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    You name it and theres a chance I'll like some of it if not all.

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  1. Ahh I'm too busy I just had to use the net to get some information for my driver liscense. Good to know that I only have one ticket on my record and that I have zero points
  2. Good to see a nice clean design to the main page Dave Glad to see you guys again but I'll be offline here in a bit. Take care.
  3. Heck no Steve. The "stylist" gave me a dang facial for some stupid reason. I think those guys charge by the minute though. Soon as I checked in for the cut, he hit a button on a little electrical fixture on the wall. I guess my hair cut would have been too cheap for him with just the cut so he had to do something else to pass the time. Plus he was on the dang phone once during the cut. Won't be going back there needless to say.
  4. I will... Sunday. Been out all dang day today and just got home. Sucked to have to spend such a great day out doing crap that I didn't want to do anyway other than shopping for cars and getting a haircut (which I got ripped off on). me off because I was at the mall to grab some new clothes, some food, and a haircut. Well, the haircut cost me 27 bux. Blah.
  5. Haha kd . Not to offend anyone, anywhere... but this just isn't my place to be anymore I guess. Hope nobody takes that the wrong way. It's like old high school friends... after a few years or so of not hearing from them you tend to get a random thought of them
  6. Been at my mom's house in Alabama taking care of her (and working a bit). Won't have to be there too much longer though thank god because she gets a bit annoying after time and my stepfather needs a good beating in the head now and then and I want to be the one to do it too bad.
  7. How's life? I'm back home for the weekend but can't enjoy it since I have too much crap to do. Been about 8 months or so since I been here I think (maybe close to a year). Anyway, glad to see you guys are still alive or at least typing. I figured ol' Bruce woulda kicked the curb by now but he's still a peckin' away
  8. Hey, at least somebody remembered my birthday I got a pretty hot present from someone though on my b-day so she was worth it... at the time. Stupid dang woman.
  9. I won't be around but congrats to the one who wins for whatever reason.
  10. Your motherboard can support pc2100 memory at max. http://usa.asus.com/mb/socketa/a7m266/overview.htm The wording on the site is a bit vague but I'm sure that it can only support 1 gigabyte memory modules at max so even with that you should be perfectly fine to stick one or two 512 mb memory sticks into the DIMM slots
  11. Sygate has a great online tester. It will let you know if the ports are hidden or stealthed or open. It's quite thorough. Go here - http://www.sygatetech.com/ - and run the scans
  12. Irfanview will do the job nicely. However, I sure do wish Adobe offered a free "much lesser" version of Photoshop that allows basic image editing/cropping/resizing but also allowed the use of droplets to run batch image processing commands. Then I'd just post a droplet so all you'd have to do is drag and drop the images or folder of images you wanted to convert onto that droplet and then all the work is done for ya
  13. Router does the work all on its own.
  14. He's probably referring to overclock.
  15. I'd say don't even bother with those excess software firewalls. If you have a router, a software firewall doesn't hold a candle to that. If you hvae a router though and Xp, then install Xp Sp2 and you'll have a good combo between the two that work well and silently with each other. As for antivirus, I don't use it myself. But I know why the chances of me getting a virus are slim to none because of my computer habits Aside from that though, I'd suggest norton, unfortunately, even though it's a resource hogger.
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