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  1. Wow welcome back! And glad you are feeling better! Glad to see you return. All the best to you!
  2. All I can give you is the view of a mother of a 22 year old son. There comes a time to fly the coop so to speak, cut the apron strings. He wouldn't be losing you in any way by moving out in fact it may make your bond stronger cause you are no longer co dependent on each other. I personally moved out at 18 years old and ate a lot of instant mashed potatoes, bologna sandwiches and basically damned near starved a few times out of essentially being prideful and wanting to show my folks i could make it without them and I have for years now and it feels good. They never helped me with anything, basi
  3. You know Brandon you may not like what I have to say here but you asked for opinions. you and your brother are both grown men. Get jobs, get your own places to live and move on with your lives. If your father is freely giving his money away to whomever in the long run thats his business. He won't be the first nor the last to be taken for a ride in this world and he will figure it out eventually or he won't. But you have no say so over his life, his financial dealings and personally if my parent referred to me as baggage I'd take it as a hint that maybe I needed to get out on my own if thats w
  4. Wayne... I loved that story. I have a hard time saying no to somebody who is hungry. I won't give them money cause its usually not spent on food, but if I can, I will give somebody food. There's been times in my life I've had to ask for something to eat and it was really demeaning. Never had to live on the street but theres been a few times where the electric bill or rent cut into grocery money and I just didnt have much left over for food. Unless a person has suffered, or first hand suffering of others in need, I think its easier to turn your head to it. I've never had much and probab
  5. The first moment you see that incredible little face, you will feel something that you have never felt in your life before about anything or anyone else. It will be one of the most monumental moments of your entire life. It will make being big and uncomfortable for months totally worth it. Its totally normal to be scared, I remember feeling the same way. You are gonna do just fine!! Of course I wanna see pics too!! I wish you and your little family the best!
  6. TGIF! This means the party starts all over again its Friday people!
  7. @ this entire thread! shew... no beer for me I had too many last nite I will take a pepsi and a few bc powders for my hangover tho! *steals a few items from Doc's grill too*
  8. Still got the blues for you ~ Gary Moore
  9. Thank God and greyhound, you're gone ~ Roy Clark
  10. yeah but you won't ever directly call me that bud, kinda have to disguise it as a laugh instead of an attack. So grow a pair and stop beating around the bush. Nice try tho really
  11. ok santa Looks like no proof will be forthcoming of said bad deeds, but again I am not surprised by the ban. see yall
  12. I wouldn't wanna be a moderator here, ya don't get paid for it and ya have to babysit a bunch of so called adults a lot of days. So no wanna be here. And a thread wouldn't be complete without a few snide comments from Sir T ...atta boy!
  13. if they lock it then it turns into another thread about why did you lock that thread... and on and on. Looks like BB is gone, take care dude. Wish ya well.
  14. again I ask, has he not had warnings in the entire time hes been at the pit. I think you are allowed three or four and then you get the boot if I'm not mistaken. Did he get a few while he was here as fragged before the name change? what get out of banning free cards are being handed out, I might need one just in case. Sorta like a get out of jail free card in monopoly.
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