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  1. I would go with the 12 pipe 6800, the 8 pipe 6800 should perform closely to the 6600GT while the 12 pipe 6800, well, you had a couple of 6800's similar to that one that worked great.
  2. Awesome video Ray, My favorite rig had to be the Black case with the green Water cooling, and Blue and red LED's
  3. Another thing to add, Water and Electronics don't mix. Almost killed my opty 2 hour ago cause of condensation, I need to insulate before I take it down to 9C again
  4. 2zzge covered it compleatly, and be warned, Over voltage does kill, I saw a link about a FX-55 on a -100C cascade that blew up with 1.8 volts. :crash:
  5. I would suggest you be careful with I_G, he kinda killed a AGP x800 flashing it with a PCI-E X8xx bios
  6. Damn man, That is one hella nice OC. Glad I'm on your team
  7. Those temps are right, the new intel chips run hot, I think there threshold is at 90c or something like that. My 2.6c oc'ed to 3.1 gets up to 56c on load running Prime95 and its as stable as a rock.
  8. What clock speed you using, cause the max I've ever gotten was 707 @ 460/870
  9. The info says it already comes with 16 pipes, can you check with riva tunner if thats true, and is the memory really GDDR3, if so, what speed is it running.
  10. I've seen this happened a few times in another forum, Try istalling the AGP drivers, if that doesn't work, maybe you need a reformat.
  11. The PCI-e 6800nu doesn't need a power cable, it gets its power from the PCI-e slot.
  12. I used to have blond hair, when I was six or something, now its dark brown
  13. PCI-E 6800nu can't be modded, they only have 12 pipes and 5 vertex shaders no matter witch way you turn, or else I would of broken 6K a long time ago
  14. Heres my best score with my 6800nu http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1065525 I'm still proud of it
  15. Javey, my 6800 reached 450/860 with the stock cooler (Auto detect with coolbits ) and the cooler is the same as the reference cooler for the 6600GT, nowdays I have it with a zalman cooler running at 420/750 24/7.
  16. BASPHEMY!!! it should never look like that
  17. i was going to buy does speekers but they were to expencive, i heard the bass on CompUSA and i almost fainted of its tremendous bass
  18. i didn't pay for my system my dad did, also my comp was bought with my dad's money my father has a Bose pc speakers with a sub and my Cyber Acoustic beat it on bass and max volume and they were half the price of the Bose
  19. i have this speakers and there amazing http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-150-016&depa=0
  20. I really don't know cause i've gotten mine up to 90 something/40 something. don't really remember, but i know i did 256fsb without AGP/PCI lock.
  21. nice score Sik. I'm still 26k back with a single 6800nu
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