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  1. LOL guys I ran the the advisor nad once again u was right it didnt tell me anything except that there were a few things that needed to be here and wasnt.But still at a loss i ran a thing on it that is suppose to pull deleted or reformatted drives and got something back but have no clue yet how to get them bck lol and i am a she but i am usually computer smart but this has really got me against the wall cant figure it out at all
  2. ok guys here i am trying to connect it through the desk top and route it to net from it but its showing connection 4.0 mgps but desktop not showing anything am i hooked to something wrong and i still cant send or transfer to the laptop with desktop.i am at a loss here.tell u what if u run msn messy pm me at [email protected] then maybe u can help lol cause i am at a loss here and thanks for all your help i really appresate it.
  3. Just says pci modem am not sure how to get the modem # but through my devise managr is all it is saying
  4. Ok all i have is the s/n of it 9142wz1z0933101e7k000 then there is a product # cn321544
  5. All it has is CSI on the front.and under device manager i am gettin pci modem but it isnt working.It was working before it all crashed.Now I have lost everything.Does the windows have to be active to take this or can I do this before i activate the windows.?
  6. I have a Intel Pentium CSI laptop that I have just installed windows xp in and it is not finding a modem at all.The model # for the Laptop is MS2117.I have downloaded a few modems on here and transfered the file to the laptop but it isnt giving me a set-up file.Cant someone please help me.
  7. ok guys i know u are probley tired of hearing from me by now but got another problem adn i cant figure it out . i bought another laptop from someone it is used and they had pawned it ok when i first got to looking it has a password under administrator and i upgraded it thinking this would clear it but it didnt is there any way i can go in a nd manually clear the password i know it can be done with a desk top but the buttons on here are different then the desktop .
  8. ok guys i got the standard 56000 bps modem installed and when i connect to the net it says ports are not opening now can anyone help me with that
  9. I bought this laptop second handed so doughtful there is a warrenty on it and it had no disk with it so am kindof shooting in the wind now looks like lol
  10. ok the site that was posted is the same laptop i have
  11. All i have is it is showing a pci standard modem Value:moto1_gen Version:5.1.2535.0 Driver Date:7/1/2001 Modem System File Version:5.1.2600.0(xpclient010817-1148
  12. The brand name for the laptop is CSI ( i think ) model#MS2117 microsoft windows xp pro
  13. Ok.I have a laptop that has shut down and now we got the xp install disk it wont add anything to it as far as icons and many files. i know i can get all i need for it off the net but it wont pick up the modem.can someone please help me find the modem or someway i can convert the mondem to lucent modem. i have tried to hook it to this computer but it didnt work ,thanks alot
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