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  1. He was the nicest guy. Will miss his cheerful greetings, PM how are you doing questions, and timely birthday wishes.
  2. I'm not sure you posted this in the right place
  3. I would try resetting the swap file to clear it out. Manage it and set it to an arbitrary number like 500mb and restart then put it back the way you had it and restart. I would also clear out temp files, perhaps use TFC by Old Timer or another decent tool for it. I would take a hard look at running programs. I've used Autoruns by Systeminternals for this in the past. Lacking a software solution, your HDD could be on its way out and having performance issues before it goes out the door.
  4. Glad to see you posted. Take care.
  5. Good news then. Glad to hear that
  6. ouch nice to see you posting tho
  7. Sorry to hear that. This affliction has sure been beating at your door for a long time. I know that many prayers will be lifted up to God on your behalf. I have confidence that all will be well; one way or another, I am certain that all is well with your soul! Take care. Keep us in the loop.
  8. One needs a good popup blocker addon while running a chromium based browser (or a browser that has one built in). Without that protection the popups and uncontrolled windows can be a nightmare.
  9. I'm able to see it. Lucky me, not so lucky you if your BAD! Laughing at my own jokes, not so sure that is a good thing Oh, by the way, should I be reporting the off topic posts? WEG
  10. oftentired


    I've noticed comments about the forum being slow for people. Another forum that I moderate had an issue with early morning traffic causing significant slowdowns. The owner implemented CDN and the problem was taken care of. Perhaps CDN is an option for this forum server? EDIT: Just now, posting this Topic, it took about 20 seconds for the server to bring me back to my new Topic. That seems a bit slow to me.
  11. That was unexpected. May God Bless and give comfort to his family in this time of mourning.
  12. One of those times when pain is a good thing.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Thanks for it.
  14. There is a way to us a Win 7 CD to get to a command prompt window which should allow you to drill through the file tree to the actual file location for that cleaner and delete it, it won't run after that from some of your effort results it may be you have corrupted/deleted system files and need to repair Win 7.
  15. Slimbrowser includes a youtube downloader/converter. It won't work with the heavily copyrighted material but does just fine with everything else. It supports XP with an older version that is updated when needed. Your XP box should be automatically directed to it if you use the Slimjet webpage for the download. Don't go to another site like softpedia because you'll get the wrong version of Slimjet which won't work right with XP.
  16. It is not possible to know for sure if 4GB is enough to backup your user file data as we do not know what your data consists of. If you have a moderate amount of pictures and no ISO files and few if none video files to backup it should be enough for the user data. It would probably be enough for a Vista OS backup on top of your user data too. But, if you have one or more ISO files and/or video files in your data all bets are off. Windows Vista comes with some backup capability that should be sufficient to do all the backup that you would need. You would be looking for "Backup and Restore Center". I would recommend making a complete backup before attempting an upgrade or data transfer. You can then take this backup data and restore the user files to the Win 7 OS after upgrade. There are complete instructions for this online. Videos on Youtube and instructions in various online forums where folks have already asked this question.
  17. I do not agree with indy. I visit every day frequently 2 or 3 times a day. For me it is not a matter of caring to answer. If I have an answer that I think will be helpful I type it in. If I don't have an answer I do my best to stop myself from making something up just to have an answer. Now to make an answer to the OP. I don't know the original purpose behind anonymous sign on to a forum. Searching the internet didn't give me anything reliable I would post here. Any guess I would make has a counter argument of equal or greater value. So I'm not going to stick my neck out with a guess.
  18. WP2 became available in 2003, if your router is truly old, you may want to replace it for the better security provided by a newer router. A new router will most likely default to the current recommended standard and unless you want to set a custom password you shouldn't have to fuss with it. Just follow the instructions that come with it for the install.
  19. This is a poorly worded poll. The second question, "For those with Social media account, do you follow us on:" The available responses to this question do not allow for a negative or no answer. The poll requires that you must vote. This means that everyone who votes will also be required to vote a positive response that indicates you do "follow us" if not on the 2 specifically listed then some other. I guarantee you there is at least one person who does not, "follow us" on any social media.
  20. Is this relevant to your problem? Article About Windows Live Mail being discontinued
  21. The mangle file issue may be a symptom of the original cause behind your problem. I would not defrag until you have determined the original cause. Or, do the defrag in safe mode after your absolutely sure the problem does not present itself in safe mode.
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