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  1. You generally can't delete a file while it's in use by Windows, so try deleting them in Safe Mode. If that doesn't work...bad things are happening to your comp O.o
  2. More like you could relocate the entire population of China into one hole, and give every family a 3-acre back yard.
  3. I just ignore it, as it hasn't hijacked control from Windows Media Player yet...
  4. Hey, I'm no computer expert, but I usually manage to MAKE things work.[/sPAM] I'm just waiting on a plugin to allow ActiveX controls in Firefox that DOESN'T mess so much stuff up.
  5. Because of all the problems Neptune has, I just set my homepage for IE to the Pit, and left Firefox at a game I play. Guess I can't get rid of IE quite yet...
  6. *looks at what forum this is* Most of the stuff on PCPitstop doesn't work if you're not using IE unless you download some patch thing, but it kind of messes up your address bar, so I just use IE when I'm going to the Pit (Firefox for the forums and pretty much everything else).
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