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  1. PC: Vista Home Premium with SP1 Windows update no longer works. I keep getting error code 80070005. Searched around the various Microsoft and user-to-user tech sites and the tried all of the following, which did not fix the problem: 1. Stopped the Windows Update Service, renamed C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution, started the Windows Update Service. Same error. 2. Downloaded and tried to reinstall Windows Update from Microsoft. Install ended with "Windows Update Agent installer encountered an unrecoverable error" 3. Tried turning off anti-virus program (Avast). Didn't help. Same error code. 4. Tried adding an exception to the Windows Firewall for Windows Update. Same error code. So I think I've tried everyhting that is available on the web with no results. Any suggestions from someone who has knowledge of Vista and had the same problem would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Turns out it was a problem with Yahoo's SMTP server. It took them a while to admit it, but they finally did. Thanks for the help anyway.
  3. That's not my problem. The items are not stuck in the Outbox. When I hit send, it actually does the send, emptying the Outbox, and the mail appears in Sent Mail. But the mail is never received on the other end. I think the problem is with the Yahoo SMTP server, but how do I prove that? Or am I missing something and the problem really is in Outlook? Thanks.
  4. I've got a weird problem. First of all, I'm running Vista Home Premium on a Dell desktop, 2GB RAM, AMD dual core processor. The problem apparently started today. I'm using Office 2007, and Outlook for my email. My mail server is a Yahoo POP3 account. I receive mail fine, but when I send mail it looks like everything is fine, the mail shows up in Sent Mail, the Outbox is emptied, yet the recipient doesn't receive it. If I send mail using the same email ID from my browser it goes through fine. So I thought the problem has to be with Outlook. I went into Repair Office. It completed fine, but I still can't send through my SMTP server from Outlook. I also set up a Hotmail account in Outlook and the same thing happens. I can receive mail, but not send mail. On both the Yahoo and the Hotmail accounts, I've tried deleting and re-adding the accounts. As part of that process a test email is sent to validate the settings. The test email looks like it was sent, but it is not received. Any suggestions on what the problem might be? I'm not sure what to do next.
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