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  1. We stood a small chance last year at beating Florida for the title but they were the better team - I said that from early in the year. This year I say we're the better team and I believe if we meet again Tebow just won't be enough to beat us this time. As for Bama vs. Texas, I'm not sure we'll make it all the way but I don't know if Texas will make it to the end on top. Oklohoma is a pretty serious team this year and they have to get past them first. Edit - we have to get past Ole Miss this year at Ole Miss. They're not going to be too easy to beat this year. They were about 20 po
  2. It was a good football weekend, at least I thought so. Besides, every weekend Alabama wins is a great weekend
  3. My uncle is wanting me to setup dialup internet using a wireless router so his step daughter can use her new laptop using the wireless router. Does anyone have any experience doing this? He bought a netgear wireless router but the install disk very clearly specifies not to have the router hooked up before you install the software. But it won't install because it can't detect a network connection to the internet. It seems to look only for a broadband connection and doesn't detect the dialup connection through the dialup modem.
  4. Sad enough to say, people do things like this more often than you could imagine. Recently (within the last year) a group of teenagers set fires to several churches in the area that I live in here in Alabama. They were spread apart and none were very close to the house. Recently on the news, after the teenagers are now in jail, it seems that this sort of showcase is happening again where somebody is doing the same thing and trying to burn the churches. I don't think I'm perfect and even though I don't go to church myself, that still doesn't mean I'll ever burn a church. Even if I didn't
  5. My website was just a thing really. I thought that I wanted to do that stuff but after doing my first website for a guy, I decided that I would never do that again no matter what. People are just too stupid sometimes for their own good I think and my first customer was one of them. The site cost 400 dollars (I was cheap for him). That was the initial design (I made 3 for him to choose from and even made mods to his final decision), the coding in html, css, php, and mysql (he had an online computer shop). When I was done, everything was fully functional and worked to his desire and was wha
  6. Mr. newdles... NOT Miss But it's Sir newdles to you Mr. Dickster
  7. Hmmm.... I'm still around. I mostly come here to read anymore really. I rarely even use AIM anymore let alone any messenger period for that matter. Right now, I'm talking to aeroman10 on Yahoo though. By the way, it's spelled newdles but pronounced noodles
  8. It's not experience at all Champion. Matter of fact, I had a reply to help him once he stated his problem but then deleted it afterwards due to what he said. I feel that my words were direct yet in a calm manner. He was told multiple times to post his problem so we could answer his questions. Instead, someone ELSE had to search the forum to find his previous problem and then post a link here (thanks Hawk). Anyway, I'd be glad to help someone if I can but how am I even supposed to try if he doesn't state the problem? I'm not a babysitter nor are any of you. Would you search t
  9. Just because you use Firefox doesn't mean you can't still get spyware installed on your system. The reason why is because of javascript plugins as well which I believe, but am not sure of this, can still someone invoke and installation of spyware through plugins. However, Firefox doesn't have ActiveX scripting and that's also the reason why you can't use Windows Update website with Firefox (and probably a few other reasons) Basically ActiveX is spyware's best friend. WHy? Because it can install stuff without you saying yes to it or even knowing that it's installing. Next thing you kn
  10. I was quite civil. Never called anyone any names or anything. Not sure where you're getting mad at me but hey, that's life. He was asked 3 times to help us solve his problem by posting what was wrong and he STILL didn't do it. If he can't even do that, how the heck is anyone supposed to help him? Do what ya have to do but if someone can't even post what the heck is wrong, how are you supposed to help them? Maybe you can do it but I can't and won't.
  11. Put it this way with memory on ebay.... If you can't get 512 mb stick at 50 dollars or less, wait till the next bid. Never go above 50 and be patient, it will come. The most I've ever paid for pc2700 when I bought on ebay was 24 bux. That was a stick of 256 though and yours is double so....
  12. Right click on the desktop and choose properties. Click the Setting tab at the top and then at the bottom, click the Advanced button. On the new screen, choose "Troubleshoot". There is where you can set hardware accelleration.
  13. Is it legal? Probably not. Is it possible to be legal? Yes. However, for this sort of site to be legal, it would have to have a TON of copyright information plus millions of permissions allowing the distribution of the files.
  14. Don't make me get nasty You stated: The next person stated: So... basically you started a thread previously and then didn't stick to that thread. People may have tried certain things there and whatnot and we wanted to know the information. Besides, you didn't even tell us the problem in THIS thread until about 9 posts down the thread. Sorry, I don't babysit people on the net. If you have a problem, say what the problem is and don't make us guess. I'm not going to search for your problems and hold your hand telling you step by step how you can help us help you. N
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