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  1. I though so to but I have another HD that I did format and it will not install XP. Need to find out what back dating is and how to do it. Thanks for your reply. KC
  2. I have a new Dell Desktop. It came with Windows 7 and I want to replace it with one of the copies of XP that I have. I have tried several times and it will not install. I have been told that the computer will have to be back dated before I can run XP. I have two copies of XP here but they want to charge me almost 200.00 to back date it and install MY copy of XP. I have spent all the money I am going to on this pc and I am about turned off to Dell. Are there any links that tell a simple way to back date a pc? I would be grateful for any help. I have had this pc for sometime now and still
  3. That's great I will be getting it before the days is over. Thanks
  4. I would like to know how many computers I can put PC Matc on? If I can put it on at least 3 I am ready to purchase. Is the price listed the total price?
  5. Go to folder options click on view tab and check launch folder windows in a separate process and you window will stay open when you open more windows.
  6. I just put a short cut on my desktop. If you have the room. LOL
  7. I have the same modem and had the same problem until I when into the device manager and enabled flow control in the properties on the network adapter. Haven't had any problems after doing that. Spent hours on the phone with Verizon and got no help. Hope this helps.
  8. LOL didn't notice the date. Just try to work on run down pc and took me by surprise the see someone say I was faking scores when they look so bad to me.
  9. Oh, how did I get fake scores? Just trying to give her a little speed so test scores don't matter to me on this one. Thanks
  10. The system being used to compare is my granddaughters. When I got it here it wouldn't even boot. It is running a lot faster now, but I was going to ask if there was anything I could do to speed up hard drives or any other part of the pc. I'm sure it needs the bios updated but don't want to take any chances on messing it up worse. Just built her older brother a new computer and can't do that for her for awhile. She is just 9 and doesn't need anything like that anyway. Any help? Please Thanks, Kaye
  11. Maybe he didn't do it! I had a page like that come up a long time ago. I think it was from a browser hijacker. It took some fast work to get it off. I have never gone to that kind of site and I am the only one that uses this computer.
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