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    Custom Built Motherboard: ASUS M3A78-T CPU:AMD Phenom 920 X4 at 3087MHZ GPU:XFX Geforce 8800GTS 512 HDD: 160 Gig Seagate Barracuda IDE, 500 Gig Seagate Barracuda SATA HDD, 15 Gig Maxtor IDE HDD. (This thing has failing head and still runs strong) Memory: OCZ SOE PC-5400 RAM Case: Antec Nine Hundred
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  1. Glad that you are okay Caintry, sucks to hear that this happened, but really glad you are okay. Had a friend have a heart attack earlier this year, and my aunt was the same, so not a good thing to happen. Stay safe!
  2. I am running exactly that setup. But rather I have my old IDE drive running as my boot.
  3. He's right. It has to be a considerable distance. 20+ frames per second is more discernible rather than 5-10 frames per second.
  4. Interesting idea, I think I would just opt for a RAID setup versus short stroking. This is not a bad implementation, just not worth the loss of space for me.
  5. I would personally opt for OCCT or Prime 95. I would chalk AMD's Overdrive feature to the equivalent of Ntune's stability test. It's a great idea, but not really necessary.
  6. I am going to have to correct you on that. The frame rate discussion is never ending, the human eye is supposed to not be able to discern anything beyond 60 frames per second, but believe it or not we can notice and tell the difference between say 60 and 150 frames per second.
  7. Please tell me he didn't repost this thread again. We have been over this before, World at War can take it's toll on your graphic's card. But yikes, let me see if I can pull up the old thread.
  8. I await the day when we can bend the laws of physics, perhaps even break it and actually have the chips cool themselves. Some kind of reverse heating process. It sounds highly moronic and a bit absurd but it would be so cool.
  9. Phase change huh, sounds like a lot of fun. Interesting, reminds me a little bit of that cooler that came out that was based off a clip on Peltier cooling. The funny thing is I looked over the Liquid helium cooling. Now here's a kicker, where do you get a hold of that and how well will it overclock to LN2?
  10. Trying to cool saudi Arabia? I was thinking like the lower circle's of hell.
  11. Why do I have a feeling that's some kind of Rheostat or liquid nitrogen you have on your setup? If so I am in love with it.
  12. That is interesting to know. I figured they would be overclocking similar to my Phenom II, but if anything I have heard of some i7's hitting up to 70C on full load. Seems they are made to really take a beating. Rather surprised though at the amount of heat they can take. Funny thing is the i7 is apparently designed more for encoding and workstations rather than gaming. A lot of review sites were divided on whether gaming made a drastic difference for it. But all in all, I love the idea of DDR3 and an onboard memory controller on the Nehalem. Sorry, still cant get used to saying i7 or i5.
  13. The more I read this the more I want to get an i7. No money though to build one. Keep up the good work though and let us know how well this puppy overclocks. :overclocking:
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