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  1. I tried to use Gnome with Suse 10 and it just would not boot. KDE worked excellent on the other hand.
  2. Those commands did not work. I found another way to get it to work after some research. Go by the compiz forums and take a look at my updated guide for details.
  3. Thanks Bruce. I am going to try it later today to see if it works. If it does I will write a KDE only guide.
  4. The title says it all. None of the how to's I found worked well with Nvidia so I devised a way to install XGL/Compiz on Mepis by installing the Gnome desktop and using GDM to run the Xserver-XGL. I tried to get compiz to run using the Kubuntu guide, but KDM still would not execute XGL. First off one file in the Kubuntu how-to had a different name than the same file in Mepis. (The file in Kubuntu is /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc and the same file in Mepis is /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc.dpkg-dist.) The second file did not exist at all in Mepis. (/usr/bin/displayconfig-restore, needed to comment a section of this file in Kubuntu.) After following this guide, I would get the window bar on top of the windows but compiz refused to start. After some googling I found the reason was that XGL was not loading at boot. (Courtesy of the Suse wiki.) I then brainstormed and thought "What if I replace KDM with GDM?" So I first tried to just install GDM but X refused to start at all. So from the command line interface I decided to just install the entire Gnome Desktop just to see what happens. That fixed X so from there I installed XGL/Compiz using a combination of both KDE and Gnome sources. Now in I am logged in to Mepis's KDE desktop with a fully functional XGL/Compiz. I have created a how-to at the compiz forums. How to Install XGL/Compiz on Mepis6 For Nvidia Graphics @Bruce: Maybe you could give me some tips on why KDM would not execute XGL and how to get it to do so. I will then write a guide just for that purpose and give you the credit.
  5. mstlyevil

    Linux and SATA

    Well I will answer from my experience. My Nvidia Nforce4 motherboard (DFI Infinity SLI) has SATA 300 and both Ubuntu and Suse 10 had no problems whatsoever detecting them, installing or booting. RAID might be a different story. If you are not planning on running a RAID array, I would not worry much about it. Sorry for answering before Bruce did Psicon Edit: newegg.com! That is the best place online I have found so far to order from. The Athlon 64 has larger cache's, the memory controller runs at a higher frequency and they clock higher. If you can afford it go with a Athlon 64 3200 over any sempron. They are not that much more expensive than the fastest sempron but they are a hell of a lot faster. They are $166.00 at newegg. Athlon 64 3200 at Newegg
  6. Since multitasking is the enviroment you want work in plus you plan to do some multimedia the best processor line according to most benchmarking websites is a AMD 64 X2. Even if you get the cheapest X2 (3800) it will keep up with and some times outperform the fastest most expensive Intel processor on the market. If you can afford to spend more for a higher rated X2, it will blow the doors off any Intel processor. Nvidia has the best driver support for Linux. Since you are buiding a new system then I recommend that you get a motherboard with a Nvidia Nforce 4 chipset with PCIE for the graphics card. A 6600GT is a great budget card with stunning graphics and performance. The 6800 GS is a midrange card that performs as well as the previous performance champion the 6800 GT. Absolute minimum now days for any system should be 512. You should buy your memory in pairs to enable dual channel and increase performance. So for 512 you would buy 2x256 dimms. The Nforce 4 motherboard has all these things built in and they work great with Linux. If you are a audiophile you might consider a sound card but if onboard sound does it for you then the motherboard chipset I recommended is great.
  7. I hate to see she thinks it is some how her fault that her father is a selfish [email protected]#k. She really does neeed counselling though because she has some major self asteem issues that she needs to work through. Other than that there is not much more I can say about it except that you are a good friend.
  8. Thank you, I hope your dad gets better real soon.
  9. They consider cancer cured if a person goes more than 5 years without a relapse. The chance of cancer returning after 5 years is about the same as for someone who has never had cancer. That is how you know it has been cured.
  10. I care. My mom beat breast cancer 20 years ago and now my dad has lung cancer and goes in for surgery on thursday to have half his lung removed. So yes I do care and am happy for Melissa Ethridge.
  11. If you drink alcohol or overeat or smoke, you are not one to be talking about potheads. I don't smoke pot, but I have no right to tell them they are harming their bodies when I am overweight and drink massive amounts of cola everyday. I will tell you right now that if I went on Chemo, I would go to relatives who do smoke it and start buying it from then instead of putting all those narcotics in my system. 80% of Americans drink alcohol and of them 2/3 abuse at one time or another so all you alchies out there just remember that you are doing more damage to your bodies than most pot heads are.
  12. Looks like turnout is heavy in areas and that the vote is close. CNN
  13. Let me explain to you that when the media says it is armegeddon, it is probally not as bad as that. Sars was made out to be the next bird flu and it turned out that it was not all that deadly. I think it is more hype than reality.
  14. Here's what you need to do first. Go to start menu and click run. When the dialog box opens type msconfig and hit enter. Go to the start up programs tab and uncheck everything but your antivirus and firewall. Reboot and retest. Almost all software that installs startup programs are unnecessary. Your drivers do not need to run in the background so it will not affect you video card or your printer. I recommend everytime you install a program, run msconfig and make sure it did not add a start up program. Also you need to go to the start menu and go to start up and delete all the shortcuts in the startup section of the start menu.
  15. I have a gig of memory, but I tend to overcompensate for lacking in other areas. ( I think I just gave way too much information there).
  16. There may be a kernal of truth added to a lot of fiction to create the Philladelphia experiment theory. The government experiments with crazy things all the time. Then you get some loon involved in a cloaking experiment and he adds a whole lot of fiction to it to make the story more interesting and to get attention for himself. You see these types all the time come out of the closet and make crazy accusations like UFO's being stored at a under ground facility at area 51. The truth probally is that top secret aircraft are being stored there and these people are trying to convince the public that they are privy to some secret conspiracy that the Government doesn't want them to know. As long as the Government has top secret projects, you will have these types making all sorts of crazy conspiracy claims they can not really back up.
  17. I just got mine to test at over 2000 and now you make me want it to run at 3000. Darn you and your dual core.
  18. sorry I answered before i saw the links dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .
  19. Please post the links to the other sites so we can check them out. I want to know what they have to say before I give an opinion on them.
  20. Played on the computer, went shopping for groceries, and cooked dinner.
  21. You have to tell us more information. Was he or she union? Did they have a contract? It sounds to me a message is being sent about your friends value to the company. Usually a bussiness will just move the job somewhere else if it is a money issue. Your friend probally needs to find another job.
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