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  1. Not really worried about it right now, the game has enough content right now to make you feel you can wait. The announcement is that there *will* be pvp and should be in the same format that EQ1 was.. that is regular pvp servers and duelling capable on the blue servers.
  2. If the 10 dollars down doesn't go toward the final retail price then you bought it from the wrong store... that's what preordering is for.. to reserve your copy and by paying money down you pay part of the final price. Congrats on getting someone to give you a key as well. I will not be participating in any of the events or buying the game for that matter. Not saying it doesn't look good but I plan on being faithful to my addictive Everquest 2. Haeval- 15 Barbarian Brawler Lucan D'Lere Talorien- 9 High Elf Priest lvl 9 Artisan Antonia Bayle Vanaesh- 10 Kerran Predator Lucan D'Lere
  3. Good luck with that, champ.
  4. I'm wondering what people think when they do stuff like this. Do they just wake up in the morning, do a round of stretching and say, "Hey, its a beautiful day I think I'll lop my child's arms off." I don't know guys, I don't care who you are, I don't care what you want everyone to think is wrong with you, there is no excuse for things like that. I can pretend I'm crazy with the best of them but that doesn't give you a reason.
  5. Just an update I have 3 different classes now all on the Lucan D'lere server.. my main is my Brawler if anyone plays it add me to friends and send me a tell. This game rocks! Haeval-13 Barbarian Brawler Lucan D'lere server Vanaesh-10 Kerra Predator Lucan D'lere server Vaenor-12 Erudite Summoner Lucan D'lere server
  6. Let's all relax this topic and have a nice cold refreshing DRINK
  7. AHA!!! There was an obvious warning there eh???? OH well whatever nevermind Cry me a river!
  8. Doh... so I've been caught in the act. Oh well, the ransom still holds at ONE MILLION DOLLARS
  9. No reason to be shocked at all, it happens all the time everywhere... it's the damn media blowing it up. They blow up everything. As long as someone is competent it shouldn't matter what goes on in their personal life.. as long as it isn't 'illegal'
  10. Okay so I fixed my comp and I started playing it... it :censored: rocks :censored: man! I started a Mage going toward Enchanter to Coercer and a Scout going toward Predator to Asassin. Scout is fun.. Haven't made it to Enchanter yet.. I actually probably won't either... had a really bad double group wipe yesterday setting my exp debt to 82% so yea.... I'm thinking of going Mage to Summoner to Necromancer now.. too bad I used my free jman boots up on the screwed Mage.. gah
  11. Actually, I gave a lot more than you think mr. ego. Giving is within more than just money. I don't hate the rich or think they are hypocrits, hell I wish I was rich, everyone does. But that does not make you any better. So you can give more and you can spend more. That gives you no reason to talk the way you do. If you keep your nose in the air too long it's bound to get slammed down.
  12. Now you are taking it too far with that comment Zion. Now you show that you think you are better. Come off it
  13. It's all in your head. Just don't smoke, you need mental toughness and willpower. I believe in there is no such thing as addiction. Despite the scientific evidence. I've never once picked up something that I couldn't put down if I wanted to. Smoking, drinking, etc.. all easily cast aside. But maybe you need a different motivation, try finding a hobby or activity that requires you to quit smoking. It may motivate you and force you to quit. Try something that requires you to build up good lung capacity or another strenuous activity. Heck I don't know, it might not even work, I hav
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