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  1. When you see the Whale and the boat, then can we good see, that we are in fact, paltry. It is just as we playing in a wash tub.
  2. Happy Birthday Sir or Madam. You have a respectable age now. Have a nice day.
  3. You get the updates for WMP from Microsoft self. When you have the settings on automatically, then get you this automatic. So it is not needed that you searching on Internet for the update.
  4. Netherlands - Brazil 2-1 Hoi Hoi Hoi World here we come. A Lion on football shoes can defeat the whole world.
  5. Congratulations Wigan. If I can see, is it a nice job. A young man between older people is not worse, you can better working with older people than with young people, older people has more life experiences then young people especially with cruise liners. Success, mate.
  6. Personally think I that Uruguay don't win the World Cup. I am Dutch and I must saying, the Netherlands don't win the World Cup too and also not Germany or England. I know, I know, I was wrong with my two forecasts, it is also difficult for saying, that or that country wins the World Cup, in our life and with sport, must we have luck, but I think on 2 countries they win the World Cup, that is 1. Argentina and 2. Brazil. But I gambling on Brazil. Ghana has earned from Usa, but I find it pity, I would a match between Usa and the Netherlands and now thanks to Ghana is that gone. Suarez the player from Ajax Amsterdam is a very good Football player, but he can have a bad day and when he have that, than Ghana makes a change. In my honestly must I saying, when the Keeper from Ghana playing very good to Uruguay, just he did to the Usa,then Ghana make a change. We will waiting.
  7. My condolences Usa! And Wigan, Ghana loose the match to Uruguay. You must don't forget, Uruguay has Louis Suares, that is the best player that there is, Gyam is nothing in that match, watch my words. Ghana get a trashing from Uruguay, there is not an extra time. So I will saying, don't crying, it is just only a game.
  8. Dutch and African time 20.30h. in Usa(New York) time is that 13.30h. Usa - Ghana I say that the Usa wins the match with 2-1 . This day is the day that a match can take a very long time. With the end score 0-0 or 1-1 or 2-2 etc. there will be come 30 minutes extra. When it is after the game, still a draw score, then there are penalty kicks.
  9. Happy Birthday and many many years will be come. I did seen you are 36 years, that is a beautiful age, young man. You must not forgotten, you are old before you knows. However, enjoy of your age and don't think on, when you are a man of my age, then you thinking what I did told, then you thinking again, I am now 56 years old, then in 2010 was I 36 years old, the life were very fast passed.
  10. It is all in the game, people. I will trying for explain what I do mean with this. My explain: A team can good playing, but when the ball would not in the goal or a team has the bad luck that they have a bad Referee or one of the assistants from the Referee need eye-glasses, than is the success not with the team that playing good. I think that Germany is happy that they must not playing to the Usa. This Germany-team playing far among them may. I think when the Usa must playing to Germany, instead to Ghana, that Usa wins of Germany. The Usa has a better team than Germany.
  11. Thank you Usa for the exciting match. I have enjoyed! Now next Saturday, Ghana over the knee and I do hope that you have then a better Referee than what you had now.
  12. I find the World Championship tournament a big joker this year, you know that!? I find this, because the Orange babes were been in jail for making commercials, at least that thought the Fifa and than the VuVuZela's, man oh man, what a rubbish that tournament. Over 4 years if the Earth does still exist: I belief that the W.C. tournament is than in the Netherlands, the Fifa would be that when someone make commercials were the Fifa have not give the permission for that, that the Netherlands Police pick up the persons they are guilty on that and put it in the jail. No said the Netherlands Government, we don't do that Fifa. What shall the Fifa bales. Or maybe must I saying, the Fifa are good sick with that.
  13. Thanks for the fun video movie, Tx. What I can say is: Money money.! Football or Soccer if you American people call, with sportsmanship, don't exist.
  14. I think that Brazil wins the World Cup, as second finished Argentina. As third, the Usa and as fourth finished Slovenia. For England is the tournament done.
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