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  1. Yep you can. Go into the [email protected] folder, and copy and paste the work folder, and the core its using as well. Done it many a time.
  2. I only hit 9164 on my 2 6800 128mb's. Nice score still Sho. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1636647
  3. I thought that was the whole purpose of updating a forum. So that dont happen. Looks like someone got gyped on the forum update.
  4. I think the only nuisance is trying to log on to this forum. Maybe i'll stay off for a month or so while they iron out these issues. EOC recently changed thiers and I dont see it happening there.
  5. Again I couldnt even get into the forums After noon until now. Ever since the forums changed it has gotten ridiculous. Im starting to believe the old adage "if it aint broke, dont fix it". I know ive heard its being fixed, but how long has it been??
  6. Dont quote me on it, but I think I seen some cache that looked like Dimms. They got all kinds of old stuff like that at work.
  7. I seen a few of these. Look next to the processor.
  8. Dropping the GPU back is a starting point. Also, make sure to try updating your video drivers. Try this free stuff first, and if it dont pan out, investigate that PSU. Could also try dropping the CPU back to 2.7 and see if that helps.
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