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  1. And quite a "Moon" from what I hear.
  2. Dimebag Randy Rhoads Zakk Wylde Al Pitrelli Steve Vai Marty Freidman Yngwie Vivian Campbell Dave Mustaine and so on.....
  3. I live, work, and have a 7 year old Daughter in Florida. Im just gonna see if I remember what its like go outside again. lol
  4. Brandon, you will see what I mean by the end of the fall. Zhamm, Nice sig.
  5. Thanks guys. This is what I sold it for.
  6. I posted everywhere else so why not here? Im takin the summer off. Gonna raise some hell here in sunny FLA. Ill be back when the heavy hardware comes out. Ill still be around should the need arise. Till then Ill be watching.
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