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  1. Joe C !! .... did you put that user account in, or did it appear magically. I notice that it is a little bit different to mine, but essentially it's the same thing. Yours .... ASPNET Mine ..... ASP.NETMachine A... AND ..... Can you still tweak the Appearance box .... by any method of getting there. These features are not available to me .... (All other users, can do it) Does that user appear on the Welcome login page ?. Just as a general question, can there be any number of administrators ??. I realise that there has to be one .... and I'm supposing that that is created during the initial install of Windows I would have thought that if there was more than one administrator .... and they all used the same computer .... there must be a chaos situation which can be reached, when they are all claiming to be the "BOSS" Stormy13 .... That is easy enough to do and it has been like that for some time in the past. I am surprised that Microsoft hasn't already suggested that (SP2) .... but, because I always install updates .... then, essentially I would have thought that SP2 would be "IN" If I remember right .... I think on one occasion they did a test back to my computer, and they told me that I didn't need it. That's something that I need to follow through. This has nothing to do with the main run of this reply
  2. I have created another user account, whilst I was in Safe Mode. So now I have 4 users .... but, there is only me that uses this computer. The thing about the other accounts is that they can right click on the Desktop---Properties and can play around with that as they please. It does seem a bit odd though that, as the "boss chapie " .... I can't do that Of course, all those other accounts are essentially empty of anything that I have created, and like most other people, I have bits and pieces all over the place that want tidying up. Now, how do we shuffle that stuff over to the new account ?. I have mentioned that I am in contact with Microsoft .... and I have sent them some (big 2.81MB) screen shots. ((Which is one reason why that other topic screen shots came into being.)) They have contacted me this morning .... and it appears that they can't open them. ((14MB altogether)) Like I said in the introductory new topic (at the top) .... all this happened AFTER installing a Windows update. It seems that this might have been done because of a security issue which needed to be addressed immediately .... and something already on my computer triggered the effect that I am getting. This is a screen shot of User Accounts which shows the rogue user .... that user does not appear on the "Welcome" login screen. I use "Fred", the latest one that I have created is "MrFred". I shall sent this topics URL to my support man (Ray) at Microsoft. So if anyone else has experienced a similar problem I am sure that MS would appreciate any relevant comment. He will be able to see your comments Thanks for your comments so far. MrFred
  3. I've got problems. I am advised that I have to do a Clean install of Windows. Has anyone else experienced this. This quote is from a dialogue that I have become involved in. It explains the nature of my problem. I would imagine that someone else will have experienced this. I apologise for the length. Yes !! .... it is me again .... and I seem to be having problem doing the HTML stuff. Has it all been changed since I was here last. Many thanks .... Regards .... MrFred
  4. I did update my Norton utilities (containing GoBack) about 3 weeks ago. I have now disabled it and all restore points have been deleted (on the primary C: drive). However, the secondary drive F: is still the same .... with that 10% of space still stubornly fixed near the middle of the drive. There is a very tiny bit of used fixed space near the "top" of the secondary drive F: .... but, that "feels" normal .... like one of the "overheads" for that drive. The original problem appears to have started when I installed Win Backup from LIUtilities .... some months ago .... I have now removed that program. That drive was always "as good as empty", until I started using that program. The name of that huge unmoveable file gobackio.bin .... at 7.63GB does seem to suggest it is "fathered" by the Norton Utility GoBack I am feeling somewhat insecure not being able to start using Ghost 9 for backup .... in a tidy sort of way .... Formatting that drive is still running through my mind .... but, I do keep getting Dire Warnings if I delete that file .... .
  5. Diskeeper says that the state of the defragmentation of that Hard disk is Perfect . It is "empty" .... and everything is unmoveable . I have not been able to find more information about the 119 files in 16 folders that appear to be present or how to delete them :help: .
  6. A few days ago, I was writing about my secondary "empty" hard disk. Since that time, I have recovered some more space, though why that became possible is vague. 7.71GB of the 76.3GB HD is still "occupied" .... that's about 10% The hidden files are ::--- gobackio.bin ................................. 7.63GB RECYCLER ................................... 85 bytes System volume informatio ...... zero bytes I have used Norton Defrag .... and it appears that about 10% of the available space is unmoveable files. These appear to be in the middle of the available space. I suspect that it is the unmoveability of these files which is causing the problem. ______________________________________________ Norton Defrag gives this information .... .... .... Free Space Fragmentation ::--- Free Spaces ........................... 8 Free Clusters ........................ 17984194 Largest free space .............. 9217034 Disk Utilisation ::--- Bytes used ............................... 7.73 GB Bytes free ............................ 68.60 GB Percent of Disk Used ........ 10% Number of Folders ............ 16 Number of Files ................. 198 .... 1 of these is Fragmented _______________________________________________ I am anxious to use this HD as a Backup facility. How do I remove these files ?. Update rja I have now downloaded and installed Diskeeper program .... but haven't had the chance yet to look at it . ((edit = tags got mixed up))
  7. Thanks rja It certainly looks as if I'm going to need some serious assistance .... because I don't know what any of those things you mention are ? The whole thing has come about because I installed WinBackup from LIUtilities. I have never installed any programs on that disk .... just put files there that I wanted to backup my way .... by hand. A week ago, I updated my regular Norton things and renewed the subscription. At the same time I bought the download version of Ghost 9 .... ((an ISO image of it ??? .... that was also a performance .... 3 days to sort that out )) .... .... so I'm now trying to get Ghost 9 running to backup to my secondary HD. Hence the need to sort that drive out. In the days of DOS, I did scrape about with Debug .... but thankfully I've nearly forgotten about that .
