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  1. You people want scientific proof that Girls are evil? I have it right here for you. How is that for proof.
  2. From what I understand, BG is personally fond of Linux. He has to put up a front that it he hates it to keep his shareholders happy.
  3. In my experience the Nforce 4 chipset is the best for overclocking and gaming. I currently use a DFI Infinity Nforce4 SLI and it is stable, runs cool and is a very good performer. If you absolutely need stability and are willing to sacrifice a little performance to get it then go with a VIA chipset. You should always buy what fits your needs.
  4. mstlyevil

    Gnome mime types

    That is what I thought. I may still try it with Gnome.
  5. mstlyevil

    Gnome mime types

    I thought about trying Suse 10 again with KDE and XGL/Compiz. How well does XGL/Compiz work with KDE in Suse 10?
  6. mstlyevil

    Gnome mime types

    Never had that problem personally. Is it on Ubuntu Dapper? It might just be a bug.
  7. The sad thing it is the Government that says you have to pay. It is totally ridiculous but it right now is reality. I hope the law changes some day in favor of the consumer. Until then we are left to three choices. 1) Use only free formats 2) Break the law to use closed formats. 3) Find a way to get legally licensed codecs to use closed formats. I personally would prefer that I did not have to make any of these choices. But if it saves me from the possibility of a lawsuit or prosecution to buy a license then I feel I have no other viable choice. This sucks :filtered: royally.
  8. Very true indeed Bruce. I would prefer a multimedia pack but there is no one offering that for Linux at the moment. With all the companies that make Linux software you would think someone would have done this by now. If CNR gets me them codecs in a legal way then I will use it just for that very reason until someone else steps up to the plate and offers another choice.
  9. Mark would never allow this to be a standard feature. It would simply be a third party app like Cadega and Crossover Office. It would in no way be included with the distro on a default install. There are things that CNR provides that the repos can't provide. One is legal codecs for those who live in countries it may be illegal to use the cracked codecs or others proprietary codecs without paying the licensing fees. The other is proprietary software is offered and sometimes at a huge discount. You could litertally get certain pay only software like Cadega through CNR by purchasing a license through Linspire. This will save you the time and the hastle of locating web sites or other points of purchase. You will never be forced to download, install or use CNR with Ubuntu if you choose not to. The distro itself will not change at all.
  10. I agree completly with this. I would rather just have a codecs pack sold on CD, but no one has stepped up to the plate to offer this to Linux users. It is a shame to have to break the law just to use your computer as intended.
  11. It is a way of obtaining legal codecs. It also offers the abilty to buy proprietary software like Star Office, Cadega, and Crossover Office in one place and tailored to easily install on Ubuntu. There is more information about it posted in that thread by Kevin Carmony.
  12. I thought this might be of some interest to those of you who do not use Ubuntu or visit their forums. Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony has been a frequent guest on the Ubuntu forums in recent weeks to discuss various issues that have surfaced on the forum. During one of those discussions he was asked if he would consider porting CNR to Ubuntu. His reply was that he and Mark Shuttleworth (the founder of Ubuntu) have discussed this already and Mark is open to the idea. Then he asked the community if they would be willing to support CNR for Ubuntu as a third party application. This has been one of the most lively debates on the Ubuntu Forums to date. What do you non Ubuntu users think about CNR being offered as a third party application for Ubuntu? Of course you Ubuntu users are free to express your opinion also on this matter. Here is a link to the actual thread. It is already 50+ pages long in 36 hours so it might take awhile to go through it all. Should Linspire Offer CNR for Ubuntu?
  13. AMD does not support DDR2 yet. It will be this summer before DDR2 compatible Athlon CPU's and motherboards will be out. AMD Athlons with DDR1 are performing as well as Intels with DDR2 because of AMD's onboard memory controller on the CPU. I wouldn't worry about waiting until this summer to upgrade.
  14. DDR 333 will cause the Athlon 64 to run slower. I would personally not pair them up just because you will be defeating the purpose of upgrading. If you don't have DDR 400 in the computer you should at least buy a name brand value RAM. (Do not buy generic, youll be sorry you did.) Go into your Bios upon boot up and it will tell you what you are running.
  15. Not everyone has added so much joy and laughter to so many peoples lives.
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