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  1. My help to you?? How is that? :lol I just got an email from thier abuse center. They wanna know the IP's, ports, protocol, and such of all the offending IPs so they can clean this up. Hopefully this will work. I sent em 4 pages of intrusions so they have plenty to work with.
  2. Thanks alot Jacee. Got my Router hooked back up for my 1 PC I have goin now. The intrusions have stopped. I have the resident ZoneAlarm goin on the router as well, blocking all the IP's I pulled off PG2 blocking them. Also I think ill be calling up my ISP to see if I can change my IP addy. I sent an email nicely asking them to cease thier intrusions. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Jacee. I think I will email them and ask what the deal is. How do you dig up so much info on them like that? I think if I knew, I wouldnt have to ask the stupid questions. lol! Thanks!
  4. Appears to me that someone is trying to access my computer from another location. Anything I can do to stop this besides what I am already doin here. Only a matter of time before it gets in I believe.
  5. I have Peer gaurdian 2 installed. I keep getting this Safenet crap trying to come onto my PC. Im currently blocking it with PG2, but id like to make it stop. I ran all spyware scans and such, and it still keeps coming. If I can get those SOB's in some way or another that would be good too. Any help on making this cease would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I should get my name changed to that here too, huh?? :lol
  7. Nice job on the lyrics dude. Had me laughin through the whole thing too. A+.
  8. You will probably have to buy a copy of Windows. It seems you may have got some sort of Pirated, non genuine copy of Windows. If you wanna make it right, follow the directions they give when the warnings come up. I had that happen to a friend of mine. Hes now running Win 2K as he opted not to get a License.
  9. Well it IS his hardware dude. And it IS a donation. Ya know, meaning out of the goodness of your heart. Geez.
  10. Exactly. Competitiveness breeds success for science. Im one of the points system lovers. I like to tweak the PC's for performance, and thus more points for my team. Benefiting science.
  11. You didnt have to come off to him like that. No excuse... You should be thanking them for the work that they did.
  12. In my opinion, it is for the team you fold for, but not for the overall big picture. Points drive some people to fold more. Whatever the reason, its all for a good cause.
  13. It seems the gromacs that are out lately take forever, and yeild few points.
  14. Wow. Dunno where that Brandon putz gets off. At least you helped out in the overall cause of [email protected] while you could. You dont need to kill your equipment for it though man. Im sure everyone in the [email protected] community thanks you for your efforts.
  15. They may go for it. Ya never know. I would at least ask. Just go prepared with a link or 2 they can read up on the good with. It could be a good score.
  16. It can hurt the team. I read about it. The team I fold on explains it everytime we get that question. Question: Why not just ask them. Point them to the Satnford site for what it does and how it works, and they may see it as a worthy cause. You never know. I seen people be able to do it before.
  17. Against the rules man, and if you are caught, the whole team gets penalized. I would think it through a little more.
  18. Ride.......... WTH is this?? Benedict Ridewithme!!!
  19. Damn thats expensive. But we have damn cheap electricity here.
  20. I got 5 rigs on and the electric bill only goes up 12 bucks when I got them all on. For what they're doin, its worth 12 bucks a month to me.
  21. Addicting stuff, eh?? Good job dude!!
  22. I do fold with 5 computers already. Soon a 6th. I am helping A team out also.
  23. Yeah, thats one thing you cant overclock to make better.
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