinking about a worm or a variant of this. When your adress list of OE is infected with a worm, then get you the troubles what you have now. I think that it is smart when you check your computer for Viruses via the Virusscan and that you scan also for Malware and Spybots. It is double up, I know that, but it is better that you do that; so that you know for 100% you are clean, then one time little and you keeping problems with that.
  2. I understand you, Y. Kawika, but I can tell, in this life people will be hard. Special Business people. I coming from a Business people, my dad and uncle were Business people and they also are they nice, they could been very hard, when you have a business then you must be hard, if you not then people take a walk with you. When I were the Ownner of this site, then I was very hard too. Only the last rule I don't understand this, I mean, I understand what you told, but I mean, what does this have to do with the Owner.? When I log in from PcPitstop gal's profile, than I see, she is joined in of 2007 and the forum of the Pit does exist of 2002 . When I see that, then is it impossible from my opinion that she is the Web Mistress. Or it must been, that before PcPitstop gal were the Owner, that before her, there were someone else the Owner. About polite to women, I am always polite to women, if they also with me. Fact is, that I am for trying polite with everyone, sometimes is it difficult in this life, but my opinion is, better polite and friendly to others than else.
  3. In another topic saw I, that the Owner is a woman. My message for the Web Mistress: I am sorry m'am that I did your forum cracking down. My remark of rubbish was not so intended. Of course is it not rubbish, I referred else.
  4. That is a very good suggestion and I can tell, I am 100% agree with the topic starter. The Owner of this site is a woman, I will be very polite on this forum.
  5. Hi Jeri, I took just a look via the link what you did give, but when I translate this, then get you a weird translation. It is just what the Program maker of Google Translator told, it is and stays a computer translation. What I did seen is, Google Translation is still the best. You don't speak Dutch, I know that and there more English people they don't speak Dutch, but I do know there is someone from the Pit that speak and write Dutch. I don't ask you or you agree with me, I can only tell what I did seen. My thought is, we are here on the Pit forum, the Pit forum run on a Server, the Server is from the Owner, okay then, when a Dutchman write a word just like K l o o tz a k and the word would be filtered, then the Owner speak or write Dutch, maybe is it also possible that there is another inside the PcPitstop organization that speak and write my language. Jeri friend, if I may say that to you, type the word k l o o tz a k without spaces, then you see what I do mean. When I am wrong and I can sure you, I am not, because in the most cases have I absolute right, then the word k l o o tz a k can not filtered. If I told in a message before that from you, it is not only for me, it is also for other people just as Russian or Germans. Not all Russians or Germans can speak and write English. Your language is a difficult language with all that Grammar concepts. I am sorry that I saying this, but it is true. About myself, I take it if it is, my English is not good but also not bad. There are also a lot of Americans that don't write or speak good English, so why bother me about whether I understood or not English speaking people. I came with my idea, because it is easier for the people.
  6. It is pity that you won't do that, because I think, when you do that, then Pc Pitstop get more members that will posting. It is what misses Faith_Michele told, you can also add a translator on your site. My suggestion is not only for me, of course is it helpful when there is a function, what I had in my mind, but my suggestion is for everyone. Not everyone speak or write English, what do you think about Russian people or Chinese.? I know, Dutch language is difficult for you and other English people, but I think that there is someone on the Pit, he or she speak\write Dutch. Now can I understand that you think, huh I beg your pardon, Strong Rock.? Sir let me tell you, when someone give me a personnal attack and I do it back in my own language, I know sure, that I get 1. a warning or 2. a Bann. I know sure that I am right, because, any weeks ago I told something in my own language and that word would been filtered. Don't miss understand me Intelguy, I give no one personnal attack, I do that alone when another do that. I gave this alone as example. Mrs.Faith Michele, Google translator is better, but it is what the program maker told over his translator, it is and stay a computer translation. I know for 100% sure, when I make this post via a Translator, then you got a very strange Translation, belief me. But it is what I told, Google Translation is better than Babelfish. See you
  7. If I understand your explaination Y. Kawika, is it not needed that I am make my worst what Paragon gives.? I am glad for that, you know. I told you last what were happening by my fault through the experimenting with a program, so I was in worry that maybe my drive got a tick. The possibillity was there. Y. Kawika, thank you for the explaination, now I am not worse anymore. TX you too for the fact that you asking me for description what were been happening.
  8. I have made a recovery dvd from Paragon backup program. With that can you build up your partition and repairing this, if the situation is there. So far, so good. In the menu Backup and Recovery from that dvd have you a function of check integrity for errors. Okay when I select the NTFS partition from Windows xp home and hit the button check partition for integrity errors, then get I the mention, minor errors found in partition. Check integrity for errors found minor errors in your volume. That is weird, because, the first time that I did that was the mention correct. I repaired the errors in my volume via chkdsk /r from the systemprompt c:\> after this, I went back to the recovery dvd from Paragon, menu backup and recovery, selected the NTFS partition and run again check for integrity errors, I got the same mention, check for integrity errors found minor errors in your volume. I say it again, it is weird, because I had repaired the volume via chkdsk /r . The question about check integrity errors: I did that because, I was in worry after the incident that I was experimenting with a program and I lost my DVD-drivers, so I did running this.
