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  1. Thanks for the link. Is there anyone who runs McAfee and doesn't have this? I'd be interested to know if it's actually needed? It's just me who uses the PC so I have no use for settings for kiddies and the such ..
  2. I have the latest McAfee software installed onto my PC. We bought the CD and installed it .. and with it came 2 30 day trials. 1 being the Privacy Service. The 30 day trial has just run out and I have no ideal what Privacy Service does .. and if I really need to shell out £20 now my freebie has run out. Any help and advice would be great.
  3. I've had the same experience with Norton. Sometimes I could get the red ! warning daily and on numerous occasions that day then I can go for ages without anything. Norton says that it may not be a Trojan or whatever it's warning you about - it says that it could also be something that triggers off the same kind of alert. Freak us out why don't ya Norton! :crash: Least I know I'm not alone in this happening too.
  4. Should I uninstall windows media vs 10 before I download the old version 9? I would've done a restore point but I also didn't create a store point. I've recently had to do a full factory settings restore so I don't fancy going through all that hassle again. Thanks for everyones input.
  5. Yeah I did. It was on there that it says it's only there for 98, SE, ME and 2000 and that XP users must download version 10. How annoying lol
  6. I was going to do that but it apparently isn't available for windows Xp anymore
  7. I'm running Windows Xp and finally got around to upgrading to Windows Media Player version 10. Now I wish I hadn't bothered. Since downloading it I've noticed the play back is terrible. I've been downloading recently and noticed that either the picture skips/slips/jitters (if you catch my drift?) or even worse .. on something else I wacthed the sound is ahead of what the people are saying. Very annying an distracting. I've been into the performance tab and chanced the acceleration but it's made no difference. Any suggestions?
  8. Thanks faith. Well the 255 stuff is the sub mask. I checked my net connections and protocol and it was set to automatic already (like RAH mentioned) so I guess I'll just have to do the Norton thing. Thank you all so much.
  9. Thanks for the help. Would anyone advise excluding the Invalid Source IP address on my Norton? Will that leave me open to attacks? When you say start CMD, where do I find that? I use windows xp
  10. After having problems with my internet connection an engineer came to my house yesterday to help, hopefully, fix the problem. Basically he changed the modem. He asked me to uninstall it, then we re-installed and connected. Since then Norton has been really annoying and keeps telling me of an alert. I have a feeling it's nothing to worry about as it started as soon as I connected to the net again. It's just rather annoying, how do I make the alert stop. The message I get is as follows: Intrusion: Invalid Source IP Address Then it lists the intruder as and says that the Source IP is invalid. When I click to get more info and "What triggered the alert?" it says: The IP address belongs to a computer on your local network, therefore there is no public network or domain information. Is there some place I can add this "IP" to a save zone to stop the alerts?
  11. Thanks for that So the Malware Ad Aware found - I can just delete that now then?
  12. I just looked this up Does this mean I've been loggin on the net with high premium toll charges? Or would my antivirus have protected me from that?My dial up number for my broadband service has never changed. Really worried now I'm going to end up with a HUGE phone bill.
  13. I have just updated to Ad Aware SE and run my first full system scan. These two things seemed to show on my list more then anything in the Malware category and I was wondering if anyone has any info on what exactly they are? * UKVideo2 Dialer * Win32.Dialer.Saristar Do I quarantine this stuff or can I safely deleate it? I'm sorry if this sounds dumb but I am so very new to all of this
  14. If it helps you any - I'm getting the same thing happen to me too. It started this week and it's getting to be every day now and it's driving mad. The virus scan is clean. Norton says it's blocked it everytime. I've run adaware and my spybot and nothing else is coming up. It's not like it's happening when I visit a certain website - it's happening on various sites. You are not alone!
  15. I already have adaware and spybot which I use regular
  16. Hi, this is something that has always confused me. I get at least 1 Trojan Horse Alert per week. My Norton stops them getting through but I wondered if this is normal to get so many and is there anything else I can do? Also it says it could be something else that would trigger off the same type of alert and not be a Trojan. As a non computer savvy person I really am confused what to think.
  17. Ahh, thank you. That test shows that my PC is very safe on all counts. What a relief. Than you all so much :beer: .
  18. Thank you for the welcome and for the advice. So, if I leave Intrusion Detection turned off (as there seems to be no way I can turn it back on again) will my PC be safe? I do have everything else 100% upto date, firewalls my Norton subscription etc etc. It's just this thing that has been giving me problems. And as I'm not very PC savvy I wasn'[t sure if this would cause me ajor problems if it was always off.
  19. :help: Can someone please tell me what exactly Intrusion Detection means? I have it on my Norton Internet Security 2003 for Windows XP and twice after a Live Update it is switched off and I can't get the damn thing back on again. It just keeps saying: "Failed to save settings. Please check your windows account isn't restricted." I know it's not restricted as I'm on as admin. So, is Intrusion Dection just something that lets you know when someones tried to hack into your PC? Or is it a vital thing that stops someone hacking into your PC? I cannot keep doing a system restore to fix it because the problem is going to keep occuring next time it asks me to run a live update.
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