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  1. Its always good to get one over the Aussies...........again Keith
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/rugby_union/7030305.stm So what ya gotta say DD?? Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Keith
  3. I think you confuse me with Chopdoc and DD Keith
  4. Volt........Bruce.....easy mistake to make really Keith
  5. So that ccleaner is no good for you? or you want another links to free ones? ccleaner is pretty good and for free.......well you cant go wrong. It does a lot more than just clean out registry entries as well. Keith
  6. http://www.ccleaner.com/ Try that one Keith
  7. Download this reg file, it will reset all your Search entries in the Registry back to the default MSN, etc. Save the file to your Desktop for ease, once the file is downloaded, close IE. Doube click on the reg file and confirm the merge twice. Re-open IE and the search engine should be back to MSN, etc. http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/regs_edits...toreSearch2.REG (direct download link) Try that. Keith
  8. No problem Glad you got it reinstalled. Keith
  9. Some would say you should stick with Firefox rather than bother with IE but i know how fustrating things are if left broken. Have you tried doing the same thing via safemode?. Try reinstalling it from there. You could also just install IE7 if you so wished. I do use that when im on windows and ive had no problems with it. Keith
  10. Your welcome. Thanks for letting us know the problem is solved. Keith
  11. Can you right click on the USB drive inside windows explorer and select open with, when choose what you want from there?. Maybe you can change it to the windows default via that?. Or open up the coral program and check the files that are associated with it, and change as required. Keith
  12. Thats all i came up with, so someone else will have to follow the example you posted. Keith
  13. http://www.infopackets.com/channels/en/win...age_ms_word.htm Maybe this is what your after?. Keith
  14. Well for that pup the name just has to be Cut n Paste no?? Keith
  15. Ultimately its your decision. I was just saying you shouldnt rush into naming them bcus they will be a part of the family. Look how long it takes some people to come up with names for children. To me naming a dog is just as important. That said if you feel a strong connection (ie nibbles) then go with your gut instinct. Keith
  16. I guess that depends on if they are males or females.....lol. Hard to choose names not knowing the sex. Using a generic name isnt good i think. Dogs have personalities also so maybe you should put off naming them for a little bit until you can judge them a little better??. Keith
  17. Somtimes the games recommended specs just leave a lot to be desired. Keith
  18. 80f today 90's tomorrow 70's everyday of the week after that. Sounds like we best get ready for getting a cold, as the up and down temps tend to do that to me. Keith
  19. doofus

    The Gimp Skinning?

    Thanks xXenXx and Bruce Yeah i will most likely just learn Gimp and keep using photoshop via windows until im more comfortable with it. Then i will make the switch a more permanent one. As i dont really game anymore on windows i wont really need to boot up into it after that, as im slowly getting more comfortable using Suse 10.2 and Kubuntu. Keith
  20. doofus

    The Gimp Skinning?

    Now that seems more like it, tho i think i will wait until i hear back from the guru's on here about using that. Dont fancy screwing things up with gimp Thanks for the find Simonsells91 Keith
  21. doofus

    The Gimp Skinning?

    Yeah i realised skinning wasnt the word i was looking for when i posted. I was hoping there may of been something like an add on which made it similar to photoshop regards the menu layouts etc etc. Oh well i guess i will just have to put as much time into it as i did photoshop. Im sure it will become second nature as well. Thanks Keith
  22. doofus

    The Gimp Skinning?

    Thanks dog soldier Will check into it Keith
  23. Hi All I hope this isnt a stupid question, but well i figured id ask away anyway. Is it possible to find a skin for gimp in the style of photoshop?. Ive always used photoshop on windows but ive used the gimp recently, and yes i do like it but i find it hard to navigate to the things im used to over on photoshop. So to cut down on things i wondered if its possible to skin it so its photoshop friendly. Old habits are hard to get rid of......lol. If you guys think its way too much work for a relatively novice user then i can and may just have to learn as i go. But if its an easy thing to do, then id prefer to do that if its possible Thanks Keith
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