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  1. You guys are wonderful thank you. Sorry to say I've been posting on a different forum that is not tech oriented. Only so much time in a day! take care one and all
  2. Not advertised. It is not being sold for profit. It is offered for free use. There is an important distinction. Also, it is found at Download.com and thus subject to a user rating system. ZPClean Menu (Download.com link) I've not used the program. It appears to put into one package a method of employing the conventional maintenance tools that come with XP. Seems a good idea to me since Microbloat in all their infinite wisdom has made such task rather daunting for the average home user. If one has not already moved on to third party software to get that job done this might be all one needs.
  3. Most defrag programs will move the swap file around no matter if it is fragmented or not. Unless your experience shows otherwise I don't see how a Defrag of the swap file will make the other defrag any faster. I would use another defrag solution. I have had good success with Power Defragmenter. It is not a defrag that is intended to run behind the scenes. After a successful defrag of all drives with Power Defragmenter I would then run PageDefrag to see if the registry hives and swapfile need defrag. After all that you can go back to DiskKeeper Pro which should have an easier time of it with a drive that is less fragmented.
  4. Winoldap and Winoa386.mod errors
  5. and the email client is named?
  6. I've been satisfied with this one for some time now. It meets the criteria you stated. MetaProducts Download Express
  7. Did you restart your system.
  8. Any file or folder that is currently "hooked" by a running process is likely not going to be easily deletable until that process releases it. Sometimes there will be more than one program with such hooks. A handy method for easily discovering what process or application has locked a particular file is to use the WhoLockMe Explorer Extension. It installs as a Context Sensitive Menu item allowing you to Right Click any file and find out what process(es) or application(s) have locked it. If the file has not been locked there will be no response. If the file has been locked a small dialog window will pop up listing all of the process(es) and applications that have locked the file. The very best solution to deletion problems I've run across is called UnLocker and was "found" by long time PCPitstop Forum user named radio. It also is implemented as a Right Click Context Menu solution. It goes a step farther than WhoLockMe and actually allows you to unhook the file or folder on-the-fly so you can delete without having to restart your system. These are some other programs which can be used to delete files currently in use or otherwise "impossible" to delete files. Unlike UnLocker they rely on a system restart and are not able to do the job on-the-fly. Dr. Delete (super easy to use) Delete Doctor (another super easy to use) MoveOnBoot (nice right click context menu feature) Delete Invalid Data Files (not so easy to use; probably able to delete anything Dr.'s Delete won't) If you don't want to use a program you can try a work-a-round. A good "work-a-round" method is to move an offending file (or folder) into a new folder and then delete that new folder. Doesn't work all the time but is worth a go. A "work-a-round" method suggested in another forum I visit:
  9. No. Once they have been deleted from the Recycle Bin they no longer take up allocated hard drive space. The OS considers that space to be available for use.
  10. If you are not dealing with National Security issues what would be the point? For all intents and purposes they are deleted. Only because of the method of deletion is it possible to recover them. However, if you want to pursue the matter you can easily obtain FREE software that will overwrite supposedly available hard drive space that could contain data that might be able to be retrieved as a recovered file. Secure File Deletion (snapfile downloads) I recommend Simple File Shredder which is second on the list linked for everyday deletion of files that you don't want to see recovered ever. If you wish to overwrite the free space on the hard drive you might try Ultra Wipe which is last listed.
  11. One would have to be the wizard of oz to write such a program; there are too many variables and unknowable permutations.
  12. Very difficult to find as is many things on his site. Unfortunate indeed. Looks like his site is undergoing maintenance. I will have to look another time. What am I thinking. I will upload them to my website and post a link shortly. This is a direct download link from my website. Black Viper Service ZIPs Understand clearly that there is a substantial amount of information about services at the Black Viper website with disclaimers and all that jazz. I have found the changes made by these to be harmless. But there is no guarantee of it on any system.
  13. You may want to start by looking at your running Services which can basically be considered from the same perspective as startup items. One should make a careful review of any services that are running. Two of the very best sites for information on services are: • BlackViper • ElderGeek • The BlackViper website has an exceptionally useful set of files that are designed to automatically fine tune your running services to several useful categories of usage. The best way to access services is not through MSConfig. Instead one should use the services dialog window which can be brought up from Start > Run by typing services.msc and clicking OK (or press Enter). I've removed the information on Startup programs I normally includes since your PitTest shows you have a good grasp on that already.
  14. At the link below is a most excellent and simple explanation of the Print Screen key and how it can be used. It also explains the Clipboard briefly. Print Screen Here is more information about the clipboard. The simplest method for any system I know of to bring up the program that allows visualization of the Clipboard content is by clicking Start > Run and typing clipbrd and then click OK or press Enter. For users of Win 98/ME/SE you should be able to find a shortcut to the clipboard program at Start > Programs > Accessories > Systems Tools. That changed for XP and the shortcut is no longer present in that location. User of XP can choose to use the Start > Run method or you can locate the program and create a shortcut to it. The clipboard program for XP is located by default in C:\Windows\system32 folder and is called clipbrd.exe. However, you may need to change your folder view settings in order to see the program as it is in a folder which content is mostly hidden by default. To show hidden files open an Explorer window by clicking My Computer and then click Tools > Folder Options > View (tab) and checkmark the radial button next to Show hidden files and folders and then click OK or press Enter. It has been my experience that making use of the Clipboard directly. And then using another program such as IrfanView or MS Paint to manipulate the picture can be a cumbersome and time consuming process. My personal choice is to make use of one of the FREE programs available which when running intercepts the Print Screen key and produces a JPG (or picture type of your choice) on demand. This saves the steps needed to convert a clipboard .CLP file into a more friendly JPG or BMP file type. I have found HoverSnap to be very simple to use and it is a program I continue to use for this purpose. Most of these FREE programs, including HoverSnap, also support the use of Alt+Prt Scr which is handy indeed.
  15. The young lady doesn't need to install AIM either new or old. There are at least two "generic" instant messenger programs available that allow you to hook up with the most popular instant messenger servers without having to use the associated software. The one I recommend is linked below. Trillian
  16. Took me right to your Test Results.
  17. Try to post your TechExpress results here in this Topic and someone can look at what you posted and maybe help you out with it.
  18. If you like Win 95 that is OK. But you should upgrade to Win 98 SE. It doesn't cost much these days and you will find you won't have problems with drivers like you do with Win 95. And the look and feel of 98 is not that much different than 95. You can dual boot Win 98. Install it first. Then install XP with the dual boot option.
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