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  1. mstlyevil

    Fedora Core 6

    Just a question. Does FC6 have the ability to install RPM's and their dependencies purely by point and click? Ubuntu and Mepis both have this ability with debs and I was wondering if YUM had such a tool.
  2. Kewl, now I can watch videos on pornotube.com without clicking on the bypass flash detection link. :crash:
  3. Automatix2 for Edgy already offers to install it. I am testing Edgy now and thought what the hell, I would test AX2 while I was at it.
  4. When I install the doom 3 update in XP it no longer requires the cd to play. I do have to say the quality of the graphics does seem a little better under Linux.
  5. The update for Doom 3 will fix your sound issues.
  6. mstlyevil

    Nvidia & Suse

    You will have to change the resolution manually by editing your xorg.conf file more than likely. You might want to ask some one with more xorg experience how to do that. I would suggest setting the resolution about 75.
  7. True but people coming from the Windows world do not see it that way yet. If we want more people to adopt Linux on the desktop we just have to be willing to give the average joe a way to use it without having to resort to the command line. Eventually many of these people will come to see the command line as a great, powerful and time saving tool.
  8. Automatix does install using dpkg and is not intended to be a package manager. The idea behind Automatix is to help make it easier to give Ubuntu it's missing batteries without having to search through thousands of packages in synaptic and with minimal command line work. Having been on the team I can tell you first hand that Automatix has never been intended to be a package manager nor will it ever be one. And yes it will always use apt-get/dpkg as the means for installing software except in the rare cases the software does not have a deb available for it.
  9. mstlyevil

    Nvidia & Suse

    Your xorg.conf file looks properly configured so I wouldn't worry much about it. Your monitor may be making a noise because Suse is running the refresh rate a little too high. Refresh rates much over 70 do not make much of a difference on your eyes. If your rate is 70 or above you are doing fine. On LCD screens the refresh rate has even less impact since the lighting is provided by a florecent bulb. If you are using a LCD screen even 60 will not hurt your eyes.
  10. I would just use one or the other personally. Although they both do basically the same thing they both do it in different ways. It has been my experience that Automatix does a better job overall. I also used to be on the Automatix team and created the Kubuntu and Mepis versions. They are now switching to a python interface that is very nice and has some nice new features including a catalog system and a uninstall feature fo software installed by Automatix.
  11. If you think easyubuntu is great you should check out Automatix. Automatix They have a lot more packages and they also support Mepis.
  12. mstlyevil

    Fedora Core 6

    Ubuntu is not a beginners distro. It is a intermediate users distro since it requires a lot of command line work and you have to manually edit files to make changes to the system. IMHO Mepis is better than PCLinuxOS. I have used both and Mepis is faster, the software is more up to date and it is capable of running all the new eye candy goodies. Ubuntu is popular because of the large community surrounding it and not marketing. If it was not for the thousands of how-to's and the very friendly and large forums Ubuntu would not be any where near as popular. Also Ubuntu has languange support se
  13. mstlyevil


    Hmm, I guess the closest thing to a BSOD on Linux would be if X refuses to start and you are logged into a terminal interface. Usually X problems are easy to fix once you know how. On Debian based systems all you have to do is type dpkg -reconfigure xserver-xorg and run the utility to fix most X server problems. The only time I have ever had a kernel panic was when I was trying to do something stupid I shouldn't have been attempting in the first placew or when I was trying to install Mepis 6 in vmware-server.
  14. I just want to add that many of the how-to's on the Ubuntuforums work just as well on Mepis also since Mepis is based on the Ubuntu kernel and packages. ( Although the kernel is a modfied Ubuntu kernel) I have been Using Mepis 6 for some time now and I have to say it is the best overall KDE distro I have tried. (Sorry Bruce, Suse 10.1 just gave me to many stupid hardware probems and seemed slower.)
  15. mstlyevil


    Go for the K7 kernel if you want full software compatibility and functionality. There is a lot of software that is still not ported to 64 bit yet and to get 32 bit software to run on 64 bit is a pain right now. Unless you need more than 4 gigs of memory, 64 bit is just overkill any way. Also 64 bit would require you to download a new ISO and completely reinstall. Here is the command to get the K7 kernel through apt-get. sudo apt-get install linux-k7
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