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  1. Well I ran memtest overnight and was surprised to find 0 errors. So I havn't used the computer all day till now and so far its seems ok. I don't know If I should rma these memory sticks or not.
  2. Well I noticed the memory is suppose to have 2.8volts.My BIOS was set at 1.55v so I put up to 1.65 and stuck both new sticks of memory back in.Also had to change the timings for the ram to 2-2-2-6 wich is what they are suppose to be running. I have been running both all day so far with no crashing.I ran memtest for only 30 minutes or so but it had no errors.Ill try to run one overnight and see what it comes up.
  3. OK I checked to make sure the slots for memory was clean and they was. I ran memtest last night and it ran for a hour or so before I went to sleep and I seen no errors.I woke up this morning to find a load of errors I mean like over 400 or so.Im going to test the other stick tonight. I'm testing my old stick to see if maybe its my motherboard.Its already at 1000% with no errors but only been running 10 minutes or so. So I guess the memory is no good?Or could it be my motherboard going bad? I really need to figure this out because I have to have at least 1 GB for the apps I run for college.
  4. Well the memory is brand new,but its possible I guess to get a bad stick.Ill try doing that, maybe ill switch them to see if the other one acts up.SO you think 430w is beig enough for what I have listed plus 4 led fans and front display type case?
  5. I upgraded my memory from 1 256mb stick to 2 512mb ballistix sticks.The computer starts up fine and sees the memory.Im getting errors from programs and they have to close,sometimes computer will just restart. Right now I have 1 stick of the ballistix in and is running perfect but with both in it messes it up. Anyone know what would cause this?Maybe my power supply is not big enough?
  6. I have this problem with firefox, it's weird tho cause it only doesnt work sometimes but most the time it always works.Weird
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONECOOL, HOPE YA HAVE A GOOD DAY !!!! :beermug: :beermug:
  8. I can't get the demo version to start.It just starts to open and then it goes back to the desktop. Same problem i had whith BF2, but i upgraded my vid card and now it works fine, i'm guessing this 6800 won't work with FEAR ?? I don't see why it wouldn't cause i see that it's working on the 6800GT and the 5500
  9. No i havn't tried that.Is that gonna help or something ??? I'll have to look up the specs for this board and see what it says, that might be possible wit this old board. Here soon im gonna have a asus kd7 board wit athlon 3000+ so im sure it will support it,then i'll see if it goes any higher when it arrives.
  10. I have a ultra-ata 133 maxtor 160gig 7200 rpm drive, and im only getting 29 mb/s. I defragment it regularly. Shouldn't i be getting a higher speed with this drive ? \/ Tech express link \/ ....or the one in my sig, they both the same Tech express
  11. Im looking to get either a Athlon XP 3200+ or the 3000+ for this board i got. Will PC 3200 memory work for both processors??
  12. Yea the Asus P3B-F but it was for 100MHZ FSB processor's.The board has different FSB settings,i think the highest it had was 155. Would the ASUS work for a pc133MHZ processor even tho it stats the board is for pc100MHZ cause it has diffent settings for the FSB. This board will support up to a 1.4GHZ processor(370) Anyways can someone chekc this link out and read about it and see if it will work with my P-III 133FSB prcossor and memory. Or let me know of a good board for 133FSB that likes overclocking. ASUS P3B-F ~Ebay Brand new..cheap
  13. Someone's gotta know of a good ol' P-III board to use for OC'ing. Anyone?
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