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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR INDEED! It worked and I have a new computer! A little more RAM and off we go. THANK YOU AGAIN!
  2. Will try. But is just cloning the disk enough? Don't I have to clone the system to have windows on it? Or just clone and reinstall windows ($?)
  3. It didn't help, but thanks. I'll keep playing around with how I cloned it, maybe even wipe out the new SSD and start over. Thanks TX.
  4. It read the drive (E) after putting it in the other usb slot(?!). Macrium asked me to "build" to make a bootable disk and I did. After that the cloning took 3.5 hours (it said "successful") Swapped it out annnnnd... got nothing. (no bootable devices found. cause could be corrupt OS image or a boot device is not enabled in BIOS setup) . there are no boot items in the BIOS. All I can think of is a just cloned the C Drive but didn't copy the partitions.
  5. It does not read the enclosure in Macrium (no disks are available). It's clearly plugged in to port.
  6. Finally gave it the "whirl." Bought a Samsung 860EVO and a drive enclosure. Pretty much broke three pieces on the inside opening the Dell up. Anyway, are you willing to walk me through the process? Take out old drive and put it in enclosure? Connect to PC through port? Then what? I am old and not good at this. I'm going to use Macrium to clone. Happy New Year...
  7. I'm sorry. I'm not sure how to clone. After that I can locate hdd and swap ssd (after I look up what those things actually are!)
  8. Thanks. Though I have no clue how to do the swapping and SSD stuff.
  9. Great. Should I already know how to clone a drive and SSD?
  10. Opening programs, say a browser, takes a minimum of 10 seconds. Updates take hours. Spinning blue thingy on almost everything.
  11. remember, this computer has barely been used! can you suggest how to solve the hdd/ssd?
  12. pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=26060110&report=Summary
  13. Now the results are shown. All checkmarks except "change internet receiver buffer" and a 1323 result on Defragment
  14. Brutal process. Continually says No Session in Progress at the end. Most I can give you is PC 7.2/ SOFTWARE 5.0/ MALWARE 2.0/ PERFORMANCE 52.6 *** Same after creating a brand new account
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