  9. Hello members, If you can see, have I a question about chkdsk /p via system prompt via repair partition and Paragon Recovery media sub folder Recovery ----tool check for integrity errors c:\partition. My question about this is as next: When I run chkdsk /p via system prompt c:\> via the repair partition, then I got no errors, but when I run check for integrity errors on c:\> via Paragon Recovery cd, then I got the mention that there were minor errors on c:\> in disk volume information. But when I run via c:\> chkdsk /p ,no errors. Now is my question, what is here wrong, have I a big problem or....... .? I do know that is a nasty question from me, but I do also know that on the Pit forum also people they are experts in computers and they can tell me, this or that is wrong etc. So also is this a difficult question, I do hope that someone can tell me what is wrong. Thank you for your help
  10. Yes, I am surprised too. I have many times hearing, you can make friends when you visit a forum, I said yeah it will be. But in the long period that I am here, must I saying, yes it is true. So Jacee and Juliet I am glad that you are my friends. Of course are there also other people they are my friends but with one person have you more connection then with others, so is the life. I must saying, before I make more connection with you, I talking now in the general, must I first you better know. Personally am I not a person that says, hello here I am, no I am a person that looks the cat out the tree. When I have done and the person seems a friendly human, then I make connection with the person. Sorry people, I have in my life many nasty things experienced, I am very be careful.
  11. Hello, I have studied your message with the error code and I can tell you, you must clean the Windows Register and also is it not unwise when you check your volume. At first, download and install you CCleaner. The link is here below: http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner When you have to do that, then run you the program, choose the button register and search button. CCleaner find now one or more errors in your Windows register, when it found that, then press the button clean errors. After that, run you chkdsk in the cmd-box. You can doing chkdsk /v chkdsk with slash option v find bad entries on your drive and remove that. It is possible that you get after this, chkdsk found errors on system, run chkdsk /f . Do that. When you have doing this all, defrag you your HD. Then can you install a virus program. When the troubles still there, then we must thinking at Viruses or worse.
  12. That's true, absolute. I think many time back on words from Jacee, words what she did tell, when you delete program x, I think that it was ctfmon.exe, I am not sure, I can't find back that topic in User to User help, then the system will be instable. In the conversations with Jacee, letting I her know, I remove that, I don't take a risk, because I have a backup program, but when the system will be instable then you are in troubles, that means that you may than buy a new Harddisk, Jacee told me many times, don't remove. She does know that I am thankful that I was not in the period, I know it better. When I was in that period of, I know it better, then I was in big troubles. After my mistake, think I again on her words. Indeed, we people learn of our faults. Sometimes is the life hard. Thank you Tx for your words and Jeri, I am still thankful that you warned me many times ago, with your words did you rescue me. Now had I lot of work for make a new partition and install the o.s. etc., but for the same money had I a bigger problem then now and could I nothing repair. Thank you Jeri, just like Juliet, are you a good friend from me.
  13. No Tx. I am little in shame, I be afraid that when I tell this, I get comments from the Hijackthis experts over my head, but I am not a mouse, I am a man and did make the mention, so here I am: Last were I experiment with a Hijackthis tool, it was OTM, I thought, I got a mention that the program removed something, but it was very fast and I didn't know what it was. I was looking what the program had removed and I didn't seen what. I had a good backup, but if I told, I had looking what the program removed and saw nothing. I made a new backup after the mention that OTM had removed x and I deleted the last good one backup. I don't know on which day and month I did make the fault, I was trying create a new Dvd-drivers icons via the self imaging program, a program what I found here on the forum, but the program for creating icons, didn't work. After that was I trying create the Dvd-drivers via Windows; I did follow the help instructions of Microsoft, no result. Before I made a new installation had I also made a copy of the drivers folder from an older backup system to my external HD. and after this, I return back to the present system where I did made the human fault and I tried the drivers folder from the old backup system on my ext. HD. paste on the c-drive; thus the system where I did made the fault through experimenting with Hijackthis program. I had no success with that. So the fault what I did made calling I the Muck but virus. Through the fault what I did made, must I created a new system. The fault what I did made will be come, I think many times, I don't make mistakes, I know what I doing. Tuesday June 29 2010 said I to myself, experimenting with that stuff is not bad, but when you do that and before you did that, you have a good backup without errors and you have made a new backup after the fault, don't delete the previous backup, before you know sure there are no problems with your system, because you got a mention that the Hijackthis program had removed something. Sometimes can I self hit the on my head for the bad thinking. You know TX, I tried delete the blooper with a joke, just like, Muck but virus etc., it is a fact that I am little angry with myself for the fact that I thinking, I don't make faults, I do the most things good. Then I thinking, how is it possible that I could thinking that I make not faults. Unbelievable. Alright I must saying, I have learn my lesson, I have seen that perfection don't exist.
  14. You're welcome Juliet. Then, yes in the most cases get you friends via a forum. A forum with the right people is a beautiful medium. It is not needed that I say the same things what I did telling many times, but it is a fact that you get friends and also sometimes from another country.
  15. 1. Take care that when someone don't accept cookies, he\she can not sign in and also not make a post for placing. Introduction for my idea; I was sign in, I could see my nickname, I didn't know that I had my settings on don't accept cookies. I made a post and entering this. After that I leaved the topic and didn't seen my nickname by from the last poster.. Above the forum, I saw my nickname and picture, below my picture with nickname did I seen, you are not sign in. I leaved the forum and via my mouse, went I to explore and with the right mouse button, went I to properties, then I clicked the button privacy and the button advanced and then I chose accept cookies. Then I did that, I went back to the Pit forum and the topic that I leaved, now did I seen my nickname by the post from last poster and the mention sign in. My good idea is as next and maybe am I wrong and must this to my topic Pit forum in trouble, but for the secure choose I the forum Good Idea: Take care that members can not sign in and make post when they have the setting on don't accept cookies. My setting were on don't accept cookies, because I did make a new installation and I was forgotten that I must accept cookies. I was under attack with the muck but virus, by this were I lost my dvd-drivers and I couldn't repair this. For the Muck but virus there is not a virus scan, believe me.
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