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  1. I know Xfinity usually gets a bad rap for crappy service, however in my area I get pretty good service.
  2. If you have the money this is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet I have, it is a beast of a tablet, it has 2 quad core processors in it and 32gb of storage. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-galaxy-tab-s-10-5-32gb-titanium-bronze/7093009.p?id=1219250430282&skuId=7093009
  3. I am using Windows Live Mail with Windows 10. I never tried using Windows 10 mail though.
  4. There is actually a way to completely kill off all telemetry in Windows 10, it can be done from the registry editor. I have done it to 2 Windows 10 computers. I am not going to post the procedure as I do not want to be responsible for someone making a mistake.
  5. edw6698

    Windows 10

    I am not sure this is totally true. I have upgraded 2 systems from WIn 8.1 to Win 10. Then I wiped one system drive clean and used the disk to clean install with the disk l I created with Media Creation Tool. I even removed the hard drive from my laptop and used the disk on a brand new SSD with nothing on it and clean installed WIn 10 and it activated fine on both computers.
  6. I have 2 PNY GTX 480's sitting in their boxes not doing anything if your interested.
  7. I have the Sabertooth R2 and I have the CPU Q-fan control enabled, a low fan speed limit of 600 and set fan profile to standard. I just tried all 3 settings, silent, standard and turbo, all showed a change in cpu fan speed, the difference between silent and turbo is only around 400 rpm with my cpu cooler, also this was all done at idle, no cpu load.
  8. I came across this thread and thought I might try and help you with the 8350 and the Sabertooth. I included pics of my bios that should at least get you running considering every system is different to a degree. These settings are 100% stable on my system. I have never had a lockup or bsod's. This should get you running, just plug in your memory timings in place of mine.
  9. I see it was already mentioned. I had that issue one time. Ended up the power supply was not providing sufficient amps to the video card. Replaced the power suppy and never got the error again. Don't use driver 310.90 yet I hear some grumbling from others having issues with it, but not related to what you have going on.
  10. Our numbers are about the same with a 4.5ghz overclock.I am running 32gb of ram now also. http://www.pcpitstop...?conid=25186635
  11. Alot of the people I know that run the 965 cpu usually find the sweet spot for oc'ing the chip around 3.8ghz to 4.0ghz. When I had my 965 I used to run it at 3.8ghz. IMO the best way to oc a Black Edition chip is just use the multiplier. Once I started messing with the fsb by upping it to much instability always seemed to start happening. I see that you got 1333Kingston ram. You might be pushing the limits on the ram running running it at 816/1632.I would try and keep it aroung 800/1600. One thing I have found and is known to help boost thing up some with oc'ing is to run the NB frequency around 2400 to 2600. Some can run it at 2800. You are running your NB frequency way to low with the oc you are running. You always want to keep the HT link lower then the NB. From what I have found increasing the HT link does not really do much. I can't help you to much with voltages because I am running a Nvidia chipset. Google will bring up a wealth of information for oc'ing the 965 chip.Also not all the chips oc the same and with the same voltages.Some oc better then others. IMO I would shoot for a OC of around 3.8ghz to 4.0ghz, with the NB frequency around 2400 to 2800.With the ram at 800/1600.
  12. Even though you are running 32 bit, the ram modules still need to be in pairs to run in dual channel mode. example: 2x1gb or 2x2gb. But they need to be run in pairs. Say you went with a 64bit OS, example: 4x1gb or 4x2gb
  13. TX, I do believe those are triple channel kits. He would still need a 4th one in order to run dual channel I believe. They needs to be either 2 or 4 to run in dual channel with AMD.
  14. If you are running 1 single stick, it is running the memory in single channel, you need to have 2 sticks in order to run in dual channel.
  15. There is a small problem with that however. None of the ssd drives can be part of the array. http://techreport.com/discussions.x/18653
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