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  1. Well at this point. Since you said that the problems started after you got the new modem. I would say that is your problem. If it's still under warranty i would take it back and have it either replaced with a new one or put through extensive testing.
  2. Well, you may not like Opera, but you have to give the singers credit. A good Opera singer can shatter a crystal goblet from across a theatre with only there voice. Some can even sing in ranges that are beyond human hearing. If a single one of todays pop "Singers" can do that then I'll eat my shoe.
  3. Have you tried "power Cycling" your modem? (Unplugging it for 1-2 Minutes then plugging it back in) Also, is this your modem or one that you are renting from your ISP? If it's yours you may want to see if you can update the "Firmware". Actually I'm not sure if Cable modems have firmware. might be something to check into. You might also want to check the "firmware" on your router. I had a problem once, where i was disconnected every 2-3 hours, and I was using a cable modem and router. After I updatedd the "Firmware" on the router the problem was fixed.
  4. If your worried about your IP being available on the net, You might try looking at a Proxy Server. What it does basically, is Route your comp through the Proxy's network, that way when you surf the web, The Proxy's IP shows up and not yours. When any information is sent to the Address asigned you by the Proxy, it is rerouted back to your computer. That way the only place your IP shows up is at the Proxy server, before you even get to the net. I personally have never tried one of these services. but it might be worth looking into if your that concerned. They may be a little difficult to get set up properly, But I believe most applications now days have an option built in for proxy servers.
  5. Purejay, have these problems just started recently? were you using ZoneAlarm Before you got High speed? Plus try posting a test so we can see if there's anything that might be causing this problem. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress/howto1.asp
  6. Ok, I'm confused. You have a NIC card in each computer right? Cant you just run the Cat-5 cable from one to the other?
  7. Have you tried Bypassing the router and Connecting the two PC's together directly? It might be problem with the router.
  8. Ok so both Computers can access the internet, but there haveing problems connecting to each other?
  9. Well I'm outta my league with this prob. Wish I could help. Mabey one of the network Guru's will stop bye. You said earlier that the Pro machine had a virus?? It may have damaged some system files. Have you tried a reinstall? But of course that's a last resort.
  10. uhmmmmm, it;s been awhile since I've worked with a network, but I believe you go to Start>Control Panel>Network Connections> and delete all the Connections. then reboot and go back to Network Connections and Run the Connection Wizard. After that all you should need to do Is Map the Network Drives.
  11. Have you tried completely removing the old network settings from both computers then trying from scratch?
  12. Ok, oilersfan i have a question for you. In what way is marriage beneficial to straight couples? Name 1 reason that a straight couple should be married that cannot be achieved without marriage? And to reply to your 3 reasons against Homosexual marriages #1 Valid point. But not all couples (gay or straight) are interested in having children #2 I am going to ignore this point because it is an assumption and therfore not valid #3 I agree, but it is nothing worse than when Segregation was abolished. This is a sad fact but one that will have to be dealt with.
  13. Well Computer Crasher I agree with you in 1 aspect. This Country is what it is today because of the core beliefs that created this country. Mainly 1 belief shaped this country more than any others. FREEDOM But.... What about all the other countries who were founded on different beliefs?? But I must disagrea with the rest of your statement Diversity is what makes us the Great country that we are. While America isn't perfect, it is a pretty good place. and by the way, Marriage existed long before the bible was writen and before the Christian Religion was started. There are recorded marriages that date back to the Egyption era, and probably before then. If I remember correctly the Gailic definition was "The joining of 2 souls"
  14. so are you trying to say that a man can sleep with another man and still be straight? sorry doesn't work that way. I believe that one of the most controversial aspects of homosexuality is the fact that it involves sex. and it does it openly. Yes a male can love another male and still be straight. In fact I have a few friends that are closer to me than my own brother is. Would I sleep with them?? No. But the physical attraction between a male and a male is what clasifies someone as gay. Do you control what types of food you like? Well gay's don't have any choice who their attracted to either.
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