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  1. What 3 program limit? I'm running 7 different programs at the moment and they are all working fine. Edited to add: Ah the starter edition. But the beta is the Ultimate edition so no limit.
  2. Actually, now that you mention it, what exactly is the purpose of the 'Quote +/Quote -' button? No matter which is selected, when you hit 'Reply' the post is quoted.
  3. JSanders9

    Vista SP 1

    Yep, just noticed that. I still wish that they would allow you to analyze the drive as well, rather than having to defragment
  4. JSanders9

    Vista SP 1

    I don't think that the "more control of defragmentation" has made it in yet. I see no difference on my laptop.
  5. Just make sure that you check, double check, and triple check that company before signing anything or giving them any money. A few years ago, I foolishly entered a very similar program at one of those IT schools, and financed it using their bank. After finishing the course work for my Network+ cert., they sent an email before my MCSE class was to start to every student there, stating that they had shut their doors, and filed for bankruptcy. Evidently, it was brought out later, they knew well in advance (even before they signed me up) that this was going to happen. Of course the bank is sti
  6. No, actually you are not. You have some administrator privileges, however you are not THE Administrator. THE Administrator account is disabled in a default installation of Vista and must be enabled either via the Group Policy Editor (Business or Ultimate versions only) or through a run command that you can find by searching this forum for 'enable Administrator account' or something similar.
  7. I have to agree with Bruce on this one. I went to the trouble of activating the actual "real" Administrator account, password protected it, and set up a limited account for my every day use. My everyday use involves heavy GIS analysis and cartography. The number of UAC prompts that "slow me down" are negligible, and many days non-existent. It really wasn't difficult to "configure" UAC because there really isn't anything to configure. On the occasion that I need to change some system setting or other Administrative task, (keyword being Administrative), then I simply log in to my Administra
  8. It may be that the inaccuracy is due to Maporama rather than the google map. It puts my location quite a ways off. Edited: Yes, it's the Maporama that is inaccurate. If you use the free geocoder HERE, you'll get the correct coordinates and map placement.
  9. Yes, my bad. You're right, Adblock Plus is an essential extension. I didn't know about the filterset though so thanks for that heads up!!
  10. It's mainly a personal preference, although there is debate on security issues that make it preferable to IE. For me, I've bounced back and forth between the two and usually wind up back with Firefox. My reasons (in no particular order): 1) I prefer the handling of bookmarks in Firefox; 2) lots of skins (themes) available that can give your installation a very nice, clean look; 3) I feel that it eliminates pop-ups, ads, and other unwanted obstacles to safe/non-annoying surfing more effectively than IE (also doesn't use ActiveX controls which can pose security risks); 4) the practically unli
  11. Right-click your taskbar, and open the Task Manager. Under Processes, look for an(y) associated file(s) such as something to do with unible (UN or UL I think I read somewhere) or registrybooster.exe, or something similar file and end it. Then try uninstalling it.
  12. There are some options given other than uninstalling FF to stop that message, including at the very bottom there is a link which you can click which will cause that particular thing to not be checked. It'll give you the same message if you have password saving enabled in IE. You should re-install Firefox and either not enable password saving, use the Master Password option, or just let the pit ignore that aspect of the test.
  13. Depends on what software you run. There's still a LOT of software that's not optimized for 64-bit, so you won't notice any difference. Most likely, it's not worth the expense of upgrading your OS for the sake of 750MB of RAM.
  14. I'd hardly call it being screwed. You wouldn't notice any performance difference with that extra 750MB.
  15. Windows Updates don't go "out of date". Sometimes a service pack may contain previous updates, however it won't install them if they are already installed. But those updates fix some sort of problem or vulnerability and, as PORTHOS stated very clearly, if you uninstall an old update, it'll UNFIX whatever it was supposed to fix. So do as he suggests and run a pit test, and DON'T go deleting any files out of your Windows folder, blue or not.
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