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  1. I liked ze Vista theme... never really could get used to the new forum... and now I'm gonna get confused cause another forum I visit has had this update for a while...
  2. Like I poseted on Facebook... my vista skin will be lost... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  3. *in fetal pasition* I need my fix, I need my fix, I need my fix... I NEED MY FIX!
  4. All I have is a Dell 1520... no luck finding using In windows oc tools, nor finding a hacked bios.
  5. What kind of laptop you have... cause I can't overclock mine...
  6. I'll release the info if he joins TRP
  7. I know a tool that may help the OC department... but I refuse to help the enemy
  8. I've never had a ATI card and I'll prolly end up getting a 3870... I hate the Nforce Chipset... nothing but a headache.
  9. I would say it did beat it... eventually, they'll enable Crossfire for the 3870 and slam SLI 8800GTX... and don't play the 8800GTX is single card, I had a 7950GX2 and even if it where 2 cards in one, I considered it as one and it could almost hang with SLI 7900GTX's Also, you forget the the 8800GTX is priced the same as the 3870X2, which makes the 3870 the better choice. I'm defenetly NOT gonna get the 9800... Who the hell was the engineer behind that flop... the cards facing eah other is the biggest mistake EVER... no aftermarket cooling will work... at least the 7950 only needed a
  10. true, but I can probably run them in Crossfire on a Intel chipset and not have to buy a nfarce chipset mobo to run the 9800GX2, and the 3870 is easier to cool since it isn't a dual PCB card... *remembers how hard it was to cool the top card of the 7950GX2*
  11. Finally... Upgrade time... My 88 is old
  12. I've never had a issue with Punkbuster... then again... I've never had a ATi card.
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