  8. Thanks shogan191, It's nice to be remembered, .... this is a nice homely site to return to .... the bear, has contacted me and raised his hat to me. I thought that Often tired wasn't around much the last time that I was here, but I spotted him a few hours ago .... with his emaculate replies. .... I seem to have jumped into another exciting lifestyle . But, still need some close technical attention .... sometimes . Now, back to this not empty, empty hard disk . I eventually removed the hidden attributes from Windows, with all the solemnity that that engages !! I have now found some files on the secondary F: HD .... gobackio.bin .................................7.63 System volume Information .......... empty RECYCLER (that's a folder) ........... 3.11GB None of them can be deleted Now, I reckom that that leaves 41.5 - (7.63+3.11) = 30.76GB still unaccounted for. Unfortunately, in passing through the desktop on the Primary C: HD .... I've noticed that those same files are also present there (faint) .... I have not tried to delete them .... I don't want all this to end up Katie cornered and me in tears with no access to talk to anybody . Can anybody infuse a bit of confidence into me to do the right thing . Thing feel a bit sticky at the moment.
  9. Well !!, I'm up again .... probably a bit brighter Still not done the reformat of the secondary drive .... I have downloaded the files from the secondary drive into a memory stick. The secondary is now (supposed) to be empty. But "properties" shows 41.5GB used and 34.7GB free. How can that "used" space be further investigated. I would prefer to know what is causing the problem rather than just format that drive. I wrote to the backup program suppliers (Win Backup from LIUtilities) about the problem more than two weeks ago, but there has been no reply .
  10. Still haven't done it yet .... other things have crept in between .... I'll have to leave till tomorrow. What all this about windows hiding files ??? .... rja I think I will have a go at that later tomorrow. Do you realise, It's nearly 2.30 am here .... time I was in bed !!! You can comment while I sleep. Thanks
  11. Hi bluescout, Nice to hear from you again .... I do seem to be busy with all sorts of other (exciting) things !! .... but sometime (quite often really) I keep getting some problems !!. Your screen shot is the same as I'm looking at .... I suppose C: D: and E: are partitions on drive 0 and F: and G: are partitions on drive 1 I'm just repeating this to make sure that I'm understanding what I'm looking at. I am anxious not to make a "pigs ear" out of this new venture .... if you understand what I mean !!. I'll copy whats on the F: drive to C: and then "do it"
  12. I'm pretty sure that you're going to get me somewhere here IntelGuy. I'm fairly sure it's something to do with the FAT tables .... just check that my mind set is in the right gear for understanding what I'm looking at !!. I've not messed about too much in this area .... but I'm looking at the computer management in the control panel .... I've click on disk management under storage .... and I can see the disk volumes for both my hard drives in the right pane .... When I right click on them, I get the typical properties stuff etc. .... .... on the Primary HD (as I call it) C: (the system HD) .... the format option is not available. Just as well I suppose. .... on the Secondary HD (as I call it) F: .... the format option is available .... understood !!. I have right clicked on the F: drive and left clicked on format option .... another box opens .... and this is where I'm wanting to be careful .... !! File System .... NTFS Allocation unit size .... now .... what should this be (I couldn't find that within the C: drive information !!) .... and then there's the perform a quick format and the tick box .... I suppose that has to be ticked. If I'm in the right place .... please just confirm that the next move is OK Thanks
  13. I've been thinking a bit more There's not much on that F: drive (language !!) Do you think that I could simply do a format on it. I think that the indexing of it has, (although it seems to work), has got messed up . I think I would like some comment on that before I did it. And again, I would think that it would have to be done in safe mode .... and at the command prompt .
  14. Thanks .... I did what you said IntelGuy. Went into safe mode and used the command prompt C:\ to enter the detail. Lots of file names were deleted .... and eventually I rebooted. That was on the system drive C: The properties for that drive are now .... 23.3 used and 51.1 free. (small change) But, unfortunately, my F: drive looks as full as ever. Should I do the same with drive F: at the prompt .... F:\ ? I'm assuming that the URL in your first reply, does more or less the same thing, but easier. Thanks .... but do tell me if I can do the same thing with the F: drive.
  15. Thanks .... Bit more detail. I do use XP Pro. I have two similar Hard disks (size). My system runs from drive C: (one of them) (23.7GB used .... 50.8 free) and that's what I use all the time. There's been nothing much on that secondary drive (actually F:) since it was new. Then, 2 months ago, I installed Win Backup from LIUtilities. I made up a scheduled backup with it .... and I reckon that's when the problem started .... it seems (?) that old backups are not being deleted (properly) .... The space that I can see being used is 17GB. I do use Norton utilities, and I'm hoping to start using Ghost 9 to my "spare" HD .... which doesn't appear to be "spare" any more I'm actually defragging again now .... and its being a long time (for the second time) Will any of this, alter any of the things that you've already said ?
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