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  1. Thanks so much. I used the second as my Dad used his one and only free tune up with the first, some time ago. I have no idea what for. Anyway, the second worked. It was just what I was looking for.
  2. I have uninstalled this product on my fathers xp laptop in order to put in another anti virus but we cannot get rid of this avg product. things would be easier if he hadn't already used his 1x free avg pc tune up but he has so I need advice and alternatives on how to get rid. I'm not pc savvy so please be gentle with your suggestions hehe
  3. I usually put my laptop, which is running vista, into hibernation. for the past 2 weeks it's become very picky if it will load again. I'd say 90% of the time it just freezes on resume and I have to shut it down and start from scratch to start using it again. Any suggestions?
  4. Running Norton 360 and all is fine apart from the definitions, the won't "fix" and update. I've run the Liveupdate numerous times and it says I have all updates. I've restarted the laptop and it still says there is a problem. I tried to use their support system but it says it cannot connect due to poor internet connection. Funny that, I'm on the internet with no problems at all!! Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?
  5. Well, while very annoying at least I know it's nothing actually on my PC. I almost fell off my chair upon the first scan and saw so many problems. I couldnt work out how I'd have so many & not actually know about it lol Thanks anyway. That puts my mind at rest. And "Thanks AVG! lol
  6. The plot thickens lol I've checked with Trojan Remover - shows no malicious files and also Super Antispyware and it's detected nothing in my registry .. which is where avg states it found these threats.
  7. I downloaded the free version of AVG - version 8. After the first scan if found no threats yet listed 147 "Possible dangerous items" Now these range from your regular spyware, which clearly ad-aware remover hasn't picked up on to some listed as trojans!!! I was horrified as it looks like i've never had any firewalls, anti virus etc, when I have. and i'm always selective over what active x to allow Now despite a slow computer, which is always slow .. I have not seen any other major problems to suggest my pc has trojans. I'll list a couple which have been found: bindfil.g KillAv.e Wayphisher Agent.dq Please note all been founds in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Active X Compatibility I could list more Anyway, what I need to know is .. AVG 8 only gives me two options ... remove unhealed infections - which I'm thinking cold be a bad thing, would that be right? and remove infections If I select the latter, it doesn't state if that does that in a fashion that heals the pc and their help/contents doesn't explain If not ae there good, free downloads for safe removal of trojans. I'm curently running a Trnd Micro House call but not sure if this will remove anything safely that is detected. Please help. I'm very un-pc savy lol ps running windows xp Just to add. I found this on another thread about avg8.0 An "ActiveX Compatibility" registry key is a result of the "Immunize" function included in some anti-spyware programs (e.g.: "Spybot search & destroy", "Spyware blaster",...) The key contains the same registry entries as the actual threats, thus preventing them from working correctly. Some anti-spyware programs use this method to prevent launching of the malware. Unfortunately, these parts are still detected by AVG Free signatures and that is why AVG marks them as infected. To assure protection provided by AVG Free against these threats, it is not possible to remove such signatures from AVG Free virus bases. Because of this, "Immunize" function included in above mentioned softwares is NOT compatible with AVG Free products. could this be what my problem is, with me running Adaware?
  8. thanks everyone. I'll give it a couple of days and see how it goes
  9. Ok, I checked and I have microsoft .net framework 1.1 but it doesn't say if it's service pack 1. I'm assuming it is the same thing?
  10. I know I can always try and download it from the microsoft website but before I do, is it actually worth having Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 on my pc. I have the yellow shield in my task bar, it keeps saying I have stuff ready to install and each time it's this and it won't install, it fails. Any ideas why this may be?
  11. I'm wondering if this is some kinda of "update" issue because I've been having this problem a lot, of late, too.
  12. While waiting on replies for this topic, yesterday, I googled this "malware" or whatever it's called. I noticed a link to a forum where it stated that ad-aware was finiding this as a "false positive". Now, I tried to open it to see if they were claiming ad-aware was recognising something on the pc and calling it this, when in fact, it wasn't. Possible problem with an update or something? But when I opened the link the page couldn't be found. I ended up aurantining the "trojan", clicked 'Next' and ad-aware deleted it. It's still in my quarantine folder, locked. I have since shut my pc down, gone to work, and returned to my pc tonight, run ad-aware scan again and my pc says it's clear.
  13. Ok, so just to be clear, when I delete that is the only time I have system restore turned off? If there would be any problems after I quarantined then obviously i don't delete it right?
  14. My ad-aware picked it up Is it a virus or just spyware? My visus protection hasn't picke dit up. I only just re-installed ad-aware, had to take it off for reasons which are not imporatnt and this is the first scan I've done and it showed up. Do i just click the remove? will it hurt my pc? I really dunno much about this stuff. Does this pose any major security risks to my passwords onto websites? My pc has show no signs of odd behaviour.
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