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  1. sure this is a coincidence, but i started having this problem immediately after installing a new monitor. anyway, outlook keeps downloading the same three emails, time after time, even after i delete them and block sender. then no more emails get through, saying the server has not responded. i clearly have an internet connexion, and clearly have emails waiting in the queue. TIA as always, lifesavers.
  2. using it for years. just started happening. outlook express is not listed in add/remove programs.
  3. Great people, please bail me out again. When I launch OE it freezes with just a blank screen. Any ideas?
  4. i guess i can take the disk to work and copy it to a floppy. then bring home the floppy and move it to the hard drive. i'm not putting one more penny into this computer
  5. I have a data disk here I burned. This disk is readable on other computers, but not on mine. My disk drives can read music and programs, but not burned data. All answers considered except to buy a new CD drive
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