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  1. Ummm, Device Manager does not seem to have a power management feature for the PCMCIA bus, nor did I find any for the specific USB ports. I also checked the Power Options Properties and didn't find anything. Remember, this is Window's XP, perhaps it's not available in the newer OS's. In general, I have had a lot of nagging problems since I did a fresh install. I've done this sort of thing many times before, but usually with good success. Leave it to Microsoft to put a built in expiration date on there OS's. LOL Thank you very much for your suggestion.
  2. The built in USB ports on my laptop (HP nx6125, Windows XP, up to date) are shot. I installed a Dynex 2-Port USB 2.0 Card Bus Adapter into the PCMCIA slot. I recently installed a new hard drive into this laptop and did a fresh install of Windows XP. When my screen saver kicks in, or when I close the lid, the Dynex USB ports go dead. The Device Manager still shows the USB ports as being there, but nothing happens when I plug something into them. Rebooting clears this up. I can also clear it up by going to Device Manager/PCMCIA adapter, disable it, then enable it. Any guesses as to
  3. Fixed it. Control Pannel - Mouse - hardware For some reason in hardware I had two devices, one of which was a serial mouse that said it was on COM1. COM1 was connected to a GPS unit. I guess the signals from the GPS unit were being interpreted as pointer commands. I disconnected the serial cable and "disabled" that device in the hardware list. Now, what caused this to happen?
  4. On one of my computers at work the pointer keeps moving around on me. I've replace the mouse twice (original was a PS2, replaced it with another PS2, then replaced that one with a USB mouse). Still, while I'm not even touching the mouse, the pointer will jump all over the screen, and sometimes perform button clicks. I wonder if the PS2 port on the MB has gone bad and is sending flakey signals! Any suggestions on how to get my pointer to stand still? Thanks
  5. Any other ideas? Is my MB and display just not compatible?
  6. Thank you for the reply. I already tried adjusting the display settings, but it did not solve the problem. At the very beginning of a power cycle, the lines to the right show up. Then I get the windows logo and the pretty blue line underneath, moving from left to right (the display is perfect at that time). Then, when windows finishes booting, the problems to the right and bottom are back. I thought it interesting that at some point in the boot process the screen looks normal. It appears that at some point in the boot process Windows overrides the video settings and overlays its logo (pr
  7. I have a Dell latitude (C800) I use at work. It is somewhat of an old clunker, but it serves my needs. Anyway, I recently dropped it and cracked the monitor, Doh! I took it to our IT guys and they had a solution. Someone had turned in a very similar (from looking at it they appeared identical) Dell Latitude , C840, with hard drive problems. It turns out we couldn't put my hard drive into the other Dell, so the next best thing was to physically swap the monitors. The screen mostly works. But Window's does not use the whole screen. On the right of the screen there are colorful
  8. Thanks, I already have the latest bios version. I check from time to time. So, I guess this means there is NO way for me to access the temperature probes and clock settings. It's probably just as well, I probably would've burned up my CPU anyway and my wife would kill me. I was thinking of upgrading to Windows Vista and figured the extra CPU speed would help. I guess adding memory is safer anyway. Thanks again.
  9. So, is it likely that I could get a bios upgrade directly from the MB manufacturer? My pit test list the MB as "Dell Inc. 0M3918". I am guessing that Dell didn't actually make this board, perhaps there is a better bios out there for it. Am I playing with fire as far as trying to get a bios from some place other than the Dell website?
  10. Thanks, and yes "I've got a Dell". It's not one of the newer ones. As I said, it's a few years old. I think the Dimension 4700 was the last of the good Dells. I've been fairly pleased with it. I was afraid of that regarding the temperature probes. For some reason, I thought that maybe the CPU had a temp probe built into it. I guess not. I built an Intel computer for my daughter in law a few years ago and it came with an overclocking utility. I thought it had temp sensors built in, so I thought it was standard. Thanks again.
  11. Do most Motherboards have built in temperature sensors that can be accessed through windows? For some reason, I thought there were such things that are monitored by the bios to keep the system from melting down. Am I wrong, do most off the shelf computers NOT have temperature probes? I have a Dell Dimension 4700 that's about 3 years old. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=PXGXHW8RE0JS1GWW I was thinking about playing around a bit with the clock speed, but didn't want to do that without monitoring the temp. Thanks!
  12. How can small size differences make a massive difference? If you insist on "polishing" the surfaces of your chip and heat sink, then use a VERY fine steal wool, then stick them both in the dish washer to get all the grit off. Rinse both pieces with salt water after that and make sure you spit on them before installation! That should do nicely.
  13. Thanks GameKid, I'll keep using it. What I was really getting at was not so much related to the settings, but to the actually method it used to defrag. Of course, we all understand the basics of defragging, but I assume there are a lot of subtle areas of placing defragged files, folders, manipulating system files, paging files, porn, ...etc, that can distinguish one defragger from another. Is the defrag method of one utility better than another, regardless of the hassles of the UI?
  14. I can't access your chart. But, you must know, here in America Bigger is Better. LOL Regarding sand paper grit, obviously the finer the grit the finer the surface. If I may divulge for a moment, I'm reminded of a story about one of Great Brittan's finest, Sir Isaac Newton. He used to polish optical lenses. Even in his time, he understood the concept of polishing. It is not the removal of scratches or imperfections, it is the application of finer scratches over the top, or making the entire surface full of the fine scratches in place of the gross scratches. That being said, this
  15. It's funny, I just got through doing a defrag on reboot with Diskeeper and am pleased with the results. I am curious as to why you think Diskeeper is terrible? Also, in general, is there really that much of a difference between 3'rd party defraggers?
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