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  1. congrats dickster Easiest thing i did was quit smoking. I really dont know why some complain they cannot. Im under the skool of thought that there is no can't but wont or dont want to. I smoked for 9 years , 20 a day and quit upon waking one morning. I just felt so icky when i had my 1st cancer stick of the day, so i decided to stop. It was the best thing ive done for my health. It also saved a lot of $$$, tho english pounds it was at the time.....lol. Good luck and keep it up. Your thru the worst part now Keith
  2. System restore sucks (my own personal opinion) Id suggest you get yourself a proper back up program if you value your data. I use Acronis True Image, but there are a few good ones out there. Keith
  3. Yeah that prefetch thing actually works best when left alone.....lol. Not what you are lead to believe after reading some of those tweaker sites tho is it??......lol Keith
  4. So havnt you answered your own question? If you have had no problems then keep doing what your doing. Like Jacee suggests still create a backup bcus all it takes is one screw up and you wont be booting. Keith
  5. Id send it back and get intouch with ebay about the seller. It does sound kinda iffy assuming what KRAM said is true, which i have no reason to doubt. KRAM seems to be a pretty smart cookie (sometimes ) so you can feel safe with that info. Keith
  6. Some bios's will stop you from trying to key in passwords after 3 attempts, so you could be locked out permanently according to what i read online. Find out the bios name and get back to us. I know of a site which has suggested names per bios maker. Tho if its been changed from the default bios password then only the one who created it would know, and then you may have to send it back as it would be kinda pointless. Also some bios's will reset the password if the battery is pulled for 24hrs or longer. I guess you can try that if nothing else works and your gonna send it back. Seeing as its a toshiba and seeing as you dont know if the bios password is the default, try keying in toshiba as the password. According to the site i mentioned thats the default for most toshiba laptops. Try that as well. Keith
  7. Like humbluemoon mentioned maybe you should contact the seller and ask the same question?. Keith
  8. Its not like its wasting time bcus it dont take 10 secs to delete registry entries via a registry cleaner program. Its more likely that you could screw things up by deleting things in the registry, that may or may not be needed. Using those cleaners is hit and miss. Some do the job well and others leave a lot to be desired. Ive tried a lot but the Ace Utilities registry cleaner seems to do a good job of knowing whats needed and what isnt. Ive had no issues using it anyway. As with all those cleaners you/we use at our own risk. Keith
  9. Its easy to get past (just google) but i doubt you will get any advice on how to bypass it on here. Just use your windows cd and format and re install using your own windows disc. You dont need to boot up into windows to do that. Keith
  10. Dont take my word for it.....lol. Im just going by what would make sense to me. And what makes sense to me may not make sense to someone else. Keep googling around and asking on here. Maybe you will get the answer that your looking for. Keith
  11. Maybe some programs create them as a precaution maybe?. Havnt really thought much of it if im honest. Sometimes when you uninstall a program and then it gets reinstalled they will create duplicate folders then. Maybe that only happens on poorly written programs??. Bcus sometimes when you install a program if the same folder exists it usually says so and asks if you want to replace it. Rather than create a new folder with a (2) in it. Also certain programs will make duplicates of user files. Think along the lines of photo apps. Usually they would have a .copy or .bk extension tho. Obviously that behaviour should be able to be changed via the said programs options menu. I dont know the reasoning behind it all, and like i said i stopped trying to think about it a long time ago...lol. Keith
  12. With the size of HD's these days a few duplicated files dont do much really. Sometimes its better to be safe than sorry, tho i understand your thinking. I was that way, but i soon learned to not worry over duplicates bcus like jackpot316 said above, you just dont know if its needed or not and you do hear some horror stories when people go deleting thinking its not needed. I used to format quite a lot when i was new on here bcus id delete stuff and things would screw up. I have since learned and ive never had to format in over 3 years i think. Keith
  13. I know Just one of those things that you really cannot suggest without actually exploring all the options. Something i think the guy never did. Keith
  14. I saw that it says the mac uses less as well Are we on the same page KRAM? Keith
  15. okie dokie Fingers crossed and all that good stuff. Dont forget to reboot even if it dont ask you too. Just a habit i got into when installing any driver. Keith
  16. Have you got a program called snapsys??. Those pc's usually come with that if im not mistaken. If not then it should be on the back of the pc tower. Keith
  17. Nah people dont get rude on this site when someone asks for help. Now in the general and political discussion area it can get that way, and for no reason When on the site you will need to select your exact model number i think, and then you should be able to go to the downloads part and see if there are updates avaliable. Keith
  18. Who's getting annoyed??. Have you been to the Packard Bell website and downloaded the latest motherboard drivers?. Keith
  19. I dont think you have said if its onboard or pci card based?. Keith
  20. Well if you click on start - settings - control panel - and sounds and audio devices you can see from there. Ive checked also and the game does have some sound issues, but i dont think it applies to your problem as you have to have sound to have the sound issue they mention. Keith
  21. Always start with the obvious as its most likely the last thing you try. Have you checked to see if the sounds are on mute?. Doubleclicking the speaker icon in the taskbar will show you that. What game was it btw?. Maybe its an error with the game and downloading a simple patch for it may fix it. Keith
  22. Looks like im in good company as i use TrueImage also. Saves my on a few occasions Keith
  23. This is one situation that the tests actually proved usefull in my opinion People can get way caught up into the whole testing thing. But on this occasion im glad it was very usefull for you Maria. Keith
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