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  1. I have one last question. Since I use Outlook 2002 that doesn't have a Spam/Junk folder, does Super Shield create one as Avast does with an Outlook Add-In? I get a lot of Junk and require the automatic filtering and don't plan on going to Outlook 2003 or newer. Thanks. Ed
  2. Appreciate it. Just what I wanted to hear. I've been using PCMatic since it was first announced and an avid user of Optimize and then Optimize 2. I was into Avast already for a year and during the use of PCMatic started seeing all these neat things delivered. I suspected that Avast might be unnecessary...maybe even MalwareBytes. Both PCMatic is up for renewal as well as Avast and I think I'll not renew the Avast suite. I'm trusting PCPitstop to maintain the latest in virus updates...which I have the utmost of confidence you all will. I've also been with PCPitstop since day one. Thanks again.
  3. Looking for clarification on this answer. Do I understand that PCMatic with SuperShield will replace Anti-Virus programs such as Avast, AVG, Norton/Symantec and the like? Therefore an AV program/suite is not needed when you have PCMatic with SuperShield installed. Also, is malware detection real-time? Or is malware detected upon running a scan? Since not mention of Firewall has been made...I assume you keep Windows Firewall active. Thanks...
  4. First, I like my Optimize very much! I appreciate everything it does. If Vista doesn't need Internet tweaking...that to me is a plus for Vista. At the moment I won't go near Vista until it becomes more stable. But your comment about purchasing OPtimize on 11/29/2005 was a bit off IMHO. Why bother to dignify the complaint by saying anything other than that in 2005 Optimize didn't even support Vista. It's a moot point. Or am I missing something?